Daddy Yankee Rumors: Gay Confession of Puerto Rican Singer Is False, He says, Blasts Report, Blames Haters [VIDEO]

Rumors that Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee, is gay are not true, his representative told Mexican news outlet TV Notas today.

Daddy Yankee's representative Mayna Nevarez debunked the rumors that set Twitter ablaze after an alleged confession from the singer that he was homosexual and photographs of Daddy Yankee kissing another man. (See the picture here.)

"I'm glad that we can talk about this, the report is false and unfortunately it surfaced from a Puerto Rican outlet that its attacking Daddy all the time, they always report that he was killed, that he was shot, that he is gay...but you know that he is happy with his family," the rep told TV Notas.

"Daddy has a very clear position about Internet and he doesn't trust it because of all the things that are said and he has been debunking that report for a couple of weeks now," she added.

A couple of weeks ago, a rumor spread on Twitter that Daddy Yankee, 36 read a confession during a performance at a gay night club where he reportedly admitted to his homosexuality.

His confession reportedly read:

"Yesterday a series of photographs were exposed showing a different side of me that I didn't feel prepared to talk about for fear of being rejected and criticized, but most of all because of my family and the consequences," he reportedly confessed.

"I think that love is the the purest feeling that exists in this life and to have the opportunity to share those moments with someone, who can make you forget everything negative just by looking at them, is a gift that I treasure more than myself."

The alleged confession shocked his fans but Daddy Yankee turned to Twitter to blast the report.

"I have been killed, slandered and they will keep inventing bullsh-- about me on the web but the truth is only one," he wrote on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

"I have an excelent health, a stable family for 20 years and I continue to be succesful and I am a millionaire...Lots and YOU SON OF A B-----" he continued.

"I will continue to share my success with those who love me and put it in the face of those who hate me 'THE BIG BOSS'" he added.

Billboard has referred to Daddy Yankee as the most relevant Latin Urban musician.

The 36-year-old singer has been married to Mireddys Gonzalez since he was 17 years-old and the couple have three children together, according to TV Notas. His children are 17, 15 and 12 years-old.

Daddy Yankee has said in the past that he never talks about his family because he wants it to be a private matter.

"It is the only private thing that I have left," he reportedly said, according to the Mexican outlet.  

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