World Vegetarian Day 2016: 5 Easy Steps To Take To Go Meatless This October [VIDEO]

It's Oct. 1 which means it's officially World Vegetarian Day, a day that kicks off a month of vegetarian awareness.

Vegetarians all over the world are celebrating today because of World Vegetarian Day, but the annual event is mainly in place for non-vegetarians to learn about the benefits of going green. Eating vegetarian can be a daunting task for people who are used to having chicken, fish and other poultry as part of their daily meals, but it can be pretty simple and stress-free.

Here are some easy steps you can take on World Vegetarian Day, as recommended by the North America Vegetarian Society.

-Try a meatless meal at a restaurant

Restaurant patrons are quick to go for meals with chicken or beef when dining out casually or even fancily. Some believe that a staple of a complete meal is some type of meat, but this is not the case. Simply try ordering a vegetarian option on the menu today, especially if it comes with nutritious veggies.

-Discuss vegetarianism with your one most dedicated vegetarian friend

Many of us have at least one vegetarian we know in our lives. But there is a certain social stigma similar to religious recruitment that comes with vegetarians "preaching" their beliefs to non-vegetarians, who may not be so receptive. Vegetarians are all about preserving animal life, ultimately, so letting them know you're interested will certainly lead to a wealth of information you may not already know.

-Explore the benefits of being vegetarian

Beyond asking your friend about vegetarianism, there is a wealth of information on the internet about its various benefits. Such benefits include cutting out a lot of the fat in your diet and helping decrease your likelihood of heart disease, diabetes and various cancers. We suggest starting with the Vegetarian Resource Group and exploring from there. There are also plenty of food documentaries on Netflix that will probably make you never want to eat meat ever again!

-Host a vegetarian meal/potluck

Being the only person to request a vegetarian meal can feel isolating when surrounded by friends who are feasting on meat. One way to make vegetarianism a little more fun is by hosting your own vegetarian potluck or meal for friends/family. This can help put you at ease and also persuade yourself into accepting this new lifestyle.

-Try going meatless for a few days (at least)

If you're ready to take your new vegetarian lifestyle to the next level, make an effort to have completely meatless meals for the next few days. It can be intimidating at first, and you may not know what to buy, but there are hundreds of vegetarian cookbooks and plenty of resources to help guide you through meal by meal.

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