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Apple needs to make new MacBook a blockbuster hit to retain its market reputation

With the continuous downfall of the PC industry, Apple needs to design its new MacBook as a never before thing to get back as a key player in the PC world.

By Soutrik Das, EnStars on Oct 18, 2016 08:52 AM EDT
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A member of the press inspects the new trackpad on a MacBook Pro laptop after a special announcement event at Apple Headquarters October 14, 2008 in Cupertino, California.
A member of the press inspects the new trackpad on a MacBook Pro laptop after a special announcement event at Apple Headquarters October 14, 2008 in Cupertino, California. Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced new versions of the MacBook Pro and MacBook laptop computers. (Photo : Getty images/Justin Sullivan)

A number of recent reports hint that the PC industry is currently standing at a terribly low position. And this scenario has a very rare chance of getting upgraded soon. In this hard time, Apple, one of the best-known tech giants, is prevailing at even a worse situation with historic loss of sales in its PC  and utility segment.

Gartner and IDC recently reported that the PC industry is moving forward to a historic downfall for 8 uninterrupted quarters and there is merely any chance of an expected improvement. According to the data published by them, the global sales of personal computers during the third quarter of  2016 was only a 68 million pieces, which a indicates a sounding decrease of 3.9% in comparison to the same period of last year. However, Gartner claims even more bad figure in the sales drop worldwide with a 5.7% decrement in rate.

While speaking about Apple, Gartner even showcased a figure of decrement far too low than the whole average reduction of the entire PC industry. Apple is carrying only a 7.2% of the market share, after it saw its shipments loss of 13.4 percent, recently.This makes Apple stand at the second last position among other global PC manufacturers just after Acer, being placed at the last position with only 6.7% of market share alongside a loss of 14.1 percent in shipments segment.

While analyzing this rapid downfall, many experts and speculators have made many points of view. But most of them agreed to one term, that is the increasing fondness of commoners towards smartphones. As these days with enormous increment in data storage and with the advent of different processors having powerful features, smart cells and tablets are becoming more attractive. Another thing that is turning these gadgets into more preferred items among tech fans, is their handy and easy movability attribute from one place to another.

However, to recover from this loss and thereby getting their previous reputation back in terms, Apple is highly rumored to bring on some never before specs and features along with its upcoming flagship of MacBook and MacBook Air. According to Tech Times, we have to keep it in mind that MacBook and MacBook Air were among best sellers during the last year before analyzing and coming to any decision about its upcoming devices' profit-making possibilities.

The upcoming range of MacBook is speculated to sport some of the extraordinary features like OLED functioning row, MacOS Sierra, and AMD's graphics chip. However, we have to wait till its official release to understand whether Apple authorities will be able to reclaim their position with this next gen PC or not. Much of its position in the share market is also dependent on both of these upcoming devices' acceptability among the buyers and tech fans.    

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