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Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesMay 28 08:29 PM

Kate Middleton Hates Her 'Lazy' Reputation

Even though Kate Middleton has been called a lot of things by the press, there's one thing she absolutely can't stand and that's when someone calls her lazy.

The British Royals

CelebritiesMay 23 12:56 PM

Is Kate Middleton Upset About a Secret Baby?

Has Prince William been hiding a secret this whole time?

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

CelebritiesMay 13 04:49 PM

Kate Middelton Plans Playdate With Angelina Jolie's Kids Amid Brad Pitt Divorce Rumors?

Is Angelina Jolie leaning on Kate Middelton amid reports of a split from Brad Pitt?

Prince Harry

CelebritiesMay 09 10:16 AM

Is Prince Harry Never Getting Married?

He might be considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the world, but it looks like Prince Harry won't be settling down anytime soon.

Prince Harry

CelebritiesMay 02 01:50 PM

See Prince Harry Go 'Boom' In This Hilarious Promotional VIdeo For The Invictus Games

While there's no doubting that Prince Harry has mastered the art of social media, the same can't be said about his brother Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesMay 02 12:12 PM

Is Kate Middleton Lacking Charisma In Her Personality? Some Critics Say Yes

It seems like no matter what Kate Middleton does or says these days, she just can't catch a break with her critics.

Heads Together Campaign

CelebritiesApril 24 05:06 PM

Prince Harry To The Rescue?

It looks like Prince Harry has been given the task to help rescue the British royal family's image in the public spotlight, including helping out brother William and sister-in-law Kate Middleton.

Prince William

CelebritiesApril 20 10:25 AM

Prince William Hits Back At His Critics

It seems with Prince William he just can't win with his critics these days, no matter what he does or says.

The British Royals

CelebritiesApril 18 08:33 AM

Why Is Prince William Demanding Privacy From The Press?

It seems like no matter what Kate Middleton and Prince William say these days, they end up getting slammed by their critics.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesApril 17 05:23 PM

Did Camilla Parker Bowles Try To Break Up Prince William And Kate MIddleton?

It looks like there's a good reason why you never see Kate Middleton standing next to Camilla Parker Bowles in pictures, even at royal family functions.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesApril 16 06:44 PM

Why Is Kate Middleton 'Cradling' Her Bump All The Time?

Every time Kate Middleton touches her stomach, the tabloids go off with new pregnancy rumors.

Kate Middleton's Stunning Outfits During India & Bhutan Tour

CelebritiesApril 15 03:17 AM

Kate Middleton's 13 Stunning, Asian Outfits During Her India Royal Tour

Check out The Duchess's vibrant looks!

Kate Middleton's Shorter Hair

CelebritiesApril 13 05:02 PM

Has Kate Middleton Angered The Queen Once Again?

There’s a new rumor that says the Queen is none too happy over the fact that the Duchess has had yet another public wardrobe malfunction.

The British Royal Family

CelebritiesApril 12 03:21 PM

Is Camilla Parker Bowles Jealous of Kate Middleton Again?

There's a good reason why Kate Middleton is never photographed with the rest of the royal family—and that's because none of them can get along behind closed doors, apparently.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

CelebritiesApril 11 10:10 AM

Does Kate Middleton Need To Sack Her Stylist?

It looks like no matter what she wears, Kate Middleton just can't get a break from her critics these days.

Jackie Chan

CelebritiesApril 07 06:51 AM

Jackie Chan Turns 62! See His Best Photos Of All Time

The iconic Jackie Chan is celebrating his 62nd birthday today. Let's look at some of his best photos through the years.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesMarch 09 02:42 PM

Is Kate Middleton Spending Too Much Money?

Is Kate Middleton trying to ease her loneliness by spending all of her time shopping?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

CelebritiesMarch 07 01:17 PM

Kate Middleton And Prince William Are Slammed As Being 'Tone-Deaf'

When it comes to Kate Middleton and Prince William, it looks like they just can't catch a break from their critics, no matter what they do.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesMarch 06 04:38 PM

Is Kate Middleton Jealous Of Princess Victoria Of Sweden?

Forget all those rumors of Kate Middleton having a hard time getting along with the British royal family because apparently, she's not getting along with anyone these days (according to the tabloids).

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesFebruary 29 12:09 PM

Kate Middleton Is Rumored Not To Be Looking Forward To Seeing India

There might be a good reason why Kate Middleton has been hiding behind closed doors so much lately.

Kate Middleton Prince William

CelebritiesFebruary 27 07:34 PM

Does Prince William Want To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad?

It looks like Prince William is about to take on one of the most challenging roles of his life - as a stay at home dad.

Secret Affair Not True?

CelebritiesFebruary 27 07:33 PM

Prince Harry Wants Kate Middleton To Help Him Find A Wife

While there's no doubt that Prince Harry and Kate Middleton are close, who knew they were this close.

Prince William & Kate Middelton

CelebritiesFebruary 25 02:31 PM

Are Kate Middleton And Prince William A Lazy Couple?

Kate Middleton and Prince William might be one of the most popular royal couples in the world right now, but it looks like they are about to get quite the backlash.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesFebruary 24 03:43 PM

Is Kate Middleton About To Lose Her Staffers?

Kate Middleton hasn't even confirmed (nor denied) reports that she is pregnant with her third child, yet there are already rumors suggesting that Buckingham Palace is none too happy about it.

Kate Middleton

CelebritiesFebruary 23 08:33 PM

Is Kate Middleton Spending Money Like A Diva?

It looks like there's more to Kate Middleton behind the scenes than we know.


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