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Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

TV/Reality TVJune 16 02:13 PM

Kim Kardashian Reveals What People v. O.J. Simpson Got Wrong

Kim Kardashian delves into what was right and wrong about 'American Crime Story'.

Kanye West

CelebritiesJune 06 02:30 PM

Everyone Wanted a Piece Of Kanye West in New York City Monday Morning

Kanye West's planned 2 a.m. concert on the streets of New York City was canceled after complete chaos erupted following a tweet he sent out only an hour before he was to begin his set.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesJune 01 01:39 PM

Is Kim Kardashian Really 132 Pounds?

No matter what Kim Kardashian says or does these days, it seems like she just can't catch a break with her critics.

Kris Jenner

CelebritiesMay 31 08:40 PM

Is Keeping Up With The Kardashians on the Chopping Block?

Could this be the end of the Kardashian reign as we know it?

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 30 05:55 PM

Is Kim Kardashian Going To Be The New Cookie?

This has got to be the most outrageous rumor coming from the Kardashian family yet.

Kanye West

CelebritiesMay 28 08:06 PM

Did Kim Kardashian Kick Kanye West Out Of Their House?

It looks like the end is near... for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage, at least.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 24 07:33 PM

Will the Kardashians REALLY Dress As Amber Rose & Blac Chyna for Halloween?

The Kardashians might want you to think that all is well between them and their future sister-in-law Blac Chyna and Her BFF Amber Rose, but that might not be the case.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 22 04:55 PM

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Close To Being Done

Could this be the end of Kimye as we know it?

Raven Symone

CelebritiesMay 17 09:13 PM

Raven Symone Explains Why No One Should Hate Kim Kardashian

Raven Symone may not be Kim Kardashian's biggest fan, but she has a message for all her haters.

Kanye West

CelebritiesMay 12 11:13 AM

Has Kim Kardashian Had Enough of Kanye West's Controlling Ways?

It looks like it's only going to be a matter of time before celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West make the announcement that might or might not shock us all.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 09 10:13 AM

Did Kim Kardashian Use Her Son Saint For Publicity In Cuba?

With the Kardashian family, you just never know what they have up their sleeves.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesMay 04 03:45 PM

Did Kanye West Fire a Body Guard for Talking to His Wife?

When it comes to Kanye West, you just never know what he might say or do next.

'Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie' (2016) Trailer

BuzznshareMay 01 05:50 PM

Kate Moss Accidentally Killed In New Comedy Film 'Absolutely Fabulous' Trailer

The film also stars Harry Styles, Kim Kardashian, Jerry Hall, Rebel Wilson, Cara Delevingne & more!

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna

CelebritiesApril 27 04:57 PM

Are Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Already Planning for Kids?

Either there's a new Kardashian making its debut later this year or the reality television family really knows how to milk a good story line for publicity.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesApril 27 03:27 PM

Kim Kardashian Sets the Record Straight on the Marriage

While Beyonce is sparking tons of specualtion and rumors about her personal life, Kim Kardashian is doing the complete opposite and setting the record straight on a few things.


CelebritiesApril 26 01:55 PM

Are the Kardashians Having Financial Problems?

Could the Kardashians be going broke?


CelebritiesApril 25 04:43 PM

Did Kim Kardashian Try To Sabotage Beyoncé's Weekend?

Things aren't looking so good between Kim Kardashian and her reported frenemy, Beyoncé.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesApril 23 09:21 PM

Kim Kardashian Has Babies On The Mind

Are Kim Kardashian & Kanye West planning to add to their growing family?

North West

CelebritiesApril 20 10:32 AM

Is North West Too Stressed Out By Her Parents?

There might be a good reason why we never see North West smiling in any of her photos.

Kim Kardashian

CelebritiesApril 17 05:43 PM

Did Kim Kardashian Hire A Divorce Lawyer?

Could we be getting a major announcement from Kim Kardashian in the coming weeks?

Kim Kardashian Emily Ratajkowski

CelebritiesMarch 31 05:21 PM

Kim Kardashian Goes Topless With Emily Ratajkowski, 'We Are More Than Just Our Bodies'

Kim Kardashian is continuing to break the Internet, but this time she has a friend with her.

Farrah Abraham

CelebritiesMarch 25 04:58 PM

Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham Fires Shots at Kim Kardashian!

'Teen Mom OG' Farrah Abraham recently fired shots at Kim Kardashian.


CelebritiesMarch 18 01:05 PM

Love Those Kardashian Weight Loss Waist Trainers? They're Causing Serious Problems

The Kardashian business empire has received an unexpected blow, in the form of a lawsuit aimed at their beloved waist trainers.

North West

CelebritiesMarch 13 04:00 PM

Another Kim Kardashian Snapchat Is Causing Fans To Question Her Mothering Skills

When it comes to Kim Kardashian, it looks like she just can't win over her critics, no matter what she does or says.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Nude Selfie

CelebritiesMarch 11 04:37 PM

All The Celebs Imitating Kim Kardashian's Naked Instagram Selfie

Not all selfies are created equal, especially when some of your favorite stars are stripping down for the camera to make a statement.


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