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Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road

MoviesSeptember 02 05:28 AM

'Mad Max Fury Road' Just Named The Best Film Of 2015

The madness of Max has taken over the International Federation of Film Critics.

'Fast and Furious 7'

VideosAugust 29 05:47 AM

What We Know So Far About 'Fast and Furious 8'

The development of 'Fast and Furious 8' is underway, and some details about the plot have also been trickling through.

Despicable Me 2

VideosAugust 29 05:17 AM

'Minions' Joins Record History Crossing $1 Billion Mark

The cute little yellow fellows have taken over the box office.

Emily VanCamp

TV/Reality TVAugust 27 04:15 PM

Find Out Which Side Sharon Carter Will Land On In 'Captain America: Civil War'

New promo art has revealed some surprising loyalties

'Fast and Furious 7'

VideosAugust 27 06:17 AM

Here's The Current Wish List Possible Stars To Join 'Fast and Furious 8'

With Michelle Rodriguez adding her name to the wish list of new cast members for 'Fast and Furious 8,' there are now plenty nominations to choose from.

Ellen DeGeneres

VideosAugust 27 04:58 AM

Did Ellen DeGeneres Hint That The 'Finding Nemo’ Sequel ‘Finding Dory' Will Be Anti-Sea World?

In a recent interview at the unveiling of the first look at 'Finding Dory,' Ellen Degeneres dished about what fans can expect from the sequel to 'Finding Nemo.'

Jennifer Lawrence

CelebritiesAugust 27 04:31 AM

Jennifer Lawrence Is Writing A Movie With Amy Schumer!

Makeway for the new dream team comedy-writing duo.

Guardians of the Galaxy

MoviesAugust 26 11:52 PM

James Gunn Confirms Cast Member For 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 2', Who Is It?

James Gunn teases the return of the Monarch of Plant X

'Fast and Furious Supercharged'

VideosAugust 26 07:45 AM

'Fast and Furious Supercharged' Set For Launch At Universal Florida

The heady 'Fast and Furious' ride that was recently launched at Universal Studios LA is coming to the park in Florida.

Tom Holland

MoviesAugust 24 11:11 PM

Will Aunt May Feature In 'Captian America: Civil War'? Spider-Man's Story Expands

Get the scoop on Peter Parker's ever expanding storyline

Chrissie Fit

CelebritiesAugust 24 08:16 PM

'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Is 'Hoping' Her Character Will Return For The Triology

Is Flo coming back for 'Pitch Perfect 3?'

Bumblebee from Transformers

VideosAugust 24 07:15 AM

What We Know So Far About 'Transformers 5'

The development for 'Transformers 5' is finally rolling, and Enstars brings fans up to date with all that is known until now.


VideosAugust 24 06:58 AM

Ludacris Reveals When Filming For 'Fast and Furious 8' Set To Begin

In a recent interview Ludacris revealed how he was 'excited' about getting back on set to film 'Fast and Furious 8.'

Tom Hardy

CelebritiesAugust 23 05:34 PM

It's Tom Hardy Vs. Tom Hardy In Upcoming Flick 'Legend'

Movie star Tom Hardy is going to be taking on a pretty intense scene in his next film that ought to give audiences a stir.

RuPaul's Drag Race

VideosAugust 22 06:16 PM

Is 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Going To Be A Movie?

Say what?! Is there going to be a 'RuPaul's Drag Race' movie?

Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele)

VideosAugust 22 05:32 AM

'House of Cards' Director To Direct 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Sequel?

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' sequel might get the ruthless political intrigue treatment.

Michelle Rodriguez

VideosAugust 22 05:18 AM

'Fast and Furious 8' To Feature The Hells Angels In New York City?

In a recent interview, Michelle Rodriguez shared her dream sequence for 'Fast and Furious 8.'

Lily Tomlin

MoviesAugust 21 05:32 PM

Oscar Nominee Lily Tomlin Dishes On Her Role In The Indie Flick 'Grandma'

Lily Tomlin spoke to Enstars about her new movie, in which she plays a lesbian on a quest to help her granddaughter get an abortion.

Angelina Jolie

VideosAugust 21 08:15 AM

Michelle Rodriguez Wants Angelina Jolie To Join The Crew For 'Fast and Furious 8'

In a recent interview Michelle Rodriguez revealed something of a wish list for 'Fast and Furious 8.'

Tom Holland

MoviesAugust 20 06:18 PM

'Captain America: Civil War' Spider-Man To Fight An Avenger, Is He Powerful Enough?

Peter Parker will face off with one of the film's most powerful heroes

Michael Shannon

MoviesAugust 20 03:26 PM

Michael Shannon Talks About Returning As General Zod For 'Batman v Superman'

Is General Zod back somehow in 'Batman v Superman'?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

CelebritiesAugust 20 06:41 AM

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is A Dad!

It's been quite a year of surprises from Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is now a complete family man.

Jennifer Lopez

MusicAugust 20 06:24 AM

Selena's Killer, Yolanda Salvidar, Is Not Dead

Official word is in about the recent rumors of Selena Quintanilla-Perez's killer Yolanda Salvidar dying in prison.


