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Kate Middleton

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

CelebritiesFebruary 03 10:01 AM

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Doing Very Un-Royal Things These Days?

It looks like Prince William and Kate Middleton are basically doing whatever it takes to distance themselves from Buckingham Palace.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesFebruary 02 02:36 PM

Is Kate Middleton Being Told To 'Behave Like A Royal'?

It looks like the feud between Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth is never going to end--at least not in the tabloid media.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesFebruary 01 10:29 AM

Is Queen Elizabeth Finally Putting Kate Middleton To Work?

Is Queen Elizabeth forcing Kate Middleton to take on more responsibilities for the royal family?

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesJanuary 31 03:47 PM

Kate Middleton Is Reportedly 'Disgusted' With Sarah Ferguson?

If you want to believe the tabloid media, it seems like Kate Middleton is feuding with everyone in the royal family these days.

Prince George

CelebritiesJanuary 27 11:27 AM

Prince George Has His Mother's Golden Touch

It looks like Prince George has the golden touch, just like his mother Kate Middleton.

The British Royals

CelebritiesJanuary 26 03:03 PM

Kate Middleton Desperate To Find Friends For Prince George?

It looks like Kate Middleton definitely is a "different kind of royal."

The British Royals

CelebritiesJanuary 24 07:26 PM

Is Prince William Urging Kate Middleton To Get Pregnant Again?

Is Kate Middleton being pressured to produce yet another spare for their heir?

Celeb Couples Who Broke Up And Made Up

VideosJanuary 24 01:37 AM

Celeb Couples Who Broke Up And Made Up

Here's a look at four celebrity couples who have broken up and found their way back to each other.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesJanuary 18 06:08 PM

Is Kate Middleton Refusing To Make Her Children 'Royals?'

It looks like Kate Middleton isn't bowing down to royal pressure, especially when it comes to her kids.

Kate Middleton's Shorter Hair

CelebritiesJanuary 17 06:33 PM

Kate Middleton Receives Criticism For Her Latest Job?

When it comes to Kate Middleton, it seems like she simply can't catch a break, at least not with her critics.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesJanuary 16 07:05 PM

Is Kate Middleton Being Forced To Fire Her Staff?

It seems like Kate Middleton just can't catch a break these days, or at least when it comes to the tabloid media.

Kate Middleton Wearing Princess Diana's Tiara

CelebritiesJanuary 11 10:15 AM

Is Kate Middleton Upset Over A New Photo?

There's a new report that says Buckingham Palace left Kate Middleton humiliated on her birthday.

The British Royals

CelebritiesJanuary 10 07:42 PM

Are The Royal Children A Lot To Handle?

It looks like Kate Middleton will be taking a break from motherhood - if not a short one.

Kate Middleton And Prince William

CelebritiesJanuary 08 02:54 AM

Kate Middleton And Prince William's Precious Moments In 2015

A gallery of Kate Middleton and Prince William's sweetest photos in 2015.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesJanuary 06 04:43 PM

Is Kate Middleton Getting Pregnant Again This Year?

Prince William and Kate Middleton are looking to expand their family again for 2016.

Queen Elizabeth

CelebritiesJanuary 06 11:46 AM

Is Kate Middleton Going To Be Queen This Year?

Queen Elizabeth made a huge announcement to Prince William and Kate Middleton over the holidays.

Kate Middleton Attends ICAP Charity Day

CelebritiesJanuary 03 04:38 PM

The Middletons Are The Only Reason Anyone Cares About The Royal Family, According To One Blogger

Are the royal 'envious' of Kate Middleton and her fame?

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesJanuary 02 03:26 PM

Is Kate Middleton Desperate For Queen Elizabeth's Help?

Is Kate Middleton having a hard time balancing her life?

The British Royals

CelebritiesDecember 30 11:16 AM

Is Prince William Worried About His Wife's Popularity?

Apparently Prince William doesn't like being overshadowed by his wife Duchess Catherine.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesDecember 27 06:57 PM

Does Kate Middleton Want To Be Queen Sooner Than Later?

Kate Middleton is desperate to take the crown from Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Kate Middleton Attends ICAP Charity Day

CelebritiesDecember 26 07:00 PM

Does Kate Middleton Feel Like A Failed Mother?

Is Kate Middleton jealous that her son Prince George prefers Prince William over her?

Kate Middleton's Shorter Hair

CelebritiesDecember 23 03:55 PM

Kate Middleton Apparently Hates Her 'Mum' Fringe

Kate Middleton allegedly hates the way she looks these days.

Kate Middleton's Shorter Hair

CelebritiesDecember 21 04:23 PM

Kate Middleton Has A New Role And Title

It looks like Kate Middleton has a lot of work ahead of her for the new year.

James and Pippa Middleton

CelebritiesDecember 21 03:59 PM

Are Kate Middleton's Siblings Considered Failures?

Apparently James and Pippa Middleton have failed to make names for themselves, despite their royal connections.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesDecember 20 07:59 PM

Camilla Parker-Bowles Is Supposedly Raging Mad Over Quen Elizabeth's Latest Insult

Are Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles feuding again?


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