Dan Bilzerian News: Instagram Celeb Goes On Wild Shooting Voyage With Girls In Tight Clothes [VIDEO]

Dan Bilzerian is back to his bizarre ways on Instagram.

On Sunday, the social media king posted a video that shows a little escapade he had with a group of attractive young women, something Bilzerian is already pretty known for. And to add to his usual traits, there's some shooting happening.

The clip starts off with a shot on a girls' behind as Bilzerian walks up in slow motion with a giant gun in his hand. Then all of a sudden, he takes a ride in his mini vehicle with women as they set out to do some firing in the middle of nowhere.

The group blows pistols out of their guns where everyone seems to know what they're doing. And of course, there's at least one girl in there who's wearing less clothing than what one would normally wear on a shooting route.

In Bilzerian's life, this is pretty much how it works.

See the video below.

Bilzerian previously went on a bike trip from Las Vegas to Los Angeles that left him in rough shape, according to the man's betting partner Bill Perkins. When Perkins spoke to New York Post on Bilzerian's recovery, it sounded like he had a long way to go.

"He looks like the Grinch- his skin is green," Perkins said. "He's looking like death right now. He's in bed with chafed buttocks, a fever, hot and cold [flashes], chills, wobbly legs. His immune system is down, and every virus you can have is rising. I was hoping his muscles would seize up [mid-ride], but they didn't."

Bilzerian is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram with more than 17 million followers.

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