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Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr.

MoviesSeptember 13 02:52 PM

Is This The Franchise Robert Downey Jr. Is Ditching 'Iron Man' For?

It may seem crazy but is one of Marvel's biggest stars looking to lessen his load at the studio juggernaut and help to create a brand new franchise built on a video game? Crazy, but it could be where this 'Iron Man' star is headed.

Iron Man Avengers Age of Ultron poster

MoviesSeptember 08 11:04 AM

'Iron Man' Star Squashes Plans For Future Films, Says Nothing Being Worked On Now

The Iron Man franchise not only started the current Marvel brand but also was its most consistent big player due to the popularity of star Robert Downey Jr. and the anti-hero that everyone wanted to root for. But the star is now saying that the standalone movies have hit the end of the road.

Avengers 2

MoviesSeptember 05 12:49 PM

Will Iron Man Team-Up With Hulk In His Next Standalone Movie?

While Mark Ruffalo has been well-received in the role of Bruce Banner/Hulk since taking over for Edward Norton in 'The Avengers,' but the actor has yet to earn his own standalone movie and is set to reprise the role again the movie's sequel. But could a team-up happen to possibly help Hulk gain a movie of his own?

Black Widow in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

MoviesSeptember 03 01:51 PM

'Iron Man' Star Calls For Black Widow & More To Get Their Own Solo Movies

While Marvel has always teased the possibility of giving Black Widow her own movie, the actual thing has yet to happen. Even with directors like Neil Marshall throwing his name in the ring to direct, it seems like Marvel may still be waiting. But now one of their biggest stars is advocating for a solo movie for the heroine.

Guardians of the Galaxy

MoviesAugust 29 01:38 PM

Robert Downey Jr. Dishes On What He Thinks Is The Best Marvel Movie Yet

While it is sometimes hard to separate the personalities of Robert Downey Jr. and his alter-ego Tony Stark, it seems like the star can have humbling moments and admit that his work isn't the best out there right now.

Iron Man 3

MoviesAugust 22 12:17 PM

Could Iron Man Move To Another Franchise & Ditch His Own?

While the Iron Man films have become one of Marvel's staple franchises, a changing field and fans shown interest in other properties could shift the paradigm to merging franchising rather than just rehashing old standalone movies.

Toronto Film Festival

CelebritiesAugust 19 07:11 PM

See Which Celebs are Attending the Toronto Film Fest!

The 39th Toronto International Film Festival will feature a host of Hollywood favorites when it opens next month, with actors including Robert Downey Jr. and Al Pacino expected to attend.

Iron Man Avengers Age of Ultron poster

MoviesAugust 13 01:59 PM

Will 'Iron Man 4' Happen Before Or After 'Avengers 3?'

With the massive popularity and money coming from the brand, it was tough to see star Robert Downey Jr. walking away from Iron Man anytime soon. But could the wait for the next standalone featuring the hero be a relatively long one?

Josh Brolin and Robert Downey Jr.

MoviesJuly 30 02:28 PM

Why Robert Downey Jr. Says He Would Keep Being 'Iron Man'

Despite rumors that Robert Downey Jr. was done with the Iron Man franchise, the actor is now saying he's open to staying with the role of Tony Stark.

Iron Man

CelebritiesJuly 21 04:32 PM

Robert Downey Jr. Remains The Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood

There is a whole generation of moviegoers who only know Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and as a supreme movie star.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

TV/Reality TVJuly 17 10:19 PM

Is JARVIS Part Of The Vision In 'Avengers 2'? Joss Whedon & Robert Downey Jr Explain Paul Bettany's 'Age Of Ultron' Character [VIDEO]

JARVIS and the Vision will be played by the same actor, but are they truly connected?

Iron Man

MoviesJuly 02 02:18 PM

'Iron Man' Star Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Arrested

With talk of a smaller role for Iron Man in the new Avengers film and actor Robert Downey Jr.'s personal issues, a new Iron Man 4 film is looking less likely by the day.

Robert Downey Jr.

MoviesJune 23 04:08 PM

Will Robert Downey, Jr. Have Smaller Role In ‘Avengers 2’?

