Anna Duggar Update: The Duggars Making Her New ‘Breadwinner’ Of The Family? [VIDEO]

It looks like there's a good reason why Anna Duggar continues to be on the small screen, despite going through one of the most difficult years of her life.

There's a new rumor that suggests the Duggar family is continually encouraging her to stay in the spotlight all because they are probably using her as a "breadwinner" for the family. This is because fans are tuning in to see how she's coping after her husband Josh Duggar confessed to not only sexually molesting his sisters, but cheating on her with an Ashley Madison account as well.

Josh is now back at home after spending the last six months at a faith-based rehabilitation center for his sex and porn addictions. According to People Magazine, Josh won't appear on the family's spin-off show, even though Anna will be prominently featured on it.

That, of course, prompted comments from both fans and critics alike that included, "Someone in the family has to be the bread winner. Anna knows a TV reality show is quick money for a gal with no skills," along with, "Thank goodness. But, Anna shouldn't appear either. I mean...he'll benefit from any monies she makes by appearing on the show. And he shouldn't benefit from any of that...any more!"

Another critic wrote, "Josh loves this new gig. Let his wife and his sister victims keep up the charade of the perfect Duggar family and he sits back and collects the paycheck. Plus he has plenty of free time for his extra curricular activities."

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