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Basketball Wives LA

Laura Govan

TV/Reality TVApril 28 06:30 AM

'BBWLA's Laura Govan Gets Blasted by Ex Gilbert Arenas for Her Struggle Plate

Laura Govan, formerly of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA' has become the subject of Gilbert Arenas' shade on social media once again.

Tami Roman

TV/Reality TVApril 11 08:13 AM

Tami Roman Possibly Responds To Alleged Altercation With 'BBWLA' Co-Stars

Did Tami Roman of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA' speak on the photos that suggested she got into it with her co-stars Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo?

Brandi  Maxiell

TV/Reality TVApril 07 07:33 AM

Brandi Maxiell, Malaysia Pargo & Tami Roman Involved In Altercation While Taping For VH1's 'BBWLA'

The cameras for the newest season of 'Basketball Wives LA' on VH1 just started rolling and it looks like it doesn't take long for old and new drama to surface.

Mehgan James

VideosJanuary 26 09:11 AM

Mehgan James Reveals Her New Boyfriend & He's Going To The Super Bowl

VH1's newest 'Basketball Wives LA' star Mehgan James is switching it up and dating a football player.

Shaunie O'Neal

VideosDecember 16 04:01 PM

Shaunie O'Neal Reveals If She Really Axed Brandi Maxiell From 'BBWLA'

Shaunie O'Neal gives the real on if we'll see Brandi Maxiell on the next season of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA' after the ladies' spat.

Draya Michele

VideosNovember 09 08:40 AM

Draya Michele On Why Brandi Maxiell Is The One Who Needs To Apologize

Draya Michele still has a few words for Brandi Maxiell after their huge fallout on 'Basketball Wives LA.'

Mehgan James

VideosOctober 29 07:38 AM

Mehgan James On Why She Didn't Fight On 'BBWLA', Spills 'Real Tea' On Drama We Didn't See

While we saw tons of drama between Mehgan James and her 'Basketball Wives LA' co-stars on the show, she reveals even more went down when the cameras weren't rolling.

Cast of 'BBWLA'

VideosOctober 26 12:49 PM

Which Former 'BBW' Star Is Going Through An Ugly Divorce?

One star of 'Basketball Wives' in Miami is making news as her divorce with her ex turns nasty.

Draya Michele

VideosOctober 23 08:15 AM

Draya Michele On Why She Refuses To Watch Reality TV Following Her Stint On 'BBWLA'

Draya Michele is not a fan of reality television now that her days on 'Basketball Wives LA' are over.

Brandi Maxiell

VideosOctober 19 08:19 AM

Brandi Maxiell On Draya Michele & Angel Brinks, Why She Doesn't Think They're Real Friends

Brandi Maxiell gives the real on why she thinks Draya Michele and Angel Brinks' friendship isn't what it appeared to be on 'Basketball Wives LA.'

Shaunie O'Neal

VideosOctober 16 08:20 AM

Tami Roman & Shaunie O'Neal Give The Latest On 'Basketball Wives' Stars, One Is Pregnant!

Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal dish on their 'Basketball Wives' in Miami cast. You'll never guess who's expecting!

Draya Michele

VideosOctober 15 09:40 AM

'BBWLA' Stars Brandi Maxiell & Draya Michele Met Off Camera After Drama, How Did It Go?

While most of the drama between Brandi Maxiell and Draya Michele happened on camera for 'Basketball Wives LA', a new moment between them reveals they saw one another after the cameras stopped rolling.

Brandi Maxiell

VideosOctober 14 08:15 AM

Brandi Maxiell Gives 'Jumpoff' Draya A Piece Of Her Mind One More Time After 'BBWLA' Drama

Brandi Maxiell has a final message for Draya Michele before the latest season of VH1's 'Basketball WIves LA' can be put into the books.

Brandi  Maxiell

VideosOctober 13 07:30 AM

Brandi Maxiell Is Still Setting Tami Roman Straight On Twitter After 'BBWLA' Drama

Brandi Maxiell has a few more words for Tami Roman after the two went head-to-head during the 'Basketball Wives LA' reunion Sunday night.

Shaunie O'Neal

VideosOctober 12 07:06 AM

Shaunie O'Neal Talks If She Really Fired Brandi Maxiell On 'BBWLA' Reunion

Shaunie O'Neal gives the real on if Brandi Maxiell will be on 'Basketball Wives LA' next year after she insulted O'Neal in the season finale.

Brandi Maxiell

VideosOctober 10 09:53 AM

'BBWLA' Cast Answers Epic Question 'Is Brandi Boring?' Tami Roman, Shaunie O'Neal & More

Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal get real on if they think Brandi Maxiell is really "boring" after her spat with Draya Michele.

Brandi Maxiell

VideosOctober 08 04:07 PM

Brandi Maxiell & Tami Roman's Beef Hits An All-Time High In Sneak Peek Of Reunion

Brandi Maxiell is still showing she's not the least bit afraid of Tami Roman in the first trailer for the highly anticipated reunion of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA.'

Malaysia Pargo

VideosOctober 07 05:50 AM

Malaysia Pargo Talks Latest Dating Rumors Ahead Of Reunion

Malaysia Pargo wants to clear up one thing before she faces her co-stars on the reunion for VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA.'

Brandi Maxiell

VideosOctober 06 06:00 AM

Brandi Maxiell Has No Regrets About Her Beef With Shaunie O'Neal Beef

Brandi Maxiell is still standing up for herself after going head-to-head with the creator of 'Basketball Wives LA', Shaunie O'Neal.

Tami Roman

VideosOctober 05 07:00 AM

Tami Roman & Shaunie O'Neal Slam Their 'Basketball Wives LA' Co-Stars

If there was ever a question about how Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal really feel about the cast of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA, it has definitely been answered, but the other women might not be happy about what they had to say.

Jackie Christie

VideosOctober 02 06:40 AM

'BBWLA' Stars Malaysia Pargo & Brandi Maxiell Are Back In Good Spirits With Jackie Christie... Again

We're almost getting whiplash from how often Malaysia Pargo and Jackie Christie end their friendship just to pick it back up again.

Mehgan James

VideosSeptember 30 11:15 PM

Mehgan James Comes For Angel Brinks' Sex Life On Twitter

Mehgan James ha afew words for Angel Brinks and her sex life after the battled it out on 'Basketball Wives LA.'

Tami Roman

VideosSeptember 30 07:12 AM

'BBWLA' Star Tami Roman Talks About Being Called A 'Bully' & Evelyn Lozada Sleeping With Her Ex

Tami Roman is known for getting physical but now she's defending herself as well as giving fans an update on whether she got over Evelyn Lozada being intimate with her former husband.

Malaysia Pargo

VideosSeptember 28 09:36 AM

Will 'BBWLA' Stars Malaysia Pargo & Angel Brinks Ever Settle Their Feud?

Malaysia Pargo is over feuding with Angel Brinks on 'BBWLA', but what will it take for them to agree to disagree?

Mehgan James

VideosSeptember 25 08:06 AM

What Makes Mehgan James Charge One Of Her ‘Basketball Wives LA' Co-Star?

Mehgan James might have been MIA in a few episodes of VH1's 'Basketball WIves LA' but she's back and refuses to back down from any of her co-stars.


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