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Hillary Clinton

BuzznshareAugust 23 04:10 PM

Watch Hillary Clinton Open Pickle Jar to Prove Good Health

Hillary Clinton is hoping to prove that she is healthy enough to be president.

Adam Levine

BuzznshareAugust 22 03:56 PM

Watch Adam Levine Nail High Note in Aerosmith's 'Dream On'

Check out Adam Levine's amazing vocal performance on 'The Voice' Sunday night.

Chef Dog

OffbeatAugust 22 03:16 PM

Did This Dog Prepare Its Own Special Meal?

This freshly prepared meal looks delicious, and the dog agrees


BuzznshareAugust 19 05:26 PM

Watch Coldplay's Music Video for 'A Head Full of Dreams'

Check out the vintage new video for Coldplay's new song, 'A Head Full of Dreams'.

Zelda Williams

BuzznshareAugust 18 03:46 PM

Robin Williams' Daughter Zelda Speaks On Moving Past Tragedy

The daughter of Robin Williams appeared on 'Chelsea' this week and discussed her more positive attitude towards life.

Amy Adams

BuzznshareAugust 17 04:32 PM

Watch Amy Adams Try to Save the World From Aliens in New Arrival Trailer

Check out the gripping new trailer for 'Arrival', starring Amy Adams.

American Horror Story

BuzznshareAugust 16 04:02 PM

Watch Hilarious New American Horror Story Season 6 Trailer 'Blind Date'

Don't you hate when this happens to you?

John Oliver

BuzznshareAugust 15 04:22 PM

Watch John Oliver Delve Into 'Auto Lending' With Help From Keegan-Michael Key

Check out another great 'Last Week Tonight' segment featuring John Oliver, Keegan-Michael Key and Bob Balaban.

Christina Grimmie

BuzznshareAugust 12 05:00 PM

Christina Grimmie's 'Snow White' Music Video Released

The late singer Christina Grimmie has a new music video out on her channel.


BuzznshareAugust 11 04:06 PM

Watch Chance the Rapper Rap In Powerful New Nike Commercial

Check out this powerful new Nike commercial featuring Chance the Rapper.

Luke Cage

BuzznshareAugust 10 04:00 PM

Watch First Trailer for Netflix's Luke Cage

Check out the trailer for Netflix's highly anticipated Luke Cage series!

Serena Williams

BuzznshareAugust 09 04:54 PM

Watch Serena Williams Break Her Racket at Rio Olympics 2016

Serena Williams is one of the most intense athletes around, as she just proved in the Olympics.

John Oliver

BuzznshareAugust 08 04:42 PM

Watch John Oliver's Epic Spotlight Parody for Dying Journalism

'Last Week Tonight' presented a hilarious, all-too-real take on journalism during Sunday night's episode.


BuzznshareAugust 05 04:16 PM

Watch First Teaser For Christopher Nolan's New Film Dunkirk

Check out the intriguing new teaser for Christopher Nolan's latest movie.

Britney Spears

BuzznshareAugust 04 04:02 PM

Britney Spears Surprises Jimmy Kimmel With Epic Prank

Britney Spears pulls off an epic prank on Jimmy Kimmel.

Jared Leto

BuzznshareAugust 03 02:45 PM

Jared Leto Gives Jimmy Fallon a Live Snake On Air

Jared Leto terrorizing his fellow man continues.


BuzznshareAugust 02 03:57 PM

Check Out New 'Pokemon' Characters, Including Donald Trump Lookalike

Check out the cool new trailer for 'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon', which features the introduction of one new Pokemon who looks an awful lot like Donald Trump.

John Oliver

BuzznshareAugust 01 05:06 PM

John Oliver Talks Chaotic Democratic Convention

John Oliver delves into the craziness of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Khizr Khan

BuzznshareJuly 29 04:46 PM

Watch Muslim Father of Fallen Soldier Speak at the DNC

Check out Khizr Khan's powerful speech this week at the Democratic National Convention!

Stephen Colbert

BuzznshareJuly 28 04:33 PM

Watch Stephen Colbert Debut 'Identical Twin Cousin'

Check out the (kind-of) return of 'The Colbert Report'!

Twin Peaks

BuzznshareJuly 27 03:10 PM

Watch Trailer For Mark Frost's 'Secret History of Twin Peaks' Books

Check out the fascinating new teaser for the new Mark Frost book, 'The Secret Life of Twin Peaks'!

Demi Lovato

BuzznshareJuly 26 04:06 PM

Watch Demi Lovato Sing & Make Comments at the Democratic National Convention

Check out Demi Lovato's performance at this year's Democratic National Convention!


BuzznshareJuly 25 03:48 PM

Watch Season 4 Trailer for Sherlock!

The 2017 season of 'Sherlock' officially has a trailer. Get hyped!

Celine Dion

BuzznshareJuly 22 03:18 PM

Celine Dion Does Impressions of Rihanna, Sia & Other Superstars

Celine Dion is apparently an excellent impressionist in addition to an amazing singer!

America's Got Talent

BuzznshareJuly 21 04:15 PM

Watch Jayna Brown Nail Andra Day's 'Rise Up' on America's Got Talent

Check out this young singer totally excel in singing Andra Day's difficult song.


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