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Star Wars

MoviesSeptember 23 06:16 PM

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Is Being Done 'With A Lot Of Heart'

One of the actors from 'Star Wars: Episode VII' has spoken up on what it's like to be a part of the film with hints on what fans are about to witness next year.

Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham

MoviesSeptember 23 03:29 PM

'Expendables 4' Star Promises The Movie Will Be 'Hardcore Rated R'

While the last movie had a poor box office take and legal issues with a leak of the film prior to its release, there wasn't much to take away from the last Expendables movie. But star Sylvester Stallone seems like he know one thing he is ready to do after seeing how the last movie was perceived.

Chris Pine

MoviesSeptember 23 03:26 PM

'Star Trek' Star Rumored To Be Green Lantern In 'Justice League'

With fans casting characters for Justice League, one choice for the Green Lantern could help resurrect the character in the movies after the Ryan Reynolds bomb and be an inspired choice for the role. But will it happen?

The Amazing Spider-Man

MoviesSeptember 23 02:56 PM

Spider-Man Side Character Getting Her Own Series From Marvel?

It seems like they may have found that female superhero to get around, and she has ties to the world of Spider-Man.

Sinister Six

MoviesSeptember 23 02:26 PM

Will One Sinister Six Member Build An Army To Fight Spider-Man?

As the line-up for the Sinister Six movie begins to take shape, one name that has been confirmed is the villain Mysterio. While he hasn't been on film yet, the famous Spider-Man villain will debut in the team-up and could give Spider-Man some trouble with his creations.

Henry Cavill

MoviesSeptember 23 02:08 PM

Did One 'Justice League' Member Have A Cameo In 'Man of Steel?'

In what could be one of the more outlandish rumors in awhile, is it possible that a member of the Justice League, which wasn't necessarily planned around the time of the release of Man of Steel, in the movie without anyone knowing? According to sources, this could be the case.

Idris Elba

MoviesSeptember 23 01:58 PM

'Pacific Rim' Star Is 'Absolutely' Interested In Playing James Bond

While it seems like the popular thing to do now is ask every British actor whether they would like to join the James Bond franchise, one name that showed support would be a big get for the series and make for a stellar character.

Harrison Ford

MoviesSeptember 23 01:37 PM

Is Harrison Ford Torn Between 'Indiana Jones 5' And 'Blade Runner 2?'

He reportedly refused to do Star Wars: Episode VII if he wasn't offered the ability to reprise his role in an upcoming Indiana Jones 5 film, but Harrison Ford may be considering delaying the film in favor of another sequel project.

Halle Berry

MoviesSeptember 23 01:26 PM

'X-Men: Apocalypse' Writer/Producer Teases Re-Casting Of Major Characters

While much speculation for the next X-Men movie has centered around what older characters would re-appear, it seems like one of the writers is listening and knows of a few fan favorites that should be showing up in younger versions.

Captain America Avengers Age of Ultron poster

MoviesSeptember 23 01:17 PM

Does 'Captain America 3' Have A Tie To Ultron In 'Avengers 2?'

It seems like Marvel is looking to expand its universe into, well, space and with that includes a handful of new villains and locations to visit and save. But could the next intergalactic mission happen with Captain America? Possibly.

'Jurassic World'

MoviesSeptember 23 06:28 AM

New Devastating PHOTO From 'Jurassic World' Revealed

A new photo giving fans a glimpse into the devastation at the park in 'Jurassic World' was revealed on September 22.


MoviesSeptember 23 06:07 AM

New Toy Figure Of Arnold Schwarzenegger As The T-800 From 'The Terminator' Franchise Unveiled

A new toy figure of the Tanker Truck Pursuit T-800 from the Terminator franchise was recently revealed and it looks pretty striking.

Alex Pettyfer

MoviesSeptember 22 04:54 PM

Will Alex Pettyfer Return To 'Magic Mike' For The Sequel?

