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Lady Gaga

MusicJanuary 16 11:04 AM

Lady Gaga Already in Studio for Another Album?

The always-busy Lady Gaga could be working on a new album already, months after the release of 'Joanne'.

Eminem Kendrick Lamar

MusicJanuary 11 03:00 PM

How Eminem Tested Kendrick Lamar's Skills in the Studio

Eminem simply wanted to see if Kendrick was an authentic artist.

Ed Sheeran

MusicJanuary 11 12:10 PM

Ed Sheeran Reveals Full Tracklist For Divide

Ed Sheeran is coming out with new music very, very soon.

Fifth Harmony

MusicJanuary 06 05:02 PM

Fifth Harmony Putting Out Third Album Following Camila Cabello Departure

Fifth Harmony is set to put out their next album this year -- the first without ex-member Camila Cabello.


MusicJanuary 04 03:58 PM

Everything We Know So Far About Eminem's Ninth Album

How much is known about Eminem's highly anticipated ninth studio album?

Ariana Grande

CelebritiesDecember 29 11:00 AM

Ariana Grande Fights Back Against Those Calling Her Hypocritical

The pop star is facing her critics after posting a note on Twitter about an awkward fan interaction.


MusicDecember 28 04:09 PM

Top 10 Albums of 2016, As Ranked by Critics

Check out the best albums of 2016, as determined by music critics.


MusicDecember 27 03:04 PM

Our Top 5 Favorite New Artists of 2016

Check out our list of the best new artists of 2016, from R&B upstarts to promising country acts.


MusicDecember 23 02:46 PM

Best Selling Songs of 2016, from Rihanna to Twenty One Pilots

Check out the list of the top 10 hit singles of 2016, covering pop, rock, R&B and more.


CelebritiesDecember 13 01:40 PM

Madonna Speaks on Being Called 'a Witch' & 'Satan' Over the Years

The pop icon made some bold claims about sexism in the industry and spoke on the fellow legends we've lost.

Ariana Grande

MusicDecember 09 04:36 PM

Why Ariana Grande Was 'Crying So Much' After Hairspray Live!

The young pop star is done with 'Hairspray Live!' and she has a lot of bittersweet feelings about it.

Lady Gaga

MusicDecember 09 10:25 AM

Lady Gaga Admits She Thinks About Leaving Music Industry 'Every Day'

The chorus of Gaga's new single 'Million Reasons' certainly takes on a new meaning after reading her recent comments.


MusicDecember 06 08:56 AM

Grammy Nominations Announced, With Adele, Beyonce & Bieber Among Top Nominees

Check out this year's Grammy nominations, featuring Drake, Adele, Beyonce, The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots and more!

Taylor Swift

CelebritiesNovember 29 11:03 AM

Taylor Swift to Star in Her Own TV Channel

It's Taylor Swift's world -- we're just living in it.


CelebritiesNovember 28 03:59 PM

Drake Doesn't Show Up At Club Despite Being Paid $250,000?

Drake failed to attend the VIP ROOM pop-up club this weekend despite being paid a hefty sum.

Lady Gaga

CelebritiesNovember 14 01:53 PM

Lady Gaga Reveals She's No Longer Interested in the 'Fame' Drug

Lady Gaga isn't chasing the superficial elements of fame anymore, as she wrote in a new personal essay.

Taylor Swift

CelebritiesNovember 13 09:03 AM

Taylor Swift’s alleged stalker nabbed for following her in Texas F1 concert

Taylor Swift has a new stalker who followed her in her F1 concert in Colorado. The man is said to have come near the popstar and has sent disturbing emails for several months now.


CelebritiesNovember 08 01:36 PM

Shakira’s ‘personal matters’ hinder her to attend AMA and Latin Grammy music events

Shakira cancels her appearance in two music festivals slated to happen this month. She announced this in her social media this week.

Lady Gaga

MusicOctober 31 04:18 PM

Lady Gaga Breaks Billboard Record With 'Joanne'

Lady Gaga is already breaking records with her fifth studio album.

John Mayer and Katy Perry

CelebritiesOctober 31 11:55 AM

John Mayer, Katy Perry, reconnected at Drake’s b-day bash; may collaborate in making new music in the future

John Mayer and Katy Perry met in an unplanned meeting at Drake's birthday bash and the media is now talking about it if the two have talked about a future music collaboration.

Aaron Carter

CelebritiesOctober 25 11:09 PM

Aaron Carter opens up about depression, alcoholism; says DWTS stint aftermath makes him more depressed

Aaron Carter makes a comeback on TV. This time, he opened up about his career struggles that have been brought after he got emotionally affected by the divorce of his parents.

Lady Gaga

MusicOctober 19 04:51 PM

Top 5 Lady Gaga Songs Ahead of New Album Joanne

With only a few days left until the release of 'Joanne', let's take a look back on Gaga's best songs from her discography.

Lady Gaga The Chainsmokers

MusicOctober 18 03:14 PM

Lady Gaga Shades The Chainsmokers in the Best Way Possible

Is this the start of an epic new music feud?

Janet Jackson

MusicOctober 18 09:36 AM

Should Tupac, Journey, Janet Jackson & More Be Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Check out this year's list of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees and cast your vote on who you think should be inducted!

Lady Gaga

MusicOctober 17 03:21 PM

Lady Gaga Gets Real About Her New Toned-Down Style

The eccentric pop singer breaks down her new natural look.


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