Rio Olympics Update 2016: After Dominating 4x200-Meter Freestyle, Katie Ledecky Now One Gold Away From History Books [VIDEO]

Trust superstar Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky to make competitive swimming extremely dramatic and riveting. In the recently-concluded 4x200-meter-freestyle event, Ledecky initially appeared to be at a disadvantage, before pulling out one of the most dominating comebacks seen in the sport during the last few years.

Ledecky was the anchor in the 4x200 event, and as she dove in for her turn, she appeared to be in a pinch. This was because Tasmin Cook from Australia managed to jump into the pool almost a full second before the American swimming superstar.

By the time Ledecky's body was fully in the pool, she already had a full-body deficit against her Australian rival, 0.89 seconds to be exact.

Two minutes after her tricky jump, however, the race looked very different.

As the event drew to its final strokes, Katie Ledecky was already enjoying a 1.84-second lead over Cook. Needless to say, the young swimmer's fans exploded in social media.

Indeed, the 4x200-meter-freestyle definitely showed arguably the best comeback in the 2016 Rio Olympics so far. What was even more remarkable was the fact that Ledecky did not just catch up to Cook, she eventually proceeded to dominate her opponent.

At the end of it all, Ledecky is just that good.

If her performance on the 4x200 was already remarkable, what's even more amazing is the fact that the American swimmer did not even go that fast during the event. Her split in the event was 0.01 seconds slower than her record-breaking 200-meter-freestyle swim earlier this week.

Considering that relay splits are usually considered to be about 0.5 seconds faster than regular swims, it could be said that instead if Ledecky being in full throttle during the event, she was actually in cruise control.

Currently, the 19-year-old wonder is attempting to set yet another record on the upcoming 800-meter-freestyle event this Friday. She already holds the record for the event from her previous performance in the Olympics. If she does manage to once more beat herself, she would become the most decorated woman in American Olympics ever. 

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