‘Doctor Strange’ Movie News: The Casting of Benedict Cumberbatch Causes Production Delay

The release of "Doctor Strange" in cinemas was set even before the filming starts. However, the production was willing to reschedule as long as Benedict Cumberbatch says yes to play the superhero.

The movie premiere of "Doctor Strange," will never be as significant as the actor who plays the superhero. This is what Marvel has revealed. The production company released a statement about this in line with the impending showing of the film.

Both director, Scott Derrickson and Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, agreed that Cumberbatch is the only actor fit to play Doctor Strange, Entertainment Weekly confirmed. Although there are other actors tapped to give life to the Marvel character, Derrickson and Feige fully believed that only the 40-year-old British actor is perfect for the role. Other actors who were being considered to be Doctor Strange include, Ryan Gosling, Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto.

The truth is, Cumberbatch almost never made it to film "Doctor Strange." In his interview with Empire, the "Sherlock" star revealed that he believed he might not be able to don the red cape given the fact that when he was approached by the staff, Cumberbatch gave his promise to play "Hamlet" on the London stage.  

Only after the show ends that he could commit himself to Marvel. "I really did think I had to kiss it goodbye," the actor revealed.

Luckily for Cumberbatch, the movie's entire staff is willing to wait for him until his stint with "Hamlet" ends. Something most companies are not willing to take given that such move could pose problems in the production later on.

Marvel then moved the original release date of "Doctore Strange" from Summer 2016 to Fall 2016 to accommodate the British actor. Cumberbatch said that the faith the team has for his acting skills made him even more motivated to play the role the best way he can.

Watch "Doctor Strange" in cinemas on November 4.

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