'Ghostbusters' 2016: Chris Hemsworth's Character Has A Dark Side? Lego Set Drops Major Spoiler

Who you gonna call? You should cross the Ghostbusters receptionist off your list now that the Chris Hemsworth character is rocking a pair of menacing red eyes.

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Lego released photos of their brand new Ghostbusters play set on Friday, and the design may have inadvertently tipped off fans to a shocking twist. Abby (Melissa McCarthy), Erin (Kristen Wiig), Jillian (Kate McKinnon), and Patty (Leslie Jones) might be forced to battle one of their own when the ectoplasm starts to flow.

The Lego set, first showcased by Entertainment Weekly, has Kevin the receptionist suited up and ready to fight. If you turn his head around, however, his second face paints a terrifying picture. With teeth bared and blood red eyes shining through his nerd-chic glasses, Hemsworth's character could be included alongside the textbook definition of possessed.

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Will Kevin go head-to-head with his employers or is there something else at play? It will be six long months before viewers can find out the truth.

Ghostbusters will hit theaters on July 15. The Lego set will hit the market on July 1.

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