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CelebritiesJuly 31 06:00 PM

Are Chris Brown & Drake Planning To 'Diss' Rihanna In New Music?

It looks like there's a rumor going around between rapper Drake and pop star Chris Brown if they're creating some big plan to hurt Rihanna.


CelebritiesJuly 21 05:25 PM

Is Rihanna Upset With Drake & Chris Brown For Becoming Friends?

Some may have been wondering how Rihanna's been feeling ever since her two ex-boyfriends reportedly became friends, and an answer may have been revealed.


CelebritiesJuly 20 03:38 PM

Hip Hop Producer Insults Rihanna, What Did He Say?

R&B star Rihanna has been talked about non-stop ever since her two exes reportedly started working together to make new music, which led to a hip hop producer giving a nasty comment about the 'Diamonds' star.


CelebritiesJuly 19 05:43 PM

Rihanna Had People Watch The ESPY's For Her To See If Her Exes Would Make Fun Of Her?

After rapper Drake hosted the ESPY Awards last Wednesday, it turns out that his ex-girlfriend may have had a little plan up her sleeve to find out if she would be talked about since Chris Brown also made an appearance during the award ceremony.

Sandra Bullock

CelebritiesJuly 15 09:21 PM

Celebrities Who've Had Dangerous Stalker Encounters

Fame unfortunately can come with a horrific price for celebrities who've had run-ins with stalkers that could have left them hurt or worse.

Rihanna & Drake

CelebritiesJuly 15 08:17 PM

Did Drake & Rihanna Make A Sex Tape?

It looks like former couple Rihanna and Drake may have had a steamier romance than some expected based on a new song.


CelebritiesJuly 14 04:39 PM

Did Drake Put His Career Before Rihanna?

More rumors have been unleased on why it allegedly didn't work out between R&B stars Rihanna and Drake, one of them involving putting something more important before the relationship.

Rihanna & Drake

CelebritiesJuly 13 02:14 PM

Are Rihanna & Drake Still Together?

It turns out that R&B stars Rihanna and Drake may not be as single as everyone expected them to be.

World Cup Argentina Team

Trending NewsJuly 13 12:03 PM

World Cup Championship Match: See What The Stars Are Saying

In just a few hours, Argentina and Germany will compete in the championship match of the 2014 World Cup. Several famous faces took to Twitter to speak on the anticipated game.


CelebritiesJuly 12 04:21 PM

Possible Reason Revealed On Why Drake & Chris Brown Are Working Together

Two ex-boyfriends of R&B star Rihanna are reportedly working together in the music studio, and a reason has apparently been revealed why that's happening.


CelebritiesJuly 12 11:55 AM

Rihanna Heads To Brazil To See Final World Cup Game

Rihanna showed her appreciation for this year's World Cup for weeks leading up to Sunday's championship game and now the singer has flown to Brazil to get closer to the action.


CelebritiesJuly 10 08:00 PM

Did Rihanna Move On From Drake To A Former Basketball Star?

R&B star Rihanna may have found herself a love interest that does not include Drake nor Chris Brown.


CelebritiesJuly 08 05:29 PM

Rihanna Spotted In See-Through Dress

Former R&B couple Rihanna and Drake both seem to be more comfortable baring themselves to the public ever since their alleged breakup was announced.


CelebritiesJuly 02 01:18 PM

Drake Blames Chris Brown For His Breakup With Rihanna?

Rumor currently has it that rapper Drake is going through a difficult time ever since his reported split from R&B star Rihanna, and it turns out that he might be putting the blame on his ex-girlfriend's former fling.


CelebritiesJuly 01 12:27 PM

Rihanna & Drake Didn't Go To The BET Awards, Chris Brown Is Relieved?

Despite being nominated for two BET Awards, Rihanna did not make an appearance to the ceremony on Sunday, and neither did her reported ex-boyfriend Drake. And rumor has it that another one of Rihanna's ex-boyfriends is glad that those two didn't show up.

Entertainment Buzz

CelebritiesJune 27 03:24 PM

Get the Latest on Rihanna, Beyonce, and TRL in the New Entertainment Buzz!

Get the latest on the biggest stories of this week, in the new Entertainment Buzz!


CelebritiesJune 27 12:36 PM

Nicki Minaj Wants To 'Call Rihanna Out' For Breaking Drake's Heart?

Pop star Nicki Minaj might find herself in a fallout with Rihanna due to the reported breakup with Drake.


CelebritiesJune 26 04:28 PM

Drake Takes A Shirtless Selfie, Who Was It For?

There's a good chance that 'Hold On, We're Goin' Home' star Drake might be trying to make his R&B ex Rihanna jealous based on a photo the rapper took that ought to have other ladies swooning.


CelebritiesJune 26 01:24 PM

Rihanna Stuns On Harpers Bazaar Arabia Cover: See The Photos!

She often makes headlines for showcasing her body in see-through, barely-there ensembles, but in a surprise twist R&B singer Rihanna has opted for a more tasteful and sophisticated way to showcase her beautiful body and looks for the newest edition of Harper's Bazaar.


CelebritiesJune 24 11:56 AM

Rihanna Gets Advice From Nicki Minaj On How To Win Drake Back?

R&B star Rihanna has reportedly received some advice from Nicki Minaj on how to win her ex-boyfriend Drake back with a couple basic steps.


CelebritiesJune 23 12:25 PM

Rihanna & Drake's Music Caused Chris Brown To Almost 'Start A Fight?'

While rumors are continuing to circulate around R&B stars Rihanna and Drake, it turns out that the 'We Found Love' singer's ex might be creating some more drama after listening to some familiar tunes.

Cristiano Ronaldo

CelebritiesJune 16 03:18 PM

Rihanna Upset Over Cristiano Ronaldo's World Cup Loss?

It looks as though superstar Rihanna is quite the World Cup fan, as she expressed both her excitement and sorrow during the Germany versus Portugal game on her Twitter account Monday afternoon.


CelebritiesJune 12 02:29 PM

Drake Wants Rihanna To 'Never Call' Him Again?

R&B stars Rihanna and Drake seem to have less of a chance of rekindling a relationship with one of them who's rumored to be ready to move on.


CelebritiesJune 11 03:23 PM

Answer Revealed On Rihanna's Dinner Date With Chris Martin?

After rumors have circulated on Rihanna dating Chris Martin, the ex of Gwyneth Paltrow, there have been reported confirmations on what is really going on between the two.

Austin Mahone

MusicJune 11 01:46 PM

Austin Mahone Reveals Huge Rihanna Crush

'The Secret' singer Austin Mahone may be single, but that doesn't mean the 18-year-old can't look. When asked who his celebrity crush is, the "Mmm Yeah" pop star had no issues naming the one-and-only bad girl of pop music, Rihanna.

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