UFO Sightings 2016: Fleet Sighted Over Yellowstone Supervolcano, Massive Underground Alien Base Confirmed? [VIDEO]

A recent video from Yellowstone Natural Park has caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts across the world, as a number of objects that looked like a fleet of spacecraft appeared to move through the clouds above the park's supervolcano.

A Mysterious Footage

The video in question was uploaded by Jeanette Foresta, who regularly posts videos of the national park. What was particularly interesting about Foresta's video is the fact that among all her uploads, it is the only one that featured UFOs. Unlike most YouTube users who regularly post UFO videos online, Foresta is not a UFO hunter herself.

The video of the UFO fleet was taken from surveillance cameras of the park itself. Thus, man UFO hunters were quite convinced that the footage was authentic and unedited.

A UFO Veteran Weighs In

With seemingly no explanation for the objects in her video, Foresta sent the footage of well-known UFO hunter Scott Waring, who manages popular UFO website UFO Sightings Daily. Considering the contents of the footage, the veteran's interest was instantly piqued.

"This clip is the highlight of my month. Maybe my whole year. I live for moments like this," Waring said.

Judging by the size of the crafts that were captured on camera, Waring stated that he believes one of the UFOs to be at least 100 meters across. He also noted how the rest of the fleet looked very metallic.

What's more, Waring stated that the presence of the alien fleet in the area suggested that the supervolcano underneath the national park housed a massive alien base.

"The United States knows about an active alien base or bases in the area," claims Waring who speculated that the presence of extraterrestrial life is why the area has been made a National Park. Yellowstone was allotted 3,468 miles of land by the US government, so it is obvious," Waring stated.

Critics Provide Possible Explanation

Just like other UFO videos that have been uploaded online, however, Foresta's video also attracted its own fair share of critics. According to a number of skeptics, the objects seen in the footage were nothing more than man-made vehicles, such as helicopters flying over the area. Other suggested that the objects might simply be airplanes.

Despite all the skeptics, however, very few doubt that the footage captured in the video was authentic. Thus, while the nature of the objects might be up for speculation, those who viewed the footage are unanimous in the notion that a group of flying machines did cross Yellowstone on that fateful day. 

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