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Vin Diesel

MoviesAugust 22 03:40 PM

'Fast and Furious 7' Star Vin Diesel Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Vin Diesel joined in on the current rage for a good cause, taking the ALS ice bucket challenge, looking very much in character as Dominic Toretto of 'Fast and Furious 7.'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

MoviesAugust 22 01:38 PM

'Don Jon' Star Talks 'Sin City 2,' His Love Of Comics & Future Projects Like 'Sandman'

He has become a mega-star now, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt still is excited about working within new universe.

Actor Dane DeHaan poses during a media event promoting the film "Kill Your Darlings" in Los Angeles in this file photo from October 3, 2013.

MoviesAugust 22 01:10 PM

'Chronicle' Star Dishes On 'Sinister Six' & Being In A Franchise

With the 'Sinister Six' starting to take shape after a few of the villains were confirmed, one villain who has already appeared twice in the Spider-Man movies says that he is unsure of where he stands with the other movies.

Actor Daniel Craig poses for photographers during a photocall for the film "Skyfall" in Paris October 24, 2012.

MoviesAugust 22 12:48 PM

'James Bond 24' Headed To Austria For Winter Fighting

After spending the bulk of the last movie in his native country, it seems like Bond will be going more international in the next movie with a host of winter-based scenes in Europe.

Iron Man 3

MoviesAugust 22 12:17 PM

Could Iron Man Move To Another Franchise & Ditch His Own?

While the Iron Man films have become one of Marvel's staple franchises, a changing field and fans shown interest in other properties could shift the paradigm to merging franchising rather than just rehashing old standalone movies.

Marvel's Black Panther

MoviesAugust 22 10:05 AM

Marvel Is Doing Work On A 'Black Panther' Movie

It may be taking longer than some want it to, but Marvel is making some headway on a Black Panther movie and it could be coming relatively soon.

Guardians of the Galaxy

MoviesAugust 22 09:49 AM

Howard the Duck Could Be More Important In 'Guardians 2'

While he was a kicker at the end of the movie, the director of 'Guardians of the Galaxy' seems to want to bring back Howard the Duck for a more extended role in the sequel.

U.S. actor Tom Cruise arrives for the world premiere of the film "Jack Reacher" in Leicester Square in central London December 10, 2012.

MoviesAugust 22 09:28 AM

Production For 'Mission: Impossible 5' Begins In Vienna, Set Photo Revealed

It looks like Tom Cruise is starting where he left off with the first set photos from the next Mission: Impossible movie in Vienna.


MoviesAugust 22 09:08 AM

'X-Men: Apocalypse': Time-Traveling Cable Could Appear In Some Capacity

It looks like another time-traveling character could be joining the X-Men and it could further lead to some staple characters showing up once again.

Vincent D'Onofrio

MoviesAugust 22 09:05 AM

'Jurassic World' To Feature An "Endless Amount of Iconic Scenes"

Vincent D'Onofrio, who plays a villain in 'Jurassic World,' spoke about what fans can expect from the movie in a recent interview.

Director Michael Bay arrives for the premiere of Transformers: Dark of The Moon in Times Square in New York June 28, 2011.

MoviesAugust 22 07:14 AM

Michael Bay Passing The Baton To New Director For 'Transformers 5'

Michael Bay revealed that he would be passing on helming duties to a new director for 'Transformers 5' in a recent interview.

Agents of SHIELD

TV/Reality TVAugust 22 03:56 AM

'Avengers 2' Cobie Smulders Dishes On Maria Hill's Role In 'Age Of Ultron' [VIDEO]

SHIELD is in her past, but that doesn't mean Maria Hill will give up working with Earth's Mightiest Heroes during The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Iron Man 3

MoviesAugust 22 02:23 AM

'Iron Man 4' Rumors: Robert Downey Jr Questions Leaving Tony Stark Behind, Will Marvel Studios Retain The Fan Favorite? [VIDEO]

Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. are inextricably linked for Marvel fans, but the actor may soon split from his heroic alter ego.

Darth Vader 'Star Wars'

MoviesAugust 21 06:10 PM

'Star Wars: Episode VII' Will Have 'So Much Practical Building'

While some 'Star Wars' fans might be expecting some wild special effects for the seventh film, it turns out that most of it will likely be all natural.

David Yates

MoviesAugust 21 04:03 PM

'Harry Potter' Director To Return For 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'?

While names like Alfonso Cuaron came up in the discussions of who should take on the new leg of the Harry Potter franchise, it seems like another old name will be directing the first movie in the brand new trilogy.

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies'

MoviesAugust 21 03:08 PM

Bard Vs. The Dragon Smaug Feat. On Empire Magazine's 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Cover

'The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies' features on the cover of Empire magazine's September issue.

Director Francis Lawrence poses at the premiere of "I Am Legend" in London December 19, 2007.

MoviesAugust 21 02:23 PM

'Hunger Games: Mockingjay' Director Talks Ramifications Of Last Movie

It has become a trend with recent book adaptations to split the final one into two movies, but the question always is posed, where will the split occur and will it hurt the story at all?

James Cameron

MoviesAugust 21 01:58 PM

'Avatar' Sequels To Cost Around $1 Billion To Make Altogether

The executives at 20th Century Fox are hoping that the sequels to 'Avatar' can make the same type of dough as the first movie because they are putting a lot on the line for the next one.

Benicio Del Toro

MoviesAugust 21 01:47 PM

Mistress Death Could Take Over As The Villain For 'Guardians 2'

It seems like a classic Marvel villain could be taking on the Guardians of the Galaxy in the sequel with help of some familiar characters.

Evangeline Lilly

MoviesAugust 21 01:25 PM

More Set Photos, First Look at Evangeline Lilly Emerge From Marvel's 'Ant-Man'

Evangeline Lilly is getting into character for her latest venture into the Marvel universe and it looks like she has the look for Hope Van Dyne down.

Members of The Justice League

MoviesAugust 21 01:07 PM

Some 'Justice League' Scenes Could Be Film During 'Batman v Superman' To Make For Quick Turnaround

With 'Batman v. Superman' currently filming, Warner Bros. is wanting to get a head start on the superhero team-up that will follow the movie and work in some scenes with the members of the Justice League.

Sinister Six

MoviesAugust 21 12:23 PM

'Amazing Spider-Man' Director Reveals Two Of The 'Sinister Six'

It looks two of the founding members of the Sinister Six will be joining the ranks for the upcoming movie that will have some of the mightiest villains teaming up together.

Divergent poster

MoviesAugust 21 11:39 AM

'Insurgent' Author Talks Spinoff Idea & Possible Cameo In New Film

With the success of the 'Divergent' series both with the books and movies, author Veronica Roth talks about what is next for the series and whether she will be showing up in the movie versions in some capacity.

Famke Janssen

MoviesAugust 21 11:02 AM

'X-Men: Apocalypse': Young Jean Grey & Cyclops May Join Mutants Against Supervillain

While it has already been teased by director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg that older X-Men could be returning in younger incarnations, but which ones could show up and in what capacity?

Captain America Avengers Age of Ultron poster

TV/Reality TVAugust 21 03:03 AM

'Avengers 2' Captain America Lost Without Leadership? Chris Evans Previews 'Age Of Ultron' [VIDEO]

The Avengers are heading into Age of Ultron without a leader, and Captain America won't be particularly keen on the idea.

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