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U.S Administation unveils Project Arctic that monitors Alaska's elevation via satellite

A recently held Arctic Science Ministerial was hosted by Whitehouse to address the sudden transformation of Arctic glazes. This occurrence is the main culprit in massive floods and global warming.

One trillion-ton Iceberg breaks off Antarctica
Icicles hang in a crevasse on the upper section of the Outer Mullwitzkees glacier on September 8, 2016 near Hinterbichl, Austria. A team from the Austrian Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research has been conducting annual measurements as part of a study begun in 2006 to asses the rate at which the glacier is shrinking in depth, which glaciologist and team leader Martin Stocker-Waldhuber says is currently approximately one to 1.5 meters per year. The Outer Mullwitzkees, a relatively shallow glacier between 50 and 70 meters deep, is one of a constellation of glaciers in the Venediger Group of mountains near Grossvenediger peak in eastern Tyrol. While glaciers across Europe have been receding since approximately the 1870s, the process has accelerated since the early 1980s, a phenomenon many scientists attribute to global warming. The European Enivironmental Agency predicts the volume of European glaciers will decline by between 22% and 89% by 2100, depending on the future intensity of greenhouse gases.
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It is only now that the outgoing administration has taken actions to prevent the unstoppable degradation of the arctic area. The melting of ice and the seemingly accelerating temperature is truly alarming as the massive flood from all over the world occurs, because of ice melting in the arctic. On September 28, 2016, the first Arctic Science Ministerial will help to address these issues and somehow find a cure for this situation of global warming. Nature has already taken enough and now has been responding differently in giving mankind a habitable environment.

The Whitehouse has already made a call-to-act on organizations and citizens is an open negotiation and discussion on how to bring about a solution to this already long term problem. It seems that this is the time to work hand in hand in a collaborative gesture to ensure the welfare of the next generation. The goal is to reach out to all over the world and inform this plight of the arctic, which will also become a problem to mankind if neglected. A fact sheet will be provided to challenge individuals and organizations to act quickly in responding to this transformation of the arctic.

A new, high technology map will be used for Alaska to monitor elevations via satellite. This modern equipment will be very useful to detect certain changes and accurately measure it, as it was not done before. It was admitted by a physicist, John Holdren in a recent source from The Washington Post that the whole arctic is "under-instrumented" and this complicates their chance of solving the arctic problems.

By now, numerous science projects are being done by the European Union and a U.S National Science Foundation called "Eyes North" which has at least a more integrated observing system for the arctic. This will record and evaluate significant changes in the environment being observed by the indigenous people of the Arctic. The U.S Naval Office of Naval Research will also conduct a project called Arctic Mobile Observing System with equipment to facilitate the monitoring.

With these in mind and certain measures to consider, it is never too late if the action will be urgent and pure in intentions.




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