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Lip Sync Battle

BuzznshareFebruary 11 04:05 PM

Watch Eva Longoria Lip Sync 'Low' By Flo Rida

The actress is on tonight's episode of the popular Spike TV series and really gives it her all.

Lana Del Rey

BuzznshareFebruary 10 04:40 PM

Watch Lana Del Rey's New 10-Minute Music Video

The new music video also stars Father John Misty!

Seth Meyers

BuzznshareFebruary 09 04:12 PM

Watch Seth Meyers React After His Joke Totally Bombed

The 'Late Night' host had an unexpected moment of humility this week.

The Simpsons

BuzznshareFebruary 08 04:02 PM

'Making a Murderer' Set In 'The Simpsons' World Is Mind-Blowing

'Making a Simpsons Murderer.' What else needs to be said?

Mom Vs Four Kids

VideosFebruary 07 04:23 AM

Mom Vs Four Kids

This is just too cute!


BuzznshareFebruary 05 04:15 PM

Watch This 'Jeopardy' Contestant Dominate Category In 30 Seconds

This guy knows his college football.

Leonardo DiCaprio

BuzznshareFebruary 04 03:53 PM

Leonardo DiCaprio Literally Grabs For Oscar In Hilarious 'The Revenant' Parody

This new viral video shows just how badly the beloved actor wants the golden statue.

Dylan's Clones

VideosFebruary 04 04:07 AM

This Couple Cloned Their Dog After Its Death

A couple from Yorkshire, England decided to do a drastic measure after the death of their beloved dog.

Don Cheadle

BuzznshareFebruary 03 04:20 PM

First Trailer For 'Miles Ahead' Shows Raspy Don Cheadle As Miles Davis

Watch the first teaser for the highly anticipated film chronicling the life of the legendary artist.

Bad Lip Reading

BuzznshareFebruary 02 04:11 PM

Watch Hilarious 'Bad Lip Reading' For The NFL Before Super Bowl

"It's gonna be fun playing the orphans this summer!"

FouseyTUBE Substitue Teacher Experiment

VideosFebruary 02 12:16 PM

This Video Shows The Heartbreaking Truth About The Unfair Education Some Kids Receive

Some of us are privileged to receive a quality education in our schools. Others aren't as lucky.

Viola Davis

BuzznshareFebruary 01 03:25 PM

Viola Davis Made A Really Good Point On The 'Oscars So White' Controversy

The award-winning actress delves deep into the heart of the issue.

Claire Sings 'Part Of Your World'

VideosJanuary 31 01:35 AM

Watch This 3-Year-Old's Cute Version Of 'Part Of Your World'

Claire, a 3-year-old girl, loves 'The Little Mermaid' so she decided to sing a version of 'Part of Your World.'


BuzznshareJanuary 29 04:03 PM

'Deadpool' Pops The Question In Hilarious New Clip

Deadpool and his girlfriend have two very different things in mind.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

BuzznshareJanuary 28 06:59 PM

Neil deGrasse Tyson Slams B.o.B. In Epic 'Nightly Show' Takedown

Watch the popular astrophysicist lay down the best diss of the year on the 'Airplanes' rapper.

What would happen if you only drank soda?

VideosJanuary 28 09:14 AM

What Would Happen If You Only Drank Soda?

A new video shows you just how much drinking sofa can disrupt your life

Young Girl's Beautiful Voice

VideosJanuary 27 10:16 PM

Young Girl Wows Crowd With Her Beautiful Voice

A young girl amazed the judges and the crowd with her beautiful voice.

Conan O'Brien

BuzznshareJanuary 27 06:34 PM

Conan O'Brien Pays Tribute To Abe Vigoda In Comedic, Classy Fashion

The famous 'Godfather' star was a frequent guest on O'Brien's late night show -- watch the best highlights.

Jesse Eisenberg

BuzznshareJanuary 26 07:54 PM

WATCH: Actors In Multiple Roles In Same Film

Actors acting against themselves!

Finding Dory

BuzznshareJanuary 25 04:05 PM

New 'Finding Dory' Teaser Features Some 'Familiar' Themes

Check out the latest trailer for the 'Finding Nemo' spinoff.

Kristen Wiig

BuzznshareJanuary 22 04:28 PM

Watch Kristen Wiig's Bizzare 'Zoolander 2' Character Promote 'Youth Milk'

It looks like Kristen Wiig is going to be a breakout favorite in the upcoming sequel.

Dave Grohl

BuzznshareJanuary 21 03:24 PM

Dave Grohl Talks Music Today Being Too 'Perfect'

The former Nirvana drummer discusses the importance of imperfection in song production.

What will happen if you take a bath in 500 lbs of Putty?

VideosJanuary 21 09:06 AM

What Will Happen If You Take A Bath In 500 Pounds Of Putty?

Well, it may be hard to get out of the tub

Katy Perry

BuzznshareJanuary 20 04:04 PM

Katy Perry 'Zoolander 2' Video Suggests She's Involved In Movie?

The pop star posted a quick, humorous video that has fans talking.


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Hawaii Five-0

Three 'Hawaii Five-0' Sneak Peeks! Valentine's Day Goes Hilariously Wrong

Chin, McGarrett, and Grover try to take on romance, and Cupid punches them in face.

Finding Carter

'Finding Carter' Petition Gains A Good Haul Of More Signatures

The petition to renew 'Finding Carter' is still active and speeding up signatures.


Find Out When 'Reign' Will Return With New Episodes

A date has been announced for 'Reign's' return with new episodes.

Gilmore Girls

Find Out How Many 'Gilmore Girls' Episodes Jess Feature In!

Milo Ventimiglia dishes on Jesse's character arc and exactly how long the former rebel will feature.


Get Your First Look At Claire & Frank's 'Outlander' Reunion

Frank and Claire will find each other once more, but don't expect both parties to be overly thrilled with the situation.

'Party Down South' cast

Santana's Arrival Stirs Up New Drama On 'Party Down South'

All hell is about to break loose in Savannah.

Marty & Hagan on season 28 of 'The Amazing Race'

Marty & Hagan Hope Being 'Off The Radar' Will Help Them On 'The Amazing Race'

The mother/daughter team think being less famous could be an advantage.

Lip Sync Battle

Watch Eva Longoria Lip Sync 'Low' By Flo Rida

The actress is on tonight's episode of the popular Spike TV series and really gives it her all.

Democratic Debate

How To Live Stream Tonight's Democratic Debate In Milwaukee For Free

Here's how to view Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders preaching their candidacy in tonight's PBS debate.

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