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Robert Loggia News: Remembering The Actor's Iconic Movie Roles

After the death of veteran actor Robert Loggia, here is a list of his most memorable roles. .

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  • The 85-year-old veteran actor Robert Loggia has passed away in his Los Angeles home after battling Alzheimer’s disease for years.

    Audrey Loggia, his wife, confirmed the sad news of the veteran actor’s passing. Robert is a big loss to the movie and television industry because he played several memorable roles in the history of Hollywood. Starting his career on 1956, Robert starred in many films and TV shows for decades before his last project in 2014.

    On screen, Robert is known for playing tough guy roles. He was either a detective, a gangster, a womanizer, and even a vampire. However, he was a role model for his four children in Tracy, John, Kristina, and Cynthia. “He was an awesome husband and an awesome father,” Audrey said in an interview.

    Aside from his family, other people also saw Robert in a good way despite his tough act persona. Michael Burns, Lionsgate Vice Chairman, said that he loved the veteran actor like his father.

    In memories of Robert Loggia, here are the actor's most iconic movie roles.
  • Robert Loggia starred as Elfego Baca in the 1958 television miniseries titled "The Nine Lives of Elfego Baca."
  • Loggia played the main role of Detective Steve Carelli in the 1958 film titled "Cop Hater."
  • Loggia played the role of Hewitt Edward Cat in "T.H.E. Cat," a 1966 TV series
  • Loggia played an iconic role in Frank Lopez, a drug boss in the 1986 film "Scarface."
  • One of Loggia's most memorable roles, he played as Mac MacMillan in 1988 film "Big."
  • Loggia starred as Nick Mancuso in 1989-90 NBC series, "Mancuso, F.B.I."
  • Loggia played as General William Grey in 1996 film "Independence Day."
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