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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesNovember 16 03:38 PM

Did Kristen Stewart Experience Some Disappointment Involving Her Ex At The Hollywood Film Awards?

It looks like Kristen Stewart may have been looking forward to something at the Hollywood Film Awards with a possibility that it could've ended with some disappointment.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 15 04:14 PM

Was Robert Pattinson Trying To Avoid Kristen Stewart At The Hollywood Film Awards?

After former 'Twilight' couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson attended the Hollywood Film Awards on Friday, it turns out that Pattinson may have avoided his ex for one particular reason.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 14 02:18 PM

Are There Going To Be Wedding Plans For Robert Pattinson Anytime Soon?

After being broken up for a good while, it appears that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are at completely different places in their lives right now.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 13 03:45 PM

Is Robert Pattinson Engaged?

It appears that Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs may have taken the next step in their relationship- involving a ring.

Cast members Robert Pattinson (R), Kristen Stewart (C) and Taylor Lautner pose for pictures before the German premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Berlin, November 16, 2012.

CelebritiesNovember 12 02:46 PM

The 'Twilight' Series Isn't Over Just Yet

It looks like the 'Twilight' stories aren't over just yet now that Kristen Stewart is part of a certain campaign that will actually not include her former on-screen boyfriend.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 11 04:57 PM

Robert Pattinson Is Reportedly Planning To Introduce His Current Girlfriend To Kristen Stewart

It looks like one of the most uncomfortable situations is about to take place for the former 'Twilight' couple now that one of them is seeing someone else.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 10 03:51 PM

Robert Pattinson Spotted Again With FKA Twigs As They Had A Late Night Out Till Almost 2 AM?

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs have been spotted once again as they had what appeared to be a romantic night out.

FKA Twigs

CelebritiesNovember 05 05:45 PM

Robert Pattinson's Reported Girlfriend FKA Twigs Gets Hypnotic In Live Performance, Watch Here

Robert Pattinson's reported girlfriend FKA Twigs might be known for her intensely dark music videos, but she can get even more wild in her live performances.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 04 06:47 PM

Robert Pattinson Spotted Looking Incredibly Happy As He Held Hands With FKA Twigs

It looks like the relationship between Robert Pattinson and his reported girlfriend FKA twigs is getting even better than ever based on a new photo of them sharing some chemistry.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesNovember 02 07:23 PM

Kristen Stewart Admits That People 'Have No Idea What's Really Going On'

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart has become a giant media target ever since she became a movie star, something that the actress realizes and has made a note of when it comes to reading stories about her.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesNovember 01 06:24 PM

Robert Pattinson Reportedly Sees FKA Twigs As His 'Forever Soulmate'

While some may have thought that former 'Twilight' couple Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be the ones to last forever, it looks like Edward Cullen's new girlfriend is likely going to take that position.

FKA Twigs

CelebritiesOctober 30 06:42 PM

Find Out What FKA Twigs Said About Her Relationship With Robert Pattinson

Movie star hunk Robert Pattinson has reportedly been dating British singer FKA Twigs who finally had something to say about the relationship.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 28 02:45 PM

Did Kristen Stewart's Friend Set Her Ex-Boyfriend Up With FKA Twigs?

Robert Pattinson has reportedly been dating British singer FKA Twigs where it's been revealed on how they met- which may have a connection to Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 27 03:37 PM

Has Kristen Stewart Become A Completely Different Person Since Relationship With Robert Pattinson?

Kristen Stewart's career may be blossoming with a number of new films, but it looks like her personal life may not be in the best shape it could be.

FKA Twigs

CelebritiesOctober 23 06:01 PM

Robert Pattinson's Rumored New Girlfriend Is Extremely Flexible In Creepy Video, Watch It Here

It sounds like Robert Pattinson may have proven himself to be an even luckier man since his rumored girlfriend appeared in a commercial that shows off some of her wildest talents.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 21 05:58 PM

Kristen Stewart Admits That She Is 'Not Overcoming Fear'

While some might be skeptical on how Kristen Stewart's been doing lately regarding her love life, it sounds like she might be in a pretty decent spot.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesOctober 15 06:17 PM

Robert Pattinson Is 'Really In Love' With Alleged Girlfriend FKA Twigs?

It sounds like Robert Pattinson's alleged new relationship is in a great place right now based on some new information that was released about the 'Twilight' actor and British singer FKA Twigs.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 14 05:51 PM

Does Kristen Stewart Feel Hurt About Robert Pattinson Dating Someone Else?

Rumor has it that 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has been dating British singer FKA Twigs, leaving some speculation on how this is affecting the actor's ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesOctober 11 07:12 PM

Did Robert Pattinson's Rumored Girlfriend Insult Kristen Stewart On Stage?

It looks like Robert Pattinson's rumored girlfriend may have unintentionally insulted Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 10 06:06 PM

Kristen Stewart Is 'Really Happy' & At Her Best In A Long Time?

