Xbox 720 Specs vs PS4; Release Date for Consoles October, November 2013


The two giants in home gaming consoles Playstation and Xbox are ready to release their newest systems, PS4 and 720, with rumors that they will be released in time for the holiday season by launching in October and November of 2013 respectively.

Though the PS4 specs might not be finalized, an "Elemental" tech video released recently by Epic Games revealed part of their Unreal Engine 4 running on a PS4 development kit. Not surprisingly, the game looks incredibly clear, clean and already has future PS4 users drooling for more.

Sony's newest Playstation offering will be shipped with an eight-core 64-bit processor which has been based off AMD's "Jaguar" line of processor chips. Its graphics chip is derived from Radeon technology and is approximately on par with the Radeon HD 7850, a middle-of-the-pack GPU. However, 720p rendering and scaling to 1080p combined with optimization means there could be a huge leap in quality.

The PS4 also packs 8GB of RAM, a dramatic increase over the 512MB onboard in the PS3, as well as a BluRay player that is three times faster than the PS3's. The RAM is high-speed GDDR5 to maximize the system. The console's design photos have not been leaked or released yet but rumors of a price tag as high as $800 have already begun to come out regarding its base model.

Microsoft's Xbox 720 boasts 8 CPU cores running at 1.6GHz as well as a custom 800 Mhz graphics processor in its GPU. As with its competitor, the new Xbox will call upon 8GB of RAM on board. The 720 will call upon 32MB of fast-embedded SRAM and also feature a 6x BluRay drive.

The console's wireless connectivity includes both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, and a Gigabit Ethernet port remains for gamers with low-latency multiplayer demands.

The 720 also comes with USB 3.0 and HDMI 1.4a, which supports 3D over HDMI, Ethernet, audio return channels and 4K resolution.

Rumors regarding the 720's price have not been released yet.

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