Chris Hemsworth Update: Actor Doing Pull-Ups, Wonders Why Thor Isn't In 'Civil War' [VIDEO]

Chris Hemsworth puts his Thor muscles to the test in a funny video posted  on Wednesday. While everybody else is so preoccupied with choosing between Team Cap and Team Iron Man, the actor who plays the Mighty Thor wonders why the Avengers' heaviest hitters weren't asked to be part of Captain America: Civil War.

The 32-year-old aussie set the record straight about whether he’s Team Cap or Team Iron Man while doing some pull-ups in the clip.

“You know it’s funny. Everybody keeps asking me, 'Are you Team Cap? Are you Team Iron Man?'” Hemsworth says, without pausing in his routine. “Who cares? I mean, where was the invite for me and Hulk? Just leave the two strongest, biggest Avengers out of this one, did you? Is this one for the kids, where the kids just have a scrap and we just sit on the sidelines?"

“Let us know when you’re done messing around, and the big boys will step in," he continues, before stopping to wonder whether he might not be worthy. However, that momentary crisis of confidence quickly passes thanks to a quick mid-air catch of Thor’s hammer...which can only by held those who are worthy. 

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