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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesOctober 06 11:16 AM

Does Kylie Jenner Have Butt Pads Or Implants?

Kylie Jenner sets the record straight about her butt.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesOctober 04 09:38 AM

Is Tyga Pulling The Plug On His Relationship With Kylie Jenner?

Is Kylie Jenner getting too old for Tyga?

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 29 10:07 AM

Kylie Jenner Wants Tyga To Be The Next Drake

Kylie Jenner is pushing her boyfriend hard to be successful.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

CelebritiesSeptember 28 11:57 AM

Is Tyga Breaking Up With Kylie Jenner?

Could this be the end of Kylie Jenner and Tyga as we know it?

Kendall & Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 27 03:36 PM

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Shocked Partygoers By Twerking On Her Sister Kendall

The model/reality TV star supposedly tried to put her sexy moves on her sister at a party.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 26 01:28 PM

Is Kylie Jenner Doing Drugs?

New report says Kylie Jenner might be a drug addict.

Kylie & Tyga

CelebritiesSeptember 24 08:45 AM

Tyga Cancels His Tour To Brazil. Did Kylie Make Him Do It?

Kylie Jenner forces Tyga to cancel his Brazilian tour.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 23 10:35 AM

Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly Jealous Of Her Jenner Sisters

Kim Kardashian is afraid that the Jenner sisters might eclipse her in the popularity polls.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 23 10:02 AM

Kylie Jenner is Being Sued For Stalking A Girl Jaden Smith Wanted To Date

Kylie Jenner is embroiled in a nasty lawsuit...over Jaden Smith?

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 22 02:04 PM

Kylie Jenner Reportedly Spent Thousands Of Dollars For Her Friends

Kylie Jenner is blowing money away on take-out food for her friends.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 22 11:34 AM

Kylie Jenner Is Frightened By The Public

Kylie Jenner has reportedly tripled her security team.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 21 01:18 PM

Does Kylie Jenner Have A Sex Tape?

Kylie Jenner is one step closer to becoming the next Kim Kardashian.


CelebritiesSeptember 21 09:57 AM

The Tax Man Is Coming For Tyga!

Tyga hit with a tax lien from the state of California.

Blac Chyna

CelebritiesSeptember 20 03:35 PM

Does Blac Chyna Want Tyga To Have Another Kid With Her?

Blac Chyna wants another baby with Tyga.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 19 03:47 PM

Kylie Jenner Viciously Attacked By A Fan

Kylie Jenner was attacked during a Chris Brown concert.

Jessica Alba

CelebritiesSeptember 19 02:52 PM

Jessica Alba Confirms She Was Shoved Around By Kylie Jenner's Bodyguads

Jessica Alba was 'body checked' by Kylie Jenner's secutiy detail.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 16 10:43 AM

Kylie Jenner Says Heavy Makeup Isn't An Attractive Look

Kylie Jenner says she prefers the natural look instead of wearing heavy makeup.

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 15 02:16 PM

Are Kylie Jenner And Tyga Done?

Is Kylie Jenner ready to quit Tyga?

Tyga, Blac Chyna, Kylie

CelebritiesSeptember 15 08:40 AM

Blac Chyna Wants To See Kylie Jenner Have An 'Epic Meltdown'?

Is Blac Chyna bullying Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 14 01:41 PM

Kylie Jenner Is Reportedly Designing A Lip Kit For Fans

Kylie Jenner will be debuting a new makeup line soon.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

CelebritiesSeptember 13 04:22 PM

Is Tyga Using Kylie Jenner To Boost His Career?

Is Tyga using Kylie Jenner for his career?

Kendall & Kylie Jenner

CelebritiesSeptember 09 01:54 PM

The Jenner Sisters Deal With Acne Woes, Too

Kylie Jenner opens up about her family's acne issues.

The Jenner Sisters

CelebritiesSeptember 09 12:29 PM

Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Her Lips And Weight Gain

Kylie Jenner blames an old doctor for making her lips 'crazy.'

2015 MTV Video Music Awards

CelebritiesSeptember 09 05:35 AM

Does Kris Jenner Approve Of Kylie Jenner's Relationship With Tyga?

Kris Jenner gives Kylie and Tyga her seal of approval.

Blac Chyna

CelebritiesSeptember 08 01:38 PM

Blac Chyna Is Sending Out A Warning To Kylie Jenner

Blac Chyna wants Kylie Jenner to watch her back when it comes to Tyga.


