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CelebritiesSeptember 01 07:17 PM

Watch Rihanna Do 'The Shmoney Dance' on a Yacht with Friends

Rihanna has joined the celebrities who have done the Shmoney Dance. See the video, here!


CelebritiesAugust 31 08:07 PM

Are Drake & Chris Brown 'Competing' To Win Rihanna Back?

It looks like R&B star Rihanna might have a battle of the exes coming her way.


CelebritiesAugust 26 09:05 AM

Drake's Leaked Song May Be A Publicity Stunt To Win Rihanna Back

The formula goes like this, Canadian rapper Drake leaks a new song explaining his complicated relationship with Rihanna, and now the two are dating again.


CelebritiesAugust 21 06:59 PM

Drake Wants To Have A Wild Hookup With Rihanna?

Even though R&B singers Rihanna and Drake are no longer together, that doesn't necessarily mean they won't be having a 'bonus night' anytime soon.

Rihanna & Drake

CelebritiesAugust 20 07:18 PM

Are Rihanna & Drake Getting Back Together?

It looks like there might be hope for R&B stars Rihanna and Drake after all.

Eminem & Rihanna

CelebritiesAugust 19 10:03 AM

Slim Shady Uncaged By Rihanna As Eminem Is Featured In Denzel Washington's New Movie

Eminem and Rihanna continue their Monster tour, bringing New York a glimpse at the dark side of love this last weekend.

Rihanna and Eminem

CelebritiesAugust 15 11:24 AM

Twitter Fans Are Excited For Eminem And Rihanna's Monster Tour

Eminem and Rihanna are currently in the middle of their six date Monster Tour. Here is what fans have been saying.

Beyonce and Rihanna

MusicAugust 15 10:04 AM

Why You Should Be Excited If Beyonce And Rihanna Remix 'Blow'

Beyonce Knowles and Rihanna are rumored to be working together on a remix of Queen Bey's Blow.


CelebritiesAugust 14 07:06 PM

Chris Brown Believes He & Rihanna Are 'Meant To Be Together?'

R&B stars Rihanna and Drake may not be together anymore, but it looks like another ex-boyfriend might be trying to win the 'Diamonds' singer back.

Mario Götze and Rihanna

MusicAugust 12 09:50 AM

Rihanna Bidding on Liverpool Football Club

Pop star Rihanna has discussed opening deals to bid on Liverpool FC, a football (soccer) club located in England.

Rihanna and Eminem

MusicAugust 11 12:44 PM

Reasons Why Eminem & Rihanna's Monster Tour Rocks

Eminem and Rihanna kicked off one of the hottest tours of the summer – The Monster Tour – last week. It may be a short tour with only six dates, but that doesn't make it any less perfect.


CelebritiesAugust 10 04:28 PM

Rihanna Wishes Drake Would Stop Worrying About Her?

The truth has reportedly been revealed on how R&B star Rihanna feels about her two ex-boyfriends spending time together.

Eminem & Rihanna

CelebritiesAugust 09 06:26 PM

Rihanna Thinks Eminem Is A 'Real Champion?'

There's a new rumor going around that R&B star Rihanna is insulting her ex-boyfriend Drake by comparing him to one of her co-stars.

Eminem Rihanna

MusicAugust 08 04:46 PM

Rihanna & Eminem Kick Off Monster Tour With Celeb Audience

Rihanna and Eminem kicked off their six-date Monster Tour on Thursday night at the Rose Bowl stadium in Los Angeles. See below which ones showed up to cheer from the crowd.


CelebritiesAugust 07 05:32 PM

Drake Reveals What He Thinks Of Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna After Rumors He Called Her The Devil

Rumor recently had it that Drake called his ex-girlfriend Rihanna the devil during one of his concerts, but Drake opened up with details on the message he was sending out.

Rihanna and Eminem

MusicAugust 02 11:05 AM

Rihanna Joins Eminem On Stage At Lollapalooza

Eminem and Rihanna gave fans a taste of what to expect on their co-headlining Monster tour when they took the stage together at Lollapalooza on Friday night.


CelebritiesJuly 31 06:00 PM

Are Chris Brown & Drake Planning To 'Diss' Rihanna In New Music?

It looks like there's a rumor going around between rapper Drake and pop star Chris Brown if they're creating some big plan to hurt Rihanna.


CelebritiesJuly 21 05:25 PM

Is Rihanna Upset With Drake & Chris Brown For Becoming Friends?

Some may have been wondering how Rihanna's been feeling ever since her two ex-boyfriends reportedly became friends, and an answer may have been revealed.


CelebritiesJuly 20 03:38 PM

Hip Hop Producer Insults Rihanna, What Did He Say?

R&B star Rihanna has been talked about non-stop ever since her two exes reportedly started working together to make new music, which led to a hip hop producer giving a nasty comment about the 'Diamonds' star.


CelebritiesJuly 19 05:43 PM

Rihanna Had People Watch The ESPY's For Her To See If Her Exes Would Make Fun Of Her?

After rapper Drake hosted the ESPY Awards last Wednesday, it turns out that his ex-girlfriend may have had a little plan up her sleeve to find out if she would be talked about since Chris Brown also made an appearance during the award ceremony.

Sandra Bullock

CelebritiesJuly 15 09:21 PM

Celebrities Who've Had Dangerous Stalker Encounters

Fame unfortunately can come with a horrific price for celebrities who've had run-ins with stalkers that could have left them hurt or worse.

Rihanna & Drake

CelebritiesJuly 15 08:17 PM

Did Drake & Rihanna Make A Sex Tape?

It looks like former couple Rihanna and Drake may have had a steamier romance than some expected based on a new song.


CelebritiesJuly 14 04:39 PM

Did Drake Put His Career Before Rihanna?

More rumors have been unleased on why it allegedly didn't work out between R&B stars Rihanna and Drake, one of them involving putting something more important before the relationship.

Rihanna & Drake

CelebritiesJuly 13 02:14 PM

Are Rihanna & Drake Still Together?

It turns out that R&B stars Rihanna and Drake may not be as single as everyone expected them to be.

World Cup Argentina Team

Trending NewsJuly 13 12:03 PM

World Cup Championship Match: See What The Stars Are Saying

In just a few hours, Argentina and Germany will compete in the championship match of the 2014 World Cup. Several famous faces took to Twitter to speak on the anticipated game.

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