Iron Man 4 is looking less and less likely, at least with Robert Downey, Jr. as the title character. After saying he might be getting too old for to play Tony Stark, now it seems likely his role may have been reduced in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Iron Man 3

MoviesJune 10 11:54 AM

'Iron Man' Director Jon Favreau Supports Friend Robert Downey, Jr. Continuing As Tony Stark?

Rumors have been going viral that Robert Downey, Jr. will be done with the 'Iron Man' franchise before 'Iron Man 4' can even be made. Although Downey, Jr. hasn't confirmed giving up the suit, could the iconic actor really be done with Tony Stark?

Iron Man

MoviesJune 05 10:11 AM

Why Robert Downey, Jr. Wasn't First Choice For 'Iron Man' Franchise

Could 'Iron Man' have been made without Robert Downey, Jr.? Although fans can hardly imagine 'Iron Man' without the actor, director Jon Favreau has recently revealed that he had to fight for Downey, Jr. to get the role.

Robert Downey Jr.

MoviesJune 04 12:56 PM

'Iron Man' Star Robert Downey, Jr. Set To Produce New Showtime Drama

'Iron Man' fans may have to wait even longer for the next installment of the film.

Iron Man

CelebritiesApril 25 03:51 PM

Robert Downey Jr. Could Be In 'Iron Man 4' After All?

Robert Downey Jr. posted a photo with a teaser for his latest role in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' which left some speculation if he'll be reprising that same role again.

Avengers 2

MoviesApril 24 04:11 AM

'Age Of Ultron' Avengers Assemble In Behind-The-Scenes PHOTOS From Mark Ruffalo [VIDEO]

'Age Of Ultron' Avengers Assemble In Behind-The-Scenes PHOTOS From Mark Ruffalo [VIDEO]

Avengers 2

MoviesApril 23 03:13 AM

'Avengers 2' Robert Downey Jr Posts Behind-The-Scenes PHOTO From 'Age Of Ultron', What Is Iron Man Up To? [VIDEO]

'Avengers 2' Robert Downey Jr Posts Behind-The-Scenes PHOTO From 'Age Of Ultron', What Is Iron Man Up To? [VIDEO]

The Avengers 2

MoviesApril 16 06:22 AM

'Avengers 2' Robert Downey Jr About To Begin Shooting For Iron Man Role? When Will Actor Head To Set? [VIDEO]

'Avengers 2' Robert Downey Jr About To Begin Shooting For Iron Man Role? When Will Actor Head To Set? [VIDEO]

Iron Monger

MoviesApril 10 01:46 PM

'Iron Man 4' To Hit Theaters After 'The Avengers 3?'

It looks like there might be some hope after all for the chances of 'Iron Man 4' being made.

The Avengers 2

MoviesApril 04 07:59 AM

'Avengers 2' Cast Critiques Joss Whedon, What Does Robert Downey Jr & Samuel L Jackson Think Of 'Age of Ultron'? [VIDEO]

'Avengers 2' Cast Critiques Joss Whedon, What Does Robert Downey Jr & Samuel L Jackson Think Of 'Age of Ultron'? [VIDEO]

Iron Man

CelebritiesMarch 27 01:48 PM

Robert Downey Jr. Too Old To Play Iron Man Again?

Rumors are continuing to circulate on who is set to star in 'Iron Man 4' if Robert Downey, Jr. doesn't come back, assuming the movie even gets made at all.

Iron Monger

MoviesMarch 20 03:59 PM

Ultron From 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Could Take Over For Iron Man?

The possibility of 'Iron Man 4' to ever take place seems unclear the moment although after a recent rumor that another actor or character could replace Robert Downey, Jr., it ooks like that character could be Ultron, the villain.

Scarlett Johansson

MoviesMarch 16 04:00 PM

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow To Get Her Own Feature Film?

It's been recently speculated that if another 'Iron Man' film were to take place, then Robert Downey, Jr. could be replaced with another actor or character; now it appears that there might be a theory on who the character would be for the replacement- Black Widow.

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