MoviesAugust 19 03:59 PM

'Dear White People,' 'Grimm' & More Coming To Amazon In September

Here's when you can watch a whole bunch of new movies and shows on Amazon Prime next month.

Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie

MusicAugust 19 06:28 AM

A 'Flight of the Conchords' Movie Is On The Way!

In a recent interview, Jemaine Clement dished about two exciting 'Flight of the Conchords' projects.


Bea Miller & Nathan Sykes

Round 3 For Our Song of Summer 2015 Tourney Is Live!

The elite eight have been selected, but which will make it into the final four? You decide!

'SIster Wives'

Are Janelle, Meri & Christine Faking Happiness On 'Sister Wives?'

Fans are alleging that Kody's first three wives aren't as happy as they act about Robyn's pregnancy

Once Upon a Time

Why Is Rumple Guiding Emma In The Woods In 'Once Upon a Time' Promo Photo?

Rumple and Emma's interaction will be addressed early in the premiere.

Mark Harmon

Will Viewers Be Thrown By Gibbs' Behavior On 'NCIS' This Season?

Gibbs will apparently change quite a bit, but it will be gradual and subtle.

Kim Kardashian

Did Kim Kardashian Have The Worst Look Of The Night?

Kim Kardashian criticized for her maternity dress at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Willie Nelson

Publication Claims Willie Nelson Has Passed At 81 During Death Hoax

When a publication falsely reported that Willie Nelson had died at age 81, the truth came out that it was incorrect.

Lil Scrappy

Lil Scrappy Reads Erica Dixon To Filth In Part 2 Of 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion

Lil Scrappy reaches his breaking point and lets it all out against Erica Dixon in a first look of the second part of the 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' reunion special.

Kim Kardashian

Did Kim Kardashian Have The Worst Look Of The Night?

Kim Kardashian criticized for her maternity dress at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

Bea Miller & Nathan Sykes

Round 3 For Our Song of Summer 2015 Tourney Is Live!

The elite eight have been selected, but which will make it into the final four? You decide!

Mimi Faust

'LHHATL' Shocker: Mimi Faust Throws In Towel On Joseline Hernandez Feud, How Does She Respond?

Mimi Faust is over her major beef with Joseline Hernandez, but is Hernandez just as willing to stop the feud?

Matt Bomer Simon Halls

Matt Bomer & Simon Halls To Be Honorees At Award Ceremony For Their Advocacy & Contributions

Matt Bomer and his husband, Simon Halls, are taking their activist skills to a special new level.

Brad Pitt

'Sons of Anarchy' Movie Hoax: Brad Pitt Is Not Playing John Teller In Feature Film

A 'Sons of Anarchy' movie hoax had many people fooled with claims that Brad Pitt would be playing a significant character.

Leah Messer & Twins

Leah Messer's Alleged Boyfriend T.R. Dues Says Their Relationship Isn't Romantic

Leah Messer's alleged boyfriend claimed in a new interview that their relationship is not romantic.

Sawyer Fredericks

Sawyer Fredericks Teases Song 'A Good Storm' On Instagram!

Listen to a snippet of a song from Sawyer Fredericks that can wind up on his debut album here.

Virginia on air shooting

Here Are The Latest Updates On The Virginia WDBJ Shooting

Allison Parker and Adam Ward were reporting a feature story in Roanoke when a gunman opened fire on them

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Jeremy Calvert

Brooke Wehr Ignores Breakup Rumors, Tweets Of Music & Football

Brooke Wehr is staying mum on rumors of a split from Jeremy Calvert.

Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Deal With A Big Crisis On 'Donnie Loves Jenny'

The couple's plans for Evan's birthday go seriously wrong

Jenelle Evans

Does Jenelle Evans Have A New Boyfriend?

Jenelle Evans shared a suspicious photo with fans on Instagram earlier this week, leading to rumors of a new relationship.

5 Seconds of Summer

What Did 5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford Think Of Night 1 In Wantagh On Tour?

5 Seconds of Summer's Rock Out With Your Socks Out Tour is hosting its second show at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh tonight!

Cole DeBoer & Chelsea Houska

Chelsea Houska's Daugher Wants To Call Cole DeBoer 'Dad' On Tomorrow's 'Teen Mom 2'

Chelsea Houska's daughter would like to refer to Cole DeBoer as 'dad' once he begins living with them.

Farrah Abraham

Michael Abraham Is Planning To Release A 'Teen Mom' Tell-All

Farrah Abraham's dad is writing a 'Teen Mom' tell-all.

'The Walking Dead'

Carl Could Suffer A Horrifying Injury On 'The Walking Dead'

Rumors are swirling that the character could be horrifically injured while still in Alexandria

Are You The One

Check Out The Outrageous Trailer For 'Are You The One' Season 3

The trailer for Season 3 of 'Are You The One' is here- and yes, it's insane.

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans Addresses Rumors Of Meth Use

What does Jenelle Evans think of the recent rumors claiming she uses meth?

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