Lindsay Lohan Snorting Coke Revealed in New Book, Blogger Claims Actress Did "Coke Off Her Wrist'


A blogger recently released a tell-all in which she revealed that Lindsay Lohan snorted cocaine from her wrist. 

In Sex, Lies & The Dirty, Nik Richie detailed how the Scary Movie 5 actress partied hard during a New Years event in 2009 at Mansion Nightclub in Miami, Fla. At the time, Lohan was still involved with her now ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson, who was the Deejay of the event. Richie claimed he paid off a PR person who was guarding a bathroom to give him a heads up when Lohan entered. He then described what he saw when he went inside the bathroom.

"Lindsay goes straight for the toilet, pulling her dress up and sitting (no underwear) and one of her breasts is hanging out the top of the dress," he wrote. "I start to wash my hands and she asks me, 'So, what's your story?' before doing an uneven line of coke off her wrist."

Richie then writes that he was left scarred because of the incident:

"I'm watching Lindsay do coke to my right, that pale tit hanging out, and it takes a couple of seconds to kick in that it's intentional. I'm supposed to see this. She wants me to. And she's doing more coke, raising her eye-brows at me like, 'Want some?' She sniffs. Snorts.

"She swabs a little in her mouth and I've heard about this kind of thing on TV and in the papers, but it's different seeing it: the chick from Mean Girls doing blow on the toilet next to me. She's not the same girl anymore. Something's changed. She's lost her way and seeing it is freaking me out."

Richie also claimed in his memoir that he tried to make Lohan jealous by flirting with Ronson. The ploy worked and Lohan lost control: Lohan reportedly yelled at the nearest security guard to remove Richie from the area and then got into an argument with Ronson while causing a scene, 

"Everyone points. Laughs. Another camera flashes to capture the moment: the 'after' photos," Richie wrote. "They feed the media another story."

Lohan's rep responded to the blogger's claims in a statement to the New York Post, saying, "We have no comment on an alleged event that happened in 2009. This is a clear obvious attempt at using Lindsay to boost book sales."

Sex, Lies & The Dirty is available on Kindle.

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