Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory: Professor Claims Administration Is Using Media As Means To Push Gun Control


Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy created quite a stir when he revealed his thoughts on a Sandy Hook shooting conspiracy theory.

Tracy gave his opinion on the "Guns and Butter" radio show on Thursday, in which he claims there was a second shooter and there were conflicting media reports surrounding the Dec. 14 tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

The professor explained his conspiracy theory through several writings on his personal blog titled, "Memory Hole."  In the site's four Sandy Hook-related posts, Tracy gives his take on the shooting. 

In his most recent blog, Tracy addresses media reports that circulated two months prior to the Sandy Hook shooting up until Dec. 14.  The professor points out a slew of reports that were made with conflicting information. 

He states that those respective inaccuracies ranged from witnesses claiming they saw more than one shadow at the scene to rumors that police had more than one person in custody. 

On the "Guns and Butter" program, Tracy was questioned by radio host Bonnie Faulkner about those discrepancies, more specifically, the popular assumption and main belief that there was only one shooter, Adam Lanza. 

Faulkner goes over reports stating that one of the suspects was put into custody, while another suspect was taped on camera running in the woods while being chased by The Associated Press.

"Yes, that's correct. That's one of the especially disturbing, and forthright, things about the coverage. The aerial footage of the individual being pursued into the woods by the Newton and Connecticut State Police as well as at least one individual, a student, who saw one of the suspects prone on the ground outside the school in the parking lot, just momentarily," Tracy explained.

Since the reports were never followed up on, the professor believes that President Barack Obama and his team orchestrated an ideal timeline of how long to acknowledge Sandy Hook news so that they can better push gun control legislation forward.

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