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart has been known for being a massive target in the media with alleged scandals, but it looks like things have massively changed for her.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 09 07:32 PM

Kristen Stewart Shares A Connection In Her New Film With A Past Scandal?

'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart has spoken out on her latest film 'Clouds of Sils Maria' and how it shares a connection with a scandal that happened to her in real life.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 08 05:19 PM

Kristen Stewart Dishes On Her 'Twilight' Days, 'I've Become Who I Am'

Movie star Kristen Stewart has apparently moved on from the vampire franchise that made her a big deal although she looks back on it with gratitude.

Kristen Stewart

CelebritiesOctober 08 05:13 PM

Check Out Kristen Stewart's New Hair Color & Style

The actress attended a New York City screening of her new film Camp X-Ray on Monday night and showed off her darker new locks and edgy hairstyle.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesOctober 07 06:00 PM

Robert Pattinson Is Sharing A 'Solid Connection' With Rumored Girlfriend?

Rumor currently has it that 'Twilight' star Robert Pattinson has been dating British singer FKA Twigs, and if this is true, then they are reportedly on a great start.

Robert Pattinson

CelebritiesSeptember 28 10:25 PM

Robert Pattinson Wants To Show Off His New Girlfriend To The World?

The rumors of movie star hunk Robert Pattinson dating British singer FKA Twigs are getting stronger and stronger with more comments going around as well as what appeared to be a public romance.


Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust Reveals An Argument With Stevie J Landed Ex-Couple On 'LHHATL'

Fans have seen the evolution and end of Mimi Faust's relationship with her ex-boyfriend and the father of her child Stevie J on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta; now she has opened up about how the two landed a spot on the show begin with.


Timbaland On Wendy Williams Being Mean To Aaliyah When She Was Alive: 'I Was Naive Back Then'

Timbaland has opened up about rumors that Executive Producer Wendy Wiliams was rude to Aaliyah when it came to addressing her rumored marriage with R. Kelly.

Todd Chrisley

Todd Chrisley's First Wife Speaks On Gay Rumors, Confesses 'I Can See Why' There's Speculation

Just after 'Chrisley Knows Best' star Todd Chrisley's son, Kyle Chrisley claimed that he is homosexual, Todd's first wife has broken her silence on rumors.

Amanda, Fizz, Moniece

Are Fizz and Moniece Back Together? Rumors Fly as she Slaughters Amanda on Instagram & Calls Her Ex, "Mine"

Moniece Slaughter and Lil' Fizz's ex-girlfriend Amanda Secor still don't like each other and they are going at it on Instagram.

Lil Fizz

'LHHH' Lil Fizz Blasts 'Thot' Amanda Secor, Possibly Moves On With Nikki Murdarris, 'She's Cool'

Amanda Secor & Lil Fizz's breakup is getting pretty ugly as he disses her big time and seems to move on with his Love & Hip Hop Hollywood co-star Nikki Murdarris.

Witches Of East End

Chances Of A 'Witches Of East End' Renewal Are Reportedly Growing Stronger

The chances of 'Witches of East End' getting a renewal appear to be growing higher and higher.

Witches Of East End

'Witches Of East End' Actress Reveals Something She Heard That Should Encourage Fans To 'Keep Signing' The Petition

'Witches of East End' fans have done what they can to help bring the show back for new episodes, and it looks like all that work is gaining some positive attention.


WWE 'Raw' LIVE STREAM Free: Watch 'Monday Night Wrestling 2014' Online @ 8PM ET

Find out what's next for the WWE following Team Authority's defeat.

'The Voice' Season 7 Promotional Photo

A Glimpse Into The Top 10 Of Season 7 Of 'The Voice'

The Top 10 on Season 7 of 'The Voice' are set to perform Monday before eliminations take place Tuesday.

Masika Tucker

'LHHH' Masika Tucker Checks Yung Berg On Twitter 'Watch It', Rapper Confirms Return To Show? Says 'I'll Be Back'

It seems VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Masika Tucker and Yung Berg are still going strong after he allegedly attacked her earlier this month.


WWE 'Survivor Series 2014' LIVE STREAM: Watch Team Authority vs Team Cena Online

Find out who will win when Team Authority and Team Cena go head to head.


Timbaland Reveals Alexandra Shipp Wrote Him Amid 'Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B' Backlash

Timbaland has spoken out in his first interview since slamming Lifetime's Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B and revealed lead actress Alexandra Shipp reached out to him during his rant.


'Longmire' Star Robert Taylor 'Overjoyed' For 4th Season

'Longmire's' Robert Taylor, who has charmed fans for three seasons in the title role, is one of the show's few stars who lacks a strong social media presence

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood

Who Could Be The New Steffy Forrester On 'The Bold and the Beautiful?' Find Out Here!

There are set to be some major shake-ups coming on The Bold and the Beautiful-and they could come with the return of a very popular character!

