'Supernatural' Season 11: Where Is Sheriff Mills? Jody's Future Teased As Donna Returns [VIDEO]

The Winchesters have few friends in law enforcement, but at least one of their sheriff allies will make a season 11 appearance.

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Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster) will return in episode 7, "Plush," and we're more than excited to see the ebullient Midwesterner team up with Sam and Dean once more. Now, however, we're wondering is Sheriff Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) will drop by season 11 as well.

According to co-executive producer Jim Michaels, there is definite chance that could happen.

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"I'd like to think that would be a safe bet," Michaels tweeted on Thursday.

Rhodes, for her part, wants to hold the EP to his promise.

"TWITTER IS LEGALLY BINDING!!!" the actress teased.

Last year, viewers had a chance to see Donna and Mills team up in "Hibbing 911." As amazing as that was, it seems unlikely that the pair will get that chance again. After taking Hunting 101 from the Winchesters, the cops are more than capable of taking down vamps and their ilk, but occasionally they need to call in reinforcements. Am gruesome murder will cause Donna to do just that in "Plush," and we have to hope Mills will be similarly stumped later this year.

Catch Supernatural Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Next up, Sam and Dean take on Lizzie Borden's house in "Thin Lizzie."

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