Kristen Bell News: Is 'The Boss' Actress Really Slapping A Reporter Across The Face In This Shocking VIDEO?

Kristen Bell looked radiant on the red carpet premiere of her new movie with Melissa McCarthy, The Boss--but was she caught on video slapping a reporter who was doing a poor job of interviewing her?

In a video by Just Jared, Bell is seen talking to someone identifited as Kevin Donnelly from 'The Fix,' but Donnelly continues slurring as though he's drunk and seems to be acting inapporpriately. When Bell tries to leave, he apparently says something which offends her, causing her to turn around, slap him hard across the face, and walk away--even though he does get back up and seem like he's ready to follow her inside, which further shocks her.

The video has gone viral with many wondering if it was real or just a set up however--and it appears it definitely is a set-up and a joke. Kevin Donnelly doesn't exist, and as some astute fans have since noticed, he bore a stirking resemblance to "The Lawyer" from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, portrayed by Brian Unger.

And, in case some still need convincing that the video isn't real, Unger pretty much confirmed the joke by tweeting about it--and retweeting another tweet that seemed to call him out on his bad red carpet behavior.

Watch the moment below:

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