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Kim Kardashian

Kanye West

CelebritiesOctober 21 09:46 AM

Kanye West Questions Jay Z For Not Calling After Kim Kardashian Robbery

Kanye West has some choice words for his longtime collaborator, on a variety of issues.

Kim Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 20 12:24 PM

Kourtney Kardashian Offers Status Update On Kim Following Robbery

Kim Kardashian still isn't fully recovered from the shocking robbery incident, according to her older sister.

Caitlyn Jenner and Kris Jenner attend the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at Lexington Avenue Armory on November 10, 2015 in New York City.

CelebritiesOctober 18 05:16 AM

Kris Jenner is certainly not happy with Kim kardashian helping Caitlyn Jenner

Basically speaking profanities were cursed towards kim. Full reasons are unclear but it has to do with her helping Caitlyn.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 15 09:31 AM

Chrissy Teigen Reveals How Kim Kardashian is Doing Now

Chrissy Teigen gives an update on how Kim Kardashian is coping with the Paris robbery incident.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 14 09:31 AM

Kim Kardashian Channeling Energy Into 'Working Out' Now?

Kim Kardashian West's friend speaks on how she's doing following the harrowing robbery incident.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 12 03:16 PM

Kim Kardashian 'Very Paranoid' Following Robbery Incident

Kim Kardashian West is still having trouble getting over her shocking Paris incident.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 12 09:19 AM

Kim Kardashian Has Filed A Lawsuit Over Reports Claiming She Lied About Robbery & Assault

Kim Kardashian is suing for libel over reports she faked her Paris robbery and lied about the violent assault she suffered

Khloe Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 11 11:59 AM

Khloe Kardashian Says It Will 'Take Time' For Kim to Heal

Kim Kardashian's sister updates Ellen DeGeneres on how she's doing in the wake of the Paris robbery incident.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

CelebritiesOctober 07 09:36 AM

Kim Kardashian 'Not Ready' to Film Keeping Up As E! Halts Production?

E!'s flagship reality show is apparently holding off on filming while Kim Kardashian recovers from her harrowing robbery incident.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 07 09:30 AM

Were Initial Reports That $10 Million In Jewlery Was Stolen From Kim Kardashian Wrong?

Kardashian has filed insurance paperwork for the value of her missing jewelry, and the amount she claims it was all worth is much less than expected

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 06 09:26 AM

Kim Kardashian Reportedly Blames Herself For Her Paris Robbery

After being robbed of over $10 million in jewelry, the reality star is reportedly scaling back how much she shares of her life on social media

Kim Kardashian, Simone Harouche, Kourtney Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 04 09:48 AM

Who Is Simone Harouche? Here's What We Know About Other Woman Inside Kim Kardashian's Paris Apartment

Details about the friend inside Kim Kardashian's Paris apartment when she robbed

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesOctober 03 09:41 AM

Celebrities Share Immense Support For Kim Kardashain After Paris Robbery

Several celebrities have taken to social media to show their support and solidarity for the reality star after she was robbed at gunpoint

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesSeptember 29 03:10 PM

Kim Kardashian Was Attacked In Paris

A prankster tried to attack Kim Kardashian in Paris, but her security team acted quickly

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesSeptember 23 02:40 PM

Kim Kardashian Convinced By Caitlyn Jenner To Vote For Donald Trump?

Kim Kardashian may be switching her vote off of Hillary Clinton, and it could be Caitlyn Jenner's fault.

Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift

CelebritiesJuly 20 08:41 AM

Taylor Swift is Grateful to BFF Selena Gomez for Having her Back

Taylor Swift was happy to see Selena Gomez stand up for her after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West exposed her alleged lies in a shocking video.

Paris Hilton

CelebritiesJune 29 12:28 PM

Paris Hilton Just Liked a Hilarious Meme About Making Kim Kardashian 'Famous'

Paris Hilton is still taking credit for Kim Kardashian's success.

Kim Kardashian

TV/Reality TVJune 16 02:13 PM

Kim Kardashian Reveals What People v. O.J. Simpson Got Wrong

Kim Kardashian delves into what was right and wrong about 'American Crime Story'.

Kanye West

CelebritiesJune 06 02:30 PM

Everyone Wanted a Piece Of Kanye West in New York City Monday Morning

Kanye West's planned 2 a.m. concert on the streets of New York City was canceled after complete chaos erupted following a tweet he sent out only an hour before he was to begin his set.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesJune 01 01:39 PM

Is Kim Kardashian Really 132 Pounds?

No matter what Kim Kardashian says or does these days, it seems like she just can't catch a break with her critics.

Kris Jenner

CelebritiesMay 31 08:40 PM

Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the Chopping Block?

Could this be the end of the Kardashian reign as we know it?

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 30 05:55 PM

Is Kim Kardashian Going To Be The New Cookie?

This has got to be the most outrageous rumor coming from the Kardashian family yet.

Kanye West

CelebritiesMay 28 08:06 PM

Did Kim Kardashian Kick Kanye West Out Of Their House?

It looks like the end is near... for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage, at least.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 24 07:33 PM

Will the Kardashians REALLY Dress As Amber Rose & Blac Chyna for Halloween?

The Kardashians might want you to think that all is well between them and their future sister-in-law Blac Chyna and Her BFF Amber Rose, but that might not be the case.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 22 04:55 PM

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Close To Being Done

Could this be the end of Kimye as we know it?


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