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Anna Duggar News: How The Reality Star Copes With Her Husband Josh Duggar's Scandal

How TV reality star Anna Duggar copes with Josh Duggar scandal? .

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  • Anna Duggar has been through a lot, especially after the scandal of his husband Josh Duggar.

    Fans know that Josh Duggar was involved in an ugly controversy for having an account at a famous cheating website. Aside from this, Josh has other issues such as molesting her sisters and being addicted to pornography. With all of these things, it has been a difficult stretch for Anna.

    At first, Ana tried to stay with her husband but it proved too difficult for her to take all the emotional hits of Josh’s cheating scandal.

    Recently, Anna appeared on "Jill & Jessa: Counting On" where she gave statements about Josh's controversy. The TV reality star was emotional as she discussed the unfaithfulness of her husband.

    Will Anna and Josh's marriage continue after all of the controversy that has happened between them? How is Anna coping with probably the hardest stretch of her famous life?

  • "Praying to God" is Anna's way of dealing with Josh's public scandals.
  • Anna's statement on Josh: "It was definitely a hard thing. I think it is such a betrayal for a spouse to go through what we’re walking through."
  • It was also more difficult for Anna because they have a newborn baby when it was revealed that Josh had two accounts on a cheating website.
  • Currently, Anna is still deciding whether to file for divorce or continue their marriage.
  • According to reports, Jim Bob Duggar, Josh's father, is persuading Anna to stay with Josh
  • Also, the two are still exchanging love letters while Josh is on rehab.
  • Follow more on Anna and Josh on the second episode of "Jill and Jessa: Counting On." It will air on Dec 20 on TLC.
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