Movie Remake News: '80s Reboots Coming Soon To Theaters, Including 'The Goonies' & 'Police Academy' [VIDEO]

Face it: Hollywood loves adaptations. From obscure television shows to beloved books, it seems like everything is getting new life on the big screen. But by far the most popular trend is remakes, taking an old movie and giving it a fresh coat of paint. The results can be wonderful (like the recent Mad Max: Thunder Road), but they can also be a disaster, leaving many wondering why anyone would mess with an already winning formula.

But despite the many, many missteps involving remakes, Hollywood is determined to continue this trend--and has focused its sights on the films of the 80s. Here are just a few of the hits of the 80s that are being remade for the modern era.

Police Academy (1984)

The slapstick comedy about a bunch of inept police cadets that launched the career of Steve Guttenberg (for better or for worse) is getting a massive makeover. Comedic power duo Key and Peele are helming the remake, which promises to provide plenty of timely laughs. Considering Police Academy led to six sequels of extremely debatable quality, it's safe to say that this remake can only be an improvement.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)

Party on, dudes! The most excellent time traveling adventures of high school students Bill and Ted are getting a fresh look. Stars of the original Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are reportedly on board and involved with the reboot (some are calling it a sequel instead), which gives us hope that it will retain some of the charm and good-natured silliness of the original.

Three Men And A Baby (1989)

Boy, have there been a lot of rumors surrounding this remake of the tale of three single guys being left to raise a newborn. Adam Sandler has been repeatedly attached, as have Ashton Kutcher, Ryan Gosling, and Ryan Reynolds (although Reynolds' rep has dismissed the idea of the Deadpool star working on the project). The original movie hasn't held up particularly well over the years, and really, there are other movies from the decade far more deserving of a remake. It should be noted that this is the second Guttenberg vehicle on this list.

Gremlins (1984)

As one of Steve Spielberg's scariest, funniest, and wackiest movies, it's hard to get enthusiastic about a remake. Spielberg (who is signed on as producer) has promised that the story of the lovable Gizmo and his mischievous, menacing "friends" will be more of a sequel than a remake. Just make sure not to feed the critters after midnight, and we'll all be fine.

Overboard (1987)

The original sea-bound romantic comedy was a tribute to the longstanding real-life love affair of stars Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, and has become something of a cult favorite. The high-sea hi-jinks of a wealthy heiress who suffers amnesia and falls in love with a widowed carpenter make for a sweet and silly story that has held up well over the years. The remake will target a bilingual audience and reportedly star Eugenio Derbez.

The Goonies (1985)

This 80s classic remains as cherished today as when it first came out 30 years ago. The kooky adventures of a bunch of kids known as the Goonies as they hunt for buried treasure and evade evil gangsters is a childhood favorite for an entire generation. Director Chris Columbus is working on bringing back the original gang, and actors Corey Feldman and Sean Astin have said they'd be game for another adventure. Most of the time I'm willing to give remakes the benefit of the doubt, but really, how could anyone improve on the original?

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