Trump Threatens to Sue Bill Maher for $5M Over a Joke He Made On "Leno"


Donald Trump apparently can't take a joke, especially when it comes down to money.

In an interview with "Fox & Friends" on Monday, Trump phoned in to the show to what he considered "breaking news," to discuss his plans to sue television host, Bill Maher over a joke the comedian made on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Back in January, Maher was a guest on Leno's show to discuss Mitt Romney, GOP and Donald Trump. He joked and told Leno he would give $5 million dollars to the charity of Trump's pick if the "Celebrity Apprentice" host could prove he's not a "spawn of his mother having sex with an orangutan," in an attempt to mimick Trump's publicized $5million proposal to charity if President Obama released his college records.

"Unless he comes up with proof, I'm willing to offer $5 million to Donald Trump to a charity he can donate of his choice," Maher said on Leno.

The real estate mogul said he would sue if Maher's proposal was not met by noon.

"Bill Maher promised me $5 million dollars if I provided some information. I provided the information, so today I sue Bill Maher," he said on "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

When asked if he thought Maher was simply joking, Trump responded."I don't think he was joking, he said it with venom...lets see what happens." 

Trump said although he plans to sue, he doesn't know what the outcome might be.

"I have no idea how that's going to turn out, to be honest," Trump said. "I felt like I had an obligation to do on behalf of charity," he added.

Maher said on Leno that he has attempted to have Trump as a guest on his show on several occasions and that he's refused. "Trump turned out to be a terrible racist...I'm not looking for a feud with Donald Trump," Maher added.

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