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The Fast PokeMap Tracker Is Back!

Pokemon Go is an online game you can play using your smartphones or tablets. It’s a trending phenomenal game today in different countries worldwide. A player of this game can find pokemon faster by using the Fast Pokemap.

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Kids show the screen of their smartphone with Nintendo Co.'s Pokemon Go augmented-reality game at the Trocadero in front of the Eiffel tower on September 8, 2016 in Paris, France. The Pokemon GO game allows to hunt on their smartphone or tablet virtual creatures scattered in public spaces.
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Pokemon Go is an online game you can play using your smartphones or tablets. It's a trending phenomenal game today in different countries worldwide.If you are a player of Pokemon Go and you are eager to find all the Pokemon in your desired poke stop,you should have the Pokemon tracker called the Fast PokeMap.

For quite some time, the feature was removed from the game by its developer and now it's back online faster and more accurate than the older version and the game is more exciting than ever.
According to the reports of  Android Authority the tracker was abolished by its developers because they think that the application is not that accurate in helping the players to find the  pocket monsters.So they destroy the app and fix it for an update.

The developers also said that the recent alterations and updates on the features of the game is not just to keep the game hackers out of the scene but also prohibited the users of older android vesion to play the game.In that way users with latest smartphone models could avoid massive power comsumption whille playing the game.

Meanwhile, during the absence of Fast PokeMap, hunters of the famous pocket monsters using android devices still had the chance to enjoy the game and continue searching for cute pocket monsters.
As reported by iTechPost Pokemon Go enthusiasts played the game by using a third party tracker called Open Poke Map and is a legit alternative of Fast PokeMap. According to players, it performs the same as the Fast PokeMap.

But now that the original Pokemon tracker is back, the developers did not want the players to use the unauthorized API and tracker in playing this amazing online game. These unauthorized application may interfere the whole game program and might as well abolish the game permanently.

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