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'Pokemon GO' News And Updates: Trading Systems Details Leaked [VIDEO]

New details about the trading system Niantic is about to release for 'Pokemon GO' players have been released.

By Peter de Jesus, EnStars on Sep 22, 2016 12:41 PM EDT
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Pokemon GO
The latest 'Pokemon Go' update is going to bring exciting new aspects to the game. Here's how to make the most out of the game's new features. (Photo : Getty Images)

Niantic just released the Buddy System and now fans are eagerly anticipating the Pokemon GO trading system to be released. Latest leaks about the new update reveal a lot about this new feature.

Thanks to avid Pokemon GO aficionados in The Pokemon GO Hub, the upcoming trading system in the popular augmented reality mobile title is all but confirmed. By extensively mining a recent code dump for the game, the Hub was able to gather a number of details about the upcoming feature.

Pokemon GO Trading System - The Basics

So far, there are several aspects of the trading system that could be determined from The Pokemon GO Hub's data mining initiatives. One thing that seems definite is the fact that players would soon be able to search for "Trading Players" within the game. What is not known, however, if the search for trading players would be limited to a user's vicinity, or if the trading system would be a worldwide marketplace.

The data mine also revealed that with the trading system in place, players would be able to create, cancel and complete Trade Offers. Apart from this, it seems like the trading system, once it gets released, would be limited to Pokemon only. Thus, it would not be possible to trade in-game items once the feature rolls out.

Pokemon Go Trading System - Features

One very welcome feature that the data miners were able to find was the capability of the trading system to resume where it left off during times when a player's internet connection gets lost. This allows trades to be initiated and completed without a problem. Thus, a loss of connection would not be an issue at all to Pokemon GO traders.

While details of the trading system are still somewhat scarce today, rumors are abounding that the upcoming feature would utilize various types of connections to make and initiate a trade. This means that there is a possibility for players to trade each other's Pokemon using the internet, Bluetooth, or even a new type of technology that is yet to be unveiled. 

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