Jack Reacher Reviews Are Mixed: Tom Cruise's Latest Movie Fails to Impress Critics


Tom Cruise's latest film "Jack Reacher" about a fatal sniper attack hit theaters this weekend and has earned mixed reviews from critics.

The movie earned 61% of positive reviews on Rottentomatoes.com, a film reviews aggregation site. On Metacritic.com only 11 percent of critics gave it positive reviews.

While some critics called the movie "outrageous" and "a turkey gone rancid," others said it is a great film for the holiday season.

In terms of pure pop entertainment value, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more smartly constructed, beautifully shot, pulse-pounding movie this holiday season," wrote film critic Drew Taylor for The Playlist.

"Tom Cruise might not be the 6-foot-5 rock described in the books, but he makes the title role fit him like a latex glove in a winning turn that could spawn a popular new franchise for the star, if public reaction to Christopher McQuarrie's film is as strong as its fun quotient warrants," wrote The Hollywood Reporter film critic Todd McCarthy,

The film is based on "One Shot," by author Lee Child, one of the books in a series of novels about a former soldier (Jack Reacher) turned drifter who travels the United States dealing out his own brand of justice.

"The actor is no fun at all in his Jack Reacher incarnation, which amounts-not just for him-to an exercise in filmed taxidermy," wrote Wall Street Journal film critic Joe Morgenstern. "This movie is a turkey gone rancid."

The film reportedly earned $15.6 million at the U.S. box office on its opening weekend, landing in second place. "The Hobbit," earned $37.6 million in the same weekend. 

Watch the Trailer Below:

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