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Lady Gaga

BuzznshareMay 04 03:57 PM

Lady Gaga Goes Rock For Met Gala Performance

Lady Gaga delivered a high octane performance at the Met Gala!


BuzznshareMay 03 04:18 PM

Listen To Radiohead's Haunting New Song, 'Burn The Witch'

Radiohead is back and returning to their haunting, dramatic roots.

Chris Evans

BuzznshareMay 02 03:28 PM

Chris Evans & Elizabeth Olsen Speak On Romance Rumors

Do you "ship" Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen?

Inside Amy Schumer

BuzznshareApril 29 04:28 PM

Amy Schumer Satirizes Gun Culture In Biting Sketch

Amy Schumer expertly parodies gun culture in this blistering sketch from the latest episode of 'Inside Amy Schumer'.

Key and Peele

BuzznshareApril 28 04:33 PM

Key & Peele Freak Out While Doing 'Hot Ones Challenge'

Key and Peele eat a bunch of hot wings and get out of control.


BuzznshareApril 27 04:43 PM

Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Eerily Accurate Impression of Edward Snowden

Check out Joseph Gordon-Levitt's amazing vocal performance as Edward Snowden.

Key and Peele

BuzznshareApril 26 04:20 PM

Watch Key & Peele Help Viewers Tell Them Apart

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele help instruct viewers on how to tell the pair apart.

Ellen DeGeneres

BuzznshareApril 25 04:20 PM

Ellen DeGeneres' Talk Show Audience Does NOT Know 'All About That Bass'

These 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' audience members get an "A" for effort at least!

Prince's Super Bowl Performace

BuzznshareApril 23 01:48 AM

Prince's Unforgettable Super Bowl Performance

In 2007, Prince had an unforgettable performance in the NFL Super Bowl.

Amy Schumer

BuzznshareApril 22 04:11 PM

Amy Schumer Skewers Male Politicians In Charge Of Women's Health

Amy Schumer tackled the subject of women's health in the political sphere during the season 4 premiere of 'Inside Amy Schumer'.

Beautiful Footage Of Aurora Borealis From Space

BuzznshareApril 22 03:01 AM

Beautiful Ultra-HD Aurora Borealis Footage From NASA

NASA recently released a beautiful footage of Aurora Borealis from space.


BuzznshareApril 21 04:37 PM

Watch Prince Shred In Epic 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' Guitar Solo

Check out this amazing guitar solo by Prince, shredding to 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' with fellow music legends.

'Captain America: Civil War' Ad

BuzznshareApril 21 02:09 AM

Marvel Heroes On Audi Commercial

Watch Captain America, Black Panther, and Bucky Barnes in this amazing Audi commercial.

Michael Jackson

BuzznshareApril 20 04:04 PM

Watch Michael Jackson Impersonator Perform 'P.Y.T.' on Ellen

Michael Jackson impersonator Jeffrey stuns with amazingly accurate performance on 'Ellen'.

Owen Wilson

BuzznshareApril 19 04:25 PM

Watch This Incredible Impression of Owen Wilson

Check out this flawless impression of actor Owen Wilson!

Emilia Clarke

BuzznshareApril 18 02:53 PM

Emilia Clarke Wants 'Equal Nudity' on Game of Thrones

The actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen is ready to see more male nudity on the popular HBO series!

Justin Trudeau

BuzznshareApril 17 02:28 AM

Justin Trudeau's 'Like A Boss' Response

When Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received a flip question from a reporter, he had a very beautiful response.

How Do People View Emojis?

BuzznshareApril 17 02:25 AM

How Do People Interpret Emojis?

This video of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' showed that people have different interpretations of emojis.

Tigers Fight At Zoo

BuzznshareApril 16 08:37 AM

Even Tigers Don't Like Being Woken Up From a Nap

This tiger has a huge reaction after being woken up from nap.

Brave Toddler

BuzznshareApril 16 08:35 AM

This Brave Kid Doesn't Mess Around

A toddler in China bravely defended his grandmother from authorities.

Birth of a Nation

BuzznshareApril 15 02:13 PM

Watch the Haunting First Trailer For Slavery Film 'Birth of a Nation'

The powerful new teaser for 'Birth of a Nation' will have you breathless.

Tatiana Maslany

BuzznshareApril 14 04:31 PM

Tatiana Maslany Provides Amazing, GIFable Facial Reactions On 'Colbert'

The beloved star of 'Orphan Black' gives every reaction for your daily GIF-posting needs.

Adorable Husky

BuzznshareApril 14 04:03 AM

Adorable Husky Argues With 'Dad'

Watch how this cute Husky argues with her owner.

Ellen DeGeneres

BuzznshareApril 13 03:39 PM

Does Ellen DeGeneres Want To Be The President?

Would you vote for Ellen DeGeneres as President of the United States?


BuzznshareApril 12 04:09 PM

Steven Yeun Eats Korean Food With Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien and Steven Yeun enjoy some local Korean delicacies.


Latest News

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange Teaming Up With Ryan Murphy Again For Delicious New Series Feud

Jessica Lange and Susan Sarandon are slated to play two of the most legendary actresses in Ryan Murphy's new show.

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton/ Miranda Lambert and Anderson East

Are Miranda Lambert & Gwen Stefani Planning Weddings For The Same Day?

Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani are reportedly planning eerily similar weddings

Kailyn Lowry

Still Not Happy? 'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Is Getting MORE Plastic Surgery!

'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry is reportedly planning to go back under the knife. Find out what she's getting done now.

Kendall Jenner

Did Kendall Jenner Dump Harry Styles For Lakers Player Jordan Clarkson?

Kendall Jenner's love life is hard to keep up with!


5 Best Mexican-Themed Movies to Watch on Netflix for Cinco de Mayo

Check out these five movies on Netflix in honor of Mexico's most famous holiday.

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