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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesSeptember 22 03:15 PM

Kristen Stewart Does Things Her Way, 'I'm A Rebel'

Whether she's dating Alicia Cargile or not, Kristen Stewart made it clear that she couldn't care less what people think.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesSeptember 19 06:53 PM

Kristen Stewart 'Hates' That People Think She's 'Unapproachable'

Kristen Stewart made it clear that she's not as intimidating as she might appear to be.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesSeptember 15 08:16 PM

Kristen Stewart Opens Up On Breakup With Robert Pattinson: 'It Was Incredibly Painful'

It's been three years since one of the most infamous breakups in Hollywood and there's still more to say about it.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesSeptember 14 01:07 AM

Kristen Stewart Opens Up On Moving Forward

As Kristen Stewart promotes her latest film, she's given positive advice on moving on.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesSeptember 10 07:54 PM

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Will Always Be Tied Together, 'That's Just How It Is'

When it comes to moving on from a breakup, sometimes it's just not enough.

Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesSeptember 08 03:15 PM

Did Robert Pattinson Purposely Avoid An Awkward Encounter With Kristen Stewart?

The rumors just can't stop for the former couple who ended their relationship years ago.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesSeptember 05 08:54 PM

Rumor Says Kristen Stewart 'Secretly' Married Alicia Cargile

Did Kristen Stewart take the next step with her rumored girlfriend?

Kristen Stewart FKA Twigs

CelebritiesSeptember 02 03:47 PM

Kristen Stewart Beats Ex's Girlfriend FKA Twigs In Best-Dressed List

FKA Twigs may have snagged the ex-boyfriend of Kristen Stewart, but when it comes to fashion, she's only second best.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesAugust 25 05:16 PM

Has Robert Pattinson 'Lost Trust' In Women?

The rumors just can't stop for the former 'Twilight' couple.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 18 06:40 PM

Kristen Stewart Says She'd Be 'Interested' In A 'Twilight' Reboot

Kristen Stewart revealed how she would feel if the 'Twilight' series ever got rebooted.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 17 02:55 PM

Kristen Stewart Dishes On Success Of 'Twilight,' Everyone Was Hit 'Like A Ton Of Bricks'

It's been years since the last 'Twilight' film hit theaters and Kristen Stewart is still looking back on it.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 12 04:38 PM

Kristen Stewart Talks About Her Sexual Identity In A New Interview

Kristen Stewart may have just summed up her sexual orientation in her latest interview.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 11 02:38 PM

Kristen Stewart Shows Off Her Rare Smile In Goofy Poses

Kristen Stewart is looking a lot different from the woman that the public recognized before- but in a good way.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 04 01:38 PM

Kristen Stewart Explains Why She Hasn't Joined Social Media

Kristen Stewart has (for the most part) succeeded pretty well in keeping details on her personal life to herself.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 03 02:09 PM

Kristen Stewart & Alicia Cargile Spotted Together Again

Rumors continue to fly around Kristen Stewart as she was spotted with her gal pal Alicia Cargile again.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesAugust 01 06:40 PM

'Twilight' Director Opens Up On Kristen Stewart's 'Vampire Orgasms'

It's been nearly three years since the last 'Twilight' movie hit theaters, and the main stars are still getting praise for the work they put in.

Cast members Robert Pattinson (R) and Kristen Stewart pose for pictures before the German premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Berlin, November 16, 2012.

CelebritiesJuly 27 08:00 AM

'Twilight' Producer Dishes On The Success Of Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson

After the 'Twilight' movies became smash hits in the entertainment industry, the producers are reflecting on those days with how proud they are.

Robert Pattinson arrives for a panel discussion for the upcoming film

CelebritiesJuly 20 01:32 PM

Robert Pattinson Jokes About Media Wanting To Discuss His 'Personal Life?'

The media may be all over Robert Pattinson's personal life, but it seems like the actor is willing to laugh it off.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesJuly 18 04:47 PM

Kristen Stewart Reveals The 'Only Way' She's 'Good At Anything'

She might be one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood, but Kristen Stewart has other talents that she likes to work on as well.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesJuly 14 02:54 PM

Kristen Stewart Opens Up On 'Moving Forward'

Kristen Stewart may have faced a rough battle years back, but she feels stronger now that she's past it.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesJuly 13 01:36 PM

Kristen Stewart Opens Up On 'Traumatic Period' As She Became A Star

She might be one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of this generation, but Kristen Stewart did not have it easy during her days that appeared to be shining moments.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesJuly 08 04:39 PM

Robert Pattinson Looks Back On 'Twilight:' 'I Had No Idea What Was Going On'

Movie star Robert Pattinson did a little reflecting on his 'Twilight' days and how things in the acting world are not quite the same anymore.

Actors Robert Pattinson (L) and Kristen Stewart arrive for the British premiere of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn' at Westfield Stratford City cinemas in east London November 16, 2011.