Blake Shelton

Miranda Lambert Reacts To Blake Shelton's Confession

Blake Shelton told wife and fellow country artist Miranda Lambert that there's another woman in his life on Thursday and it seems the Somethin' Bad singer had a pretty intense reaction to it.

Latest News

Camila Cabello

Why Did Austin Mahone & Camila Cabello Break Up?

Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello reportedly split after he accused the Fifth Harmony star of using their relationship 'to sell albums.'

Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Prince William

Kate Middleton May Be Getting Prince Harry An Adorable Christmas Gift

Prince Harry may have more than just a little niece or nephew on the way. According to new reports, the Duchess of Cambridge plans to buy her brother-in-law a four-legged friend for Christmas.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow Wants To See Pepper Potts Again In This Upcoming Marvel Movie

While her contract is up, her on-screen hubby is headed to start a Civil War amongst the Avengers. Could Pepper Potts play a role in the battle between Iron Man and Captain America that will be popping up soon?

The Voice logo

Top 8 Reveal On 'The Voice' Leads To Twitter Reactions From Eliminated Contestants & Those Who Remain

'The Voice' Tuesday night whittled down its Top 10 to its Top 8, which sent two female contestants packing—Anita Antoinette and Reagan James that led to their responses and other contestants' reactions on Twitter.

The Forresters, Spencers & Logans gather for another Thanksgiving celebration on the Nov. 26, 2014 episode of 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

The Forresters, Spencers & Logans Gather For A Memorable Thanksgiving On 'The Bold and the Beautiful'

Thanksgiving has come once again and following tradition the Forrester, Spencer and Logan families will all put aside their differences for a holiday feast on The Bold and the Beautiful.


Black Friday 2014: Target Reveals Massive Doorbuster HDTV Deals

It seems like Target is not done bringing out the deals that will have shoppers rushing to the store tomorrow to get the best prices. But what highly sought after items are going to get a special price drop for being a doorbuster at the store?

Jyoti Amge

'American Horror Story' Star Jyoti Amge Reveals How People Treat Her 'Wrong,' As If She's A Baby

Jyoti Amge's character Ma Petite has become one of the most popular characters on FX's 'American Horror Story: Freak Show,' but the actress admitted that she does not like it when people act like she is a baby.

Chris Hemsworth

'Avengers 2' Could Force Thor To Leave The Team Heading Into Future Movies

While not much is known about the plot of the next Avengers movie, the trailer has shown that a lot of mayhem and destruction is headed for Earth and its mightiest heroes. But could one of those heroes be done with the problems of these people after the movie?

Michael Brown protests

Macklemore & Other Celebs Show Respect For Michael Brown's Family.

On Monday, a judge announced that a grand jury would not indict Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Mo. Police officer involved in the fatal shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

Bow Wow, Erica Mena

Erica Mena Responds To Wendy Williams Diss, Claps Back At 'Broke' Fan Via Instagram

Love & Hip Hop New York star Erica Mena has responded to Wendy Williams' comments that she and fiancé rapper Bow Wow will not make it to their wedding date.

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Brock Lesnar UFC Return: Top 5 MMA Fighters Turned Pro Wrestlers [VIDEO]

Over the years, there have been a number of MMA fighters that decided to make the switch to professional wrestling, although not all of them were successful in their bids to do so.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Civilization: Beyond Earth Mac Version Release Date: Travel To A New World On OS X Starting Today

The time has come for Mac users to break their earthly tethers and take to the skies. Civilization: Beyond Earth releases today for OS X.

LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers Rumors: LeBron James Responds To Riots In Ferguson, 'Violence Is Not The Answer' [VIDEO]

Amid the rioting in Ferguson, Mo. and in the wake of officer Darren Wilson not being indicted for shooting and killing Mike Brown, Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James said that the violent protests aren't helping matters.

Kim Kardashian works it for Elle UK’s Confidence Issue cover

Kim Kardashian works it for Elle UK’s Confidence Issue cover

Kim Kardashian news: For Elle UK’s Confidence Issue, it’s only fitting that they chose someone who has no body issues whatsoever: Kim Kardashian. Elle UK hails Kim as the “poster girl for what can be achieved when you have” self-belief.


Sting WWE Debut: Notes On Steve Borden's Deal And Details Leading To His Survivor Series Appearance [VIDEO]

With the wrestling world still buzzing about Steve "Sting" Borden making his WWE debut at the Survivor Series on Sunday night in St. Louis, more details have emerged over what led to his appearance and the deal that he signed with the company.


Top 5 Reasons To Be Thankful For Video Games This Holiday

2014 has been a year of ups and downs for the industry. Here are the five things we're celebrating this Thanksgiving. Things that make us smile, make us think but mostly, just make us want to play more.

WWE SuperCard

WWE Supercard Update Adds 60 New Cards, Survivor Rarity Level And Balance Issues To iOS, Android And Amazon Title

2K Games has released a major update to its popular mobile title WWE Supercard. The game has received 60 new cards, new animations and balance changes to create a more robust, and longer lasting, experience.

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