There's been a large amount of newcomers being announced as a part of the Magic Mike sequel, but there's still no official word on one of the film franchise's original stars and whether or not he plans to take his clothes off in the next film.

Ben Affleck

MoviesSeptember 22 04:52 PM

Ben Affleck Hailed As Great In First Reviews Of David Fincher's 'Gone Girl'

It is set to premiere in the coming week at the New York Film Festival, but the latest film from director David Fincher was shown for select critics early, and garnered a lot of praise both for the film and the actors involved.

Henry Cavill

MoviesSeptember 22 01:41 PM

Explosions On 'Batman v. Superman' Set Signal Big Battles Between Two Heroes

While the Batmobile garnered all the attention last week, it seems like there are some big battles ahead between Batman and Superman that will make Gotham shake to its core.

Roberto Orci

MoviesSeptember 22 01:28 PM

Key Member Of 'Power Rangers' Crew Leaving For Another Project

With the king of digging into nostalgia on board, it seemed likely that the Power Rangers reboot would be able to make a whole new franchise. It still could, but one of the key members is leaving to go and work on another project that he was attached to direct.

Apocalypse in X-Men

MoviesSeptember 22 01:11 PM

Mutant Introduced In 'Apocalypse' Could Be Next Big Name In Vein Of Wolverine

With the massive mutant team-up on the way, a lot of new faces could be entering the series, but one in particular could lead to the next big name talent for the X-Men franchise that could be their replacement whenever Hugh Jackman decides to leave Wolverine.

Joanne Froggatt

MoviesSeptember 22 12:44 PM

Is This 'Downton Abbey' Star Headed To Try & Woo James Bond?

With casting getting close for the next Bond movie, it seems like a British actress who has made a mark on one of the biggest shows in the world could be headed to try and woo Daniel Craig in the next installment? But is this the role she was meant for?

'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

MoviesSeptember 22 12:22 PM

'Captain America 3' Drop Hints At Massive Marvel Cameo In Next Movie

While rumors around the plot of the next Captain America have mainly been circling the Civil War comics, it seems like another big crossover could happening with probably the most recognizable Marvel superhero of all-time.

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'

MoviesSeptember 22 12:02 PM

Which Dwarves Will Die In 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'?

A new report takes an educated guess at which dwarves will survive the final leg of the epic 'Hobbit' trilogy which will culminate in the fieriest of all battles.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in a promotional photo for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'

MoviesSeptember 22 11:57 AM

Will There Be Two Andrew Garfields In 'Amazing Spider-Man 3?'

It has been hinted that clones could become a part of the next chapter in the Spider-Man series, but what characters could be affected by it and will some return from the dead?

'Jurassic World'

MoviesSeptember 22 11:20 AM

Details Of Filming Locations For 'Jurassic World' In Hawaii Revealed

Fans can now get a real slice of the cinematic experience as the exact details of the filming locations of 'Jurassic World' have now been revealed.

Divergent poster

MoviesSeptember 22 11:06 AM

What Will The First 'Insurgent' Trailer Show & What Will It Leave Out?

While it has been predicted that the first Insurgent trailer will be premiering during the week that the next Hunger Games movie releases, will this movie follow like the latter and go for a more propaganda angle and not tease much or will it offer a big first look?

Tyrese Gibson

MoviesSeptember 22 11:05 AM

Tyrese Gibson Teases Fans With Movie Still From 'Fast and Furious'

Tyrese Gibson, who stars as Roman Pearce in the 'Fast and Furious' series, recently teased fans by posting a still from one of the movies from the franchise and posing a bunch of interesting trivia questions to them

Jaimie Alexander

MoviesSeptember 22 10:33 AM

Chris Hemsworth May Have A New Love Interest In 'Thor 3'

So far she has been a background character, one teased to be headed for bigger things with the God of Thunder other than just helping him out in his fights, but could one member of his fighting squad become his latest romantic partner?

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