Tami Roman

Tami Roman & Shaunie O'Neal Slam Their 'Basketball Wives LA' Co-Stars

If there was ever a question about how Tami Roman and Shaunie O'Neal really feel about the cast of VH1's 'Basketball Wives LA, it has definitely been answered, but the other women might not be happy about what they had to say.

Dancing With the Stars

'Dancing With The Stars' Results: Which Couple Was Eliminated In Week 4?

Check out the results from Monday night's competition!


Is 'Bones' Star David Boreanaz Ready To Move On From The Show?

The 'Bones' star is very candid about wanting season 11 to be the end.

David & Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador Reveals Details Of Her Phone Call To David's Mistress

Shannon Beador's husband's mistress claimed he was "obsessed" with her during their eight-month affair.

Will (Guy Wilson) on 'Days of Our Lives'

Will Is Going To Be Killed This Week On 'Days of Our Lives'

Another death is going to happen in Salem--and it's going to be the biggest one yet

Girl Meets World

'Girl Meets World' Is Heading To Texas, Get The Part 1 Scoop Now!

Find out what's in store for the teens as they take on "Girl Meets Texas: Part 1"

Dancing With the Stars

Who Will Be Eliminated On 'Dancing With the Stars' This Week?

Take our poll for who will be the next celeb eliminated from 'DWTS'?

Paul Zerdin

'America's Got Talent' Winner Paul Zerdin Reveals Who He Expected To Win This Year's Competition

This year's winner of 'America's Got Talent' admitted that he didn't think he would win the competition.

'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 22 Contestant Lacey

Can The 'America's Next Top Model' Contestants 'Embody' Some Canines Flawlessly For Next Photo Shoot?

Take a peek at some of the 'America's Next Top Model' contestants posing with canines.

Brady reaches out to a distraught Theresa on the October 2, 2015 episode of 'Days of Our Lives'

Brady Comforts A Distraught Theresa On 'Days of Our Lives'

The two grow closer as Theresa mourns Paige

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Reportedly Wants To Raise 'Disciplined' Royal Kids

Kate Middleton supposedly wants to raise happy, but perfect children.

Nikki Mudarris

'LHHH' Star Nikki Mudarris Breaks Her Silence After Her Sex Tape With Mally Mall Leaks

Nikki Mudarris is livid after footage of her and Mally Mall being intimate leaked online Wednesday.

Big Brother

Are 'Big Brother 17' Houseguests Austin & Liz Still Together?

Austin and Liz are proving the haters wrong.

Kylie Jenner & Tyga

DId Tyga Make Kris Jenner Furious With His Wedding Plans?

Kris Jenner allegedly doesn't want Caitlyn Jenner to have a part in daughter Kylie's wedding.

Latest News

Furious 8

The Enstars Rundown: 'Furious 8' May Have Found Its Director, New Global Poverty Stats & More

Could the action movie franchise have FINALLY found a director for its next entry? Is extreme poverty on the way out? Does flipping the genders of 'Twilight' change the story? We look at these question & more...

Jamie Dornan

Is Jamie Dornan Too Focused On Being A Celebrity?

Jamie Dornan urged to change his PR strategy.

Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Gwen Stefani & Adam Levine

Pharrell & Gwen Stefani Are Amused By The Love-Hate Relationship Between Blake Shelton & Adam Levine

'The Voice' has so many hilarious outtakes of the coaches between blind auditions... check out some of the hilarity here!

Prince Harry

Is Kate Middleton Playing Royal Matchmaker?

Kate Middleton is allegedly urging Prince Harry to pop the question to Chelsy Davy.

Carole Middleton

Did Kate Middleton's Mother Get Drunk At The Rugby World Cup?

Carole Middleton allegedly snuck booze at the Rugby World Cup this past weekend.

Lady Gaga

Will Lady Gaga Appear In All 13 Episodes Of 'American Horror Story: Hotel'?

Lady Gaga's role in 'American Horror Story' looks to have expanded.

Jake begins questioning Elizabeth's behavior on the October 6, 2015 episode of 'General Hospital'

Jake Will Begin Questioning Elizabeth's Strange Behavior On 'General Hospital'

He will begin to wonder if she's hiding something big

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Forced To Deny Divorce Rumors

Victoria Beckham says her marriage is no one's business.

Kylie Jenner

Does Kylie Jenner Have Butt Pads Or Implants?

Kylie Jenner sets the record straight about her butt.


Rick & Kate Deal With 'Separate Issues' Moving Forward on 'Castle'

How long will Rick and Kate be "separated"?

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