Woman Curls Her Hair With Tampons

Here's the thing with DIYs: they're great for replicating expensive products or treatments, especially when the ingredients necessary for your DIY cost close to nothing. Hey, if all it takes is a bit of essential oil and some mashed up fruit, I'm all about it.

You can totally, however, take it WAY too far. And that's exactly what happened with YouTuber Grav3yardgirl, who decided to curl her hair with the exact thing we like to put up our ~lady parts~ come every month: tampons.

Now, this wasn't done with the intention of replacing a curling wand because, well, tampons are expensive and you can totally get a curler that's way cheaper. The DIY also proved to be more time-consuming, more difficult and really distracting, with the dangly bits of tampon string getting all up in everyone's business.

On the plus side? Pretty ringlet curls! Totally worth it -- right?

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