CelebritiesJuly 01 03:46 PM

Writer Dishes On Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's 'Talented' & 'Fearless' Success In 'Twilight' Films

When Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson dated, it brought out a lot of media attention in their personal lives, but the way they met is bringing in positive comments.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesJune 18 02:08 PM

Reporter Who Interviewed Kristen Stewart's Mother 'Stands By Every Word Of The Story'

After Kristen Stewart was supposedly 'outed' by her mother in a recent interview, the reporter who spoke to her had something to say about the quotes that are rumored to be false.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesJune 17 04:06 PM

Kristen Stewart Reportedly Wants People To 'Leave Her Alone'

After Kristen Stewart was supposedly outed by her mother with false quotes, the actress is reportedly not happy about it.


Tami Roman

Tami Roman & Shaunie O'Neal Slam Their 'Basketball Wives LA' Co-Stars

If there was ever a question about how Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal really feel about the cast of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA, it has definitely been answered, but the other women might not be happy about what they had to say.

Dancing With the Stars

'Dancing With The Stars' Results: Which Couple Was Eliminated In Week 4?

Check out the results from Monday night's competition!

Gisele Bundchen Tom Brady

Gisele Bundchen & Tom Brady Attend Wedding For Athlete's Sister

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady seemed to have a lovely weekend as they attended a fancy wedding.

Carole Middleton

Did Kate Middleton's Mother Get Drunk At The Rugby World Cup?

Carole Middleton allegedly snuck booze at the Rugby World Cup this past weekend.

Will (Guy Wilson) on 'Days of Our Lives'

Will Is Going To Be Killed This Week On 'Days of Our Lives'

Another death is going to happen in Salem--and it's going to be the biggest one yet

Girl Meets World

'Girl Meets World' Is Heading To Texas, Get The Part 1 Scoop Now!

Find out what's in store for the teens as they take on "Girl Meets Texas: Part 1"

Dancing With the Stars

Who Will Be Eliminated On 'Dancing With the Stars' This Week?

Take our poll for who will be the next celeb eliminated from 'DWTS'?

Paul Zerdin

'America's Got Talent' Winner Paul Zerdin Reveals Who He Expected To Win This Year's Competition

This year's winner of 'America's Got Talent' admitted that he didn't think he would win the competition.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Contestant Lacey

Can The 'America's Next Top Model' Contestants 'Embody' Some Canines Flawlessly For Next Photo Shoot?

Take a peek at some of the 'America's Next Top Model' contestants posing with canines.

Brady reaches out to a distraught Theresa on the October 2, 2015 episode of 'Days of Our Lives'

Brady Comforts A Distraught Theresa On 'Days of Our Lives'

The two grow closer as Theresa mourns Paige

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants To Raise 'Disciplined' Royal Kids

Kate Middleton supposedly wants to raise happy, but perfect children.

Nikki Mudarris

'LHHH' Star Nikki Mudarris Breaks Her Silence After Her Sex Tape With Mally Mall Leaks

Nikki Mudarris is livid after footage of her and Mally Mall being intimate leaked online Wednesday.

Big Brother

Are 'Big Brother 17' Houseguests Austin & Liz Still Together?

Austin and Liz are proving the haters wrong.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

DId Tyga Make Kris Jenner Furious With His Wedding Plans?

Kris Jenner allegedly doesn't want Caitlyn Jenner to have a part in daughter Kylie's wedding.

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Doctor Who

It's Time For Twelve To Figure Out Where He's Seen Himself Before On 'Doctor Who'

Finally - solid details on the fallout from Capaldi's Pompeii/Torchwood appearances

Finding Carter

Carter's New Romance Will Have 'Level Of Deceit' On 'Finding Carter'

Carter is about to find herself a new love interest on 'Finding Carter,' but will he be all he seems?

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Duffy Fortner Discusses Her Time On 'Ink Master'

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There's A New Angel On 'Supernatural'; What Does He Want?

Get the scoop on Lane Edwards' new character ahead of "Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire."

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Caleb Bratayley's Ceremony Will Be Livestreamed

After the tragic death of Caleb Bratayley, his loved ones will be celebrating him in a special ceremony.

Scheana Marie

Scheana Marie & LeAnn Rimes Are Now Friendly?

Has Scheana Marie made amends with LeAnn Rimes?

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif Explains Why It's 'Difficult' Working With People She Knows

Katrina Kaif explained why it's not easy working with someone she knows in her personal life.

Fear The Walking Dead

'Fear The Walking Dead' Is Officially Over--Did It FInally Pay Off?

Was 'Fear The Walking Dead' Worth The Hype?

'RHONJ' Season Six Cast

Will 'RHONJ' Season Seven Include Its 'First Lesbian Housewife?'

Find out who is in talks to join 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey.'

Leanne Lapp

Leanne Lapp Dishes On Her Villainous 'iZombie' Character Who 'Pops Up In Places You Wouldn’t Expect Her'

'iZombie' actress Leanne Lapp chatted with us about her 'elusive' character, why people need to tune in for the new season and more.

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