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Kate Middleton

The Middletons

CelebritiesNovember 23 12:53 PM

Is Kate Middleton Using Her Royal Connections For Her Family?

Pippa Middleton might finally have the job of her dreams, thanks to her sister.

Prince George's First Moments

CelebritiesNovember 23 09:49 AM

Is The Future King Of England Already A Troublemaker?

Kate Middleton admits that her 2 year-old son Prince George is the loud one in the family.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 23 12:25 AM

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant Or Just Gaining Weight?

What's the status of Kate Middleton's midsection?

The British Royals

CelebritiesNovember 21 02:41 PM

Kate Middleton Has Big Plans For Her Daughter's Future

Kate Middleton wants her daughter to be Girl Scout so she can have "normal" friends.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesNovember 19 10:46 AM

Is Kate Middleton About To Go To War With Camilla Parker-Bowles?

Kate Middleton won't let Camilla Parker-Bowles ruin her late mother-in-law's reputation.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 11 02:03 PM

Kate Middleton & Prince William Work To Keep Their Romance Alive

The Duke and Duchess are desperate for date nights away from their children and reportedly turned to the royal matriarch for help.

The British Royals

CelebritiesNovember 10 09:46 AM

Do Kate Middleton & Prince William Not Get Social Media?

The new Royal family seems unable to comprehend how to use social media and a recent article examines just how bad the situation is.

The British Royals

CelebritiesNovember 09 01:43 PM

Kate MIddleton And Prince William Are Reportedly Desperate To Keep Their Romance Alive

The royal couple recently took a trip that brought them even closer together.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 09 10:30 AM

Kate Middleton Is Being Slammed For Her Latest Money Making Idea

Critics say Kate Middleton should concentrate on her charities and not starting her own business.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesNovember 07 03:31 PM

Is Camilla Parker Bowles 'Scheming' Against Kate Middleton?

Camilla Parker Bowles apparently wants to be more loved and liked than Kate Middleton

Carole Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 05 10:49 AM

Carole Middleton Might Be The Reason Why Kate And Pippa Are Feuding

Is Carole Middleton causing her daughters to fight?

The Middletons

CelebritiesNovember 04 04:46 PM

Pippa Middleton Is Reportedly Upset With Her Sister

Pippa Middleton reportedly wants the Duchess to help find her a royal husband.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 03 10:09 AM

Kate Middleton Reportedly Has A Fear Of Public Speaking

There's a good reason why the public never hears from Kate Middleton.

The British Royals

CelebritiesNovember 02 02:35 PM

Kate Middleton Wants To Help Delete Cyberbullying

The Duchess of Cambridge and her husband are on a new mission with the help of Facebook and Twitter.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesNovember 01 06:53 PM

The Press Is Finally Realizing Kate Middleton Is More Than Just A Pretty Face

The Duchess of Cambridge is going the distance when it comes tp philanthopy and the press is finally starting to take notice.

Royal Fashion: Kate Middleton Fashion Through October

Fashion & StyleNovember 01 04:11 PM

The Best Of Kate Middleton's October 2015 Fashion Style

We rounded up the Duchess of Cambridge's best fashion and style moments throughout the month.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesOctober 29 05:31 PM

Is Kate Middleton Expecting Twins?

A new report alleges that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again...with TWINS!

The British Royals

CelebritiesOctober 28 07:00 PM

Kate Middleton Wants A Normal Upbringing For Her Children

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Have Very Low-Key Plans For Their Kids

The British Royals

CelebritiesOctober 25 03:23 PM

Is Kate Middleton Worried About Her Children's Safety?

Kate Middleton doesn't want Prince George to follow in a certain part of his father's foosteps.

Caitlyn Jenner

CelebritiesOctober 24 06:30 PM

Why Is Caitlyn Jenner Stealing Kate Middleton's Style?

Does Caitlyn Jenner want to be a style icon like Kate Middleton?

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesOctober 23 10:57 AM

Is Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby No. 3?

Royal insiders say that Kate Middleton might be pregnant again.

The British Royals

CelebritiesOctober 22 10:16 AM

Kate Middleton's Love Story Is Coming To The Big Screen

Are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge making the move from London to L.A.?

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 19 08:59 PM

Is Kim Kardashian Desperate To Be In Kate Middleton's Inner Circle?

Kate Middleton apparently wants nothing to do with reality television star Kim Kardashian.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesOctober 19 06:28 PM

Does Kate Middleton Have Fake Hair?

Kate Middleton rumored to be wearing hair extensions.

The British Royals

CelebritiesOctober 18 05:09 PM

Prince William Opens Up About His Royal Children

In a rare personal moment, the royal dad opened up about his kids and it was totally adorable.


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