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Down Syndrome

VideosNovember 29 08:09 AM

You Need To See This Inspiring Video About Down Syndrome

Photographer Julie Willson decided to create a video in addition to her recent photo shoot to help raise awareness of Down Syndrome.

This school had their way of making their homecoming celebration a blast!

VideosNovember 29 02:48 AM

What This High School Did For Its Homecoming Was Epic

Broken Arrow High School had everyone in school celebrate their Homecoming Celebration with this epic lip dub video and the result was epic.

Panda Center

BuzznshareNovember 29 02:19 AM

Panda Nanny Enjoys Grooming Panda Cubs

Heart-warming footage shows nannies at a Chinese panda kindergarten dusting off naughty cubs.

Rappers In Prison

VideosNovember 29 01:45 AM

Two Amazing Rappers In Prison

These prisoners have mad rapping skills.

Woman Steals From Kid

VideosNovember 28 09:41 PM

Woman Steals From A Child On Black Friday Sale

A woman violently stole a box from a child during Black Friday sale.

No Heat Bouncy Curls In 5 Minutes

VideosNovember 28 09:32 AM

No Heat Bouncy, Lazy Curls Hair Tutorial

An easy video tutorial on how to have bouncy and lazy curls without damaging your hair.

Coby Persin Money Suit Social Experiment

VideosNovember 28 02:50 AM

'Money Suit' Social Experiment By YouTube Star Coby Persin

In this social experiment, Coby Persin walked the streets of New York with a 'money suit' on and a card board saying 'take what you need'. Witness the greed by people in NYC.

Jonathan Michael Ice Sculptor

VideosNovember 28 02:30 AM

Ice Sculptor Crafted 3D Santa Claus Out Of Ice

60-second video of crafting a masterpiece.

Cat begging for food

VideosNovember 28 12:05 AM

Funny Video Of Cats & Dogs Begging For A Meal

When cats and puppies feel desperately hungry, they often feel helpless, hence they beg for food - but in the funniest. most adorable way.

Kids smoking

VideosNovember 27 11:09 PM

Would You Prevent A Child From Smoking?

Every year a lot of people die from tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Milo Bowl Cake

VideosNovember 27 09:46 PM

Super Easy Milo Bowl Cake Tutorial

This easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to make a Milow Bowl Cake in just under 5 minutes will surely help you out if you're looking for a quick fix on your chocolate itch.

10 Marriage Proposal Fails

VideosNovember 27 09:40 PM

10 Marriage Proposal Fails

What stings the most? Getting dumped by your partner or getting dumped by your partner in public? You decide by watching this gruesome but yet devilishly hilarous proposals gone wrong.

Mufasa Finally Gained Freedom After 20 Years in Chains

VideosNovember 27 08:48 PM

Mountain Lion Finally Gains Freedom After 20 Years in Chains

A mountain lion named Mufasa was rescued from a Peruvian circus. He was finally set free.

Sam Tsui

BuzznshareNovember 27 03:50 PM

Sam Tsui Covers Adele's Entire '25' Album In 4 Minutes

All of the emotions packed into just four minutes.

hummingbird solo cup

VideosNovember 27 09:28 AM

Adorable Hummingbirds Grateful For A Cup Of Water

Adorable hummingbirds can't get enough of this cup!

YELLOW bird mourns his dead friend and refuses to let go

VideosNovember 27 09:13 AM

Bird Can't Say Goodbye To Dead Friend

A sad bird can't understand that his best friend has died.

Stop Sales People From Knocking On Your Door

VideosNovember 27 07:50 AM

How to Get Rid of Door to Door Salesmen Once and For All

Stop salespeople knocking on your door.

Rich Vs. Poor Blind Man Social Experiment

VideosNovember 27 07:20 AM

Rich Vs. Poor Blind Man Social Experiment

Dressed up as a blind man, Johal goes around the city and purposely drops money to see who would return it back and who won't.

Incredible recovery of alarmingly injured dog

VideosNovember 26 09:52 PM

Abandoned, Badly Injured Dog Finds New Home

A badly injured dog named Jerry was found by rescuers in a basement. Jerry was able to recover after his serious injury.

Dog Meet Kitten For The First Time

VideosNovember 26 10:11 AM

Funny & Adorable Video Compilations Of Dogs Meeting Kittens

This adorable video compilation of dogs meeting kittens for the first time is so adorable that watching this video will definitely make your day.

Man And Dog Reunite After 8 Days

VideosNovember 26 09:40 AM

Watch This Exciting Reunion Of A Dog And His Bestfriend

A tear-jerking reunion of a man and his faithful dog.

Little Girl With Rare Condition Dance With The Rockettes

VideosNovember 26 09:40 AM

Little Girl With Rare Disease Dance With The Rockettes

This little girl was given the thrill of a lifetime when she was invited to dance with the Rockettes.

Mom Surprised Son At His Birthday

VideosNovember 26 09:17 AM

Navy Mom Surprises 5-Year-Old Son With A Ninja Turtle Costume

A navy mom named Tiffany Monroe decided to surprise her son by disguising as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle at her son's birthday party.

No bake Mango Cheesecake

VideosNovember 26 08:04 AM

Easy No Bake Mango Cheesecake Video Tutorial

Giving the dish a burst of sunshine are the fresh mangoes used in this mouth-watering recipe and easy to gather ingredients.

Nick Vujicic's Amazing Story

VideosNovember 26 07:28 AM

Check Out The Inspirational Story Of Nick Vujicic

Living a life without limbs, Nick Vujicic still is living a very happy and postive life. His extraordinary life is an inspiration to everyone.


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