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We Were Soldiers

MoviesMay 30 08:00 AM

5 Best Movies & Shows To Stream On Memorial Day

Check out the best movies, documentaries and miniseries on Netflix to watch on Memorial Day 2016.

Adam Copeland

MoviesMay 29 06:33 PM

There Might Be a New Contender to Play Cable in Deadpool 2

There might be a new contender for the part of Cable in 'Deadpool 2.'


MoviesMay 27 02:17 PM

Watch EVERY X-Men Adaptation (Including the 90s Cartoon) Online Before Apocalypse

Here's how you can rent the entire X-Men film franchise plus the animated TV series!


MoviesMay 26 12:27 PM

Amazon Prime June Titles Include Downton Abbey, Mr. Robot, Princess Bride & More

Check out the full list of Amazon Prime titles premiering in June, including the latest seasons of three critically acclaimed shows.


MoviesMay 24 12:27 PM

Netflix's June Titles Include Orange Is the New Black, Spotlight, Jurassic Park & More

Netflix has released the latest movies and shows coming to their site in June -- check out the full list!

Thor: Ragnarok

TV/Reality TVMay 20 05:38 PM

Will THIS Character To Link Thor 3 To Infinity War? Four New Roles Revealed

Jeff Goldblum just joined the 'Thor: Ragnarok' cast, and his character might have in interest in a certain Infinity Stone.

Tom Hiddleston

MoviesMay 19 11:02 AM

Will Tom Hiddleston Be the Next James Bond Now That Daniel Craig Reportedly Wants Out?

Tom Hiddleston is apparently the heavy favorite to play James Bond next, at least according to bet-makers!


MoviesMay 17 06:56 PM

Deadpool Might Be Getting 'Three More Installments' AND a Spinoff!

It's already been announced that 'Deadpool' was getting a sequel...but will there be more movies beyond that?

Julian Fellowes

MoviesMay 16 07:05 PM

Downton Abbey Creator Has 'Hope' For A Movie

The creator of 'Downton Abbey' is remaining positive about a potential movie based on the series.

Dolph Lundgren

MoviesMay 15 07:10 PM

Dolph Lundgren Wants to 'Kick Some Butt' in Deadpool 2

Someone has expressed interest in playing Cable in the sequel to 'Deadpool.'

Thor: Ragnarok

TV/Reality TVMay 14 05:12 AM

Get Ready To Leave Earth Far Behind With Thor: Ragnarok

Thor and Hulk will cut their ties to our blue-green marble when Banner and the Odinson return in 2017.

Black Panther

TV/Reality TVMay 14 03:37 AM

Who Will Michael B Jordan Play In Black Panther?

Michael B Jordan is ready to enter the MCU, but will he be a hero or a villain?

Dylan O'Brien

TV/Reality TVMay 12 05:04 AM

How Will Dylan O'Brien's Busy Movie Career Affect His Role on Teen Wolf?

With commitments piling up due to his injury, how will O'Brien manage to make up for lost time?

Winter Soldier

MoviesMay 08 10:18 AM

What's Next for Captain America's Winter Soldier?

Marvel Studio's Kevin Feige explains the implications of the 'Civil War' mid-credit scene for Black Panther and the Winter Soldier.

Ryan Reynolds

CelebritiesMay 07 10:13 PM

Find Out Who Ryan Reynolds Wants To Come Aboard Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds has an interesting pick for who should make an appearance in 'Deadpool 2.'

Mother's Day

MoviesMay 07 10:00 AM

5 Best Netflix Titles to Watch on Mother's Day, Including Philomena &Erin Brockovich

Check out these movies (and one TV show) if you want to watch something with your mom on Mother's Day!

Captain America Civil War

MoviesMay 05 05:05 PM

The Top 4 Films You Need To Watch First Before Captain America: Civil War

Are you ready for 'Civil War'? Brush up on your MCU history before heading to the theater.


MoviesMay 05 01:38 PM

5 Best Mexican-Themed Movies to Watch on Netflix for Cinco de Mayo

Check out these five movies on Netflix in honor of Mexico's most famous holiday.

'Bad Moms' starring Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn

MoviesMay 04 12:28 PM

What Happens When Overworked Moms Reach Their Breaking Point?

The Trailer for the upcoming 'Bad Moms' is the answer to the question about what happens when an overworked and underappreciated mom may finally reach her breaking point

Captain America Civil War

MoviesMay 03 08:13 AM

A Civil War Post-Credit Scene Revealed! But the Russo Brothers Tease TWO More

Get the scoop on the first sting from international viewings! Find out how the Russos will shake up 'Civil War' with up to THREE teasers.

Sela Ward

MoviesMay 02 10:41 PM

Sela Ward Describes Her 'Fabulous' Character As President In Independence Day: Resurgence

Sela Ward dished on what it's like playing the president in the upcoming flick 'Independence Day: Resurgence.'

Lesley Nicol

MoviesMay 02 09:52 PM

Lesley Nicol Would 'Love' To Do A Downton Abbey Movie

One of the stars of 'Downton Abbey' gave more insight on a potential movie based on the series.

LeBron James

MoviesMay 02 03:09 PM

Twitter Reacts To Space Jam 2 Starring LeBron James

Find out what fans are saying about the upcoming 'Space Jam' sequel set to star LeBron James.

Ryan Reynolds

MoviesApril 30 07:26 PM

Deadpool 2 To Add A 'Strong & Cynical Warrior?'

Cable is expected to be part of the 'Deadpool' sequel and the director explained why.

James Bond

MoviesApril 29 04:10 PM

When Should Fans Expect Another James Bond Film In Theaters?

The chairman and CEO of MGM hints at when the world may see the next James Bond film.


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