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Demi Lovato

BuzznshareJuly 26 04:06 PM

Watch Demi Lovato Sing & Make Comments at the Democratic National Convention

Check out Demi Lovato's performance at this year's Democratic National Convention!


BuzznshareJuly 25 03:48 PM

Watch Season 4 Trailer for Sherlock!

The 2017 season of 'Sherlock' officially has a trailer. Get hyped!

Celine Dion

BuzznshareJuly 22 03:18 PM

Celine Dion Does Impressions of Rihanna, Sia & Other Superstars

Celine Dion is apparently an excellent impressionist in addition to an amazing singer!

America's Got Talent

BuzznshareJuly 21 04:15 PM

Watch Jayna Brown Nail Andra Day's 'Rise Up' on America's Got Talent

Check out this young singer totally excel in singing Andra Day's difficult song.

Steve King

BuzznshareJuly 19 04:02 PM

Steve King Angers Many Over Minority 'Contribution' Comments

Check out Steve King's controversial comments regarding the contributions of non-white people to civilization.

Last Week Tonight

BuzznshareJuly 18 04:03 PM

Watch 'Last Week Tonight' Host John Oliver Make Formal Endorsements

Check out John Oliver's official endorsements of the year in this new web exclusive clip.

The Tonight Show

BuzznshareJuly 15 02:39 PM

Watch Michael Strahan 'Break' Jimmy Fallon's Face

Michael Strahan and Jimmy Fallon have fun breaking each other's faces.

Stephen Colbert

BuzznshareJuly 14 04:18 PM

Stephen Colbert Talks Bernie Sanders Endorsing Hillary Clinton

'The Late Show' host pays tribute to Bernie Sanders.

La La Land

BuzznshareJuly 13 03:56 PM

Watch Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone Musically Fall In Love in La La Land Trailer

Check out the bold new trailer for Damien Chazelle's latest musical comedy/drama.

Snoop Dogg

BuzznshareJuly 12 04:33 PM

Watch Snoop Dogg Deliver Answers Under Pressure on Family Feud

Pie in the... horse?!

John Oliver

BuzznshareJuly 11 03:57 PM

John Oliver Digs Into Mean YouTube Comments About Him

John Oliver can only laugh at some of the meanest comments directed towards him on YouTube.

The Daily Show

BuzznshareJuly 08 03:27 PM

The Daily Show Responds to Alton Sterling & Philando Castile Killings

'The Daily Show' responds to the tragic shootings that took place this past week.

Gretchen Carlson

BuzznshareJuly 07 04:16 PM

Watch 'Supercut' of Sexually-Charged Comments Gretchen Carlson Received at Fox News

Check out this montage of Fox News commentators spewing suggestive comments at Gretchen Carlson.

America's Got Talent

BuzznshareJuly 06 04:23 PM

This 90-Year-Old Woman Just Stunned on America's Got Talent With Her Burlesque Act

This 90-year-old just performed an amazing strip-teasing act that you'll have to see to believe.


BuzznshareJuly 05 04:13 PM

Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas & Andra Day Perform Stunning Tribute to Orlando

Check out Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas and Andra Day's incredible tribute to the victims of the horrific Orlando shootings.


BuzznshareJuly 01 03:36 PM

Watch Rihanna's Cosmic, Colorful 'Sledgehammer' Music Video

Check out Rihanna's alien-like, space-y video for 'Sledgehammer'.

BoJack Horseman

BuzznshareJune 30 03:17 PM

BoJack Horseman Season 3 Trailer Features BoJack Musing On Hollywooc

Here's the amusing new trailer for 'BoJack Horseman' Season 3!

America's Got Talent

BuzznshareJune 29 03:57 PM

America's Got Talent Singer Brian Justin Crum Stuns Crowd With Epic Queen Cover

Check out this amazing singer from this week's 'America's Got Talent'.

JJ Watt

BuzznshareJune 28 04:19 PM

Watch J.J. Watt Play 'Egg Russian Roulette' With Jimmy Fallon

Egg Russian Roulette + J.J. Watt. What more could you want?

Star Trek Beyond

BuzznshareJune 27 04:30 PM

Watch Epic New Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Check out the amazing new trailer for 'Star Trek Beyond'!

Will Forte

BuzznshareJune 24 04:32 PM

Watch Will Forte Reprise Famous Presidential Candidate On 'Fallon'

Just in time for this crazy presidential election, here comes Tim Calhoun!


BuzznshareJune 23 03:08 PM

Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates 'Pride Month' With New Montage

Ellen DeGeneres helps celebrate Pride Month with a beautiful montage.

Jack Reacher

BuzznshareJune 22 04:04 PM

Watch Tom Cruise Punch Everybody In New Jack Reacher 2 Trailer

Tom Cruise is simply awesome in this new trailer for 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back'.

American Honey

BuzznshareJune 21 03:00 PM

Watch Chaotic New Trailer For Shia LaBeouf's Latest Movie, American Honey

Check out the bold new trailer for 'American Honey,' starring Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane.


BuzznshareJune 20 04:22 PM

New Trailer Drops For Anthony Hopkins HBO Series Westworld

HBO has a new trailer for 'Westworld,' the highly anticipated sci-fi drama slated to air in October.


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Demi Lovato

Watch Demi Lovato Sing & Make Comments at the Democratic National Convention

Check out Demi Lovato's performance at this year's Democratic National Convention!

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