Presidential Debate 2016: 4 Things To Expect At Final Face-Off Between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Before Election Day [VIDEO]

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will each have their final chance to face the American people and convince them why they would make a better president than their opponent at tonight's third and final debate in Las Vegas-and there are some things that are likely guaranteed to be brought up during the event.

While many voters would likely want a reprieve from the continual insults and mud-slinging that seems to have taken over this year's election with constant negative comments about each candidate being bandied about more than policies either one generally hopes to enact while in The White House, it's unlikely that the debate will not see similar things being brought up, especially since so many negative things have come out about both candidates since their last debate in St. Louis a week and a half ago.

Here are four things we can expect to hear about-potentially even ad nauseam-during the debate:

About The Allegations Donald Trump Has Engaged In Sexual Misconduct With Several Women

Just before the second debate, the hot mic tape where everyone heard Donald Trump say he could "grab women by the p***y" and get away with it because he was famous was released. That tape was addressed early in the second debate, and Trump chalked it up to "locker room talk" and swore he had never acted on the things he said.

Since then however, multiple women have come forward to share stories over the last three decades that claim otherwise, with women saying he assaulted them, kissed them without permission, and walked into dressing rooms of pageants while contestants were naked. He has denied all of the claims, called the women liars seeking their few minutes of fame, and alleged it was all a setup by the Clinton campaign to take the spotlight away from the points he made about Bill Clinton's own history of sexual misconduct with the affairs he had before he became President.

Hillary Clinton will likely bring this up to drive home her point that Donald Trump does not have respect for women and cannot be allowed in the White House because of it, and he will likely once again deny any of these encounters ever happened, and if needed, he will likely bring up the affair which her husband is most famous for, since it was the one which nearly cost him his presidency after he lied under oath about it-Monica Lewinsky. If Trump brings it up, Clinton will once again likely deflect it similarly to how she did in the second debate.

About The Election Being Rigged

Donald Trump will absolutely be guaranteed to bring up his latest mantra from the campaign trail, where he has been calling on his supporters to "monitor" polling places on election day because he believes the whole thing is being rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. He can absolutely be assured to bring this up on the larger stage that the debate houses, and those claims, if they are properly backed up with proof and logical reasoning why he believes they're true, could be what will help his recent fall in the polls.

About WikiLeaks Leaks

Of course, Donald Trump won't be the only one who will need to be somewhat on the defensive,as the skeletons in Hillary Clinton's closet are also coming out slowly but surely thanks to WikiLeaks. While none of the emails that have been leaked have yet tied her to any criminal actions, something that those who don't support her want to see happen, there have been some things said about her in the emails which do indicate she'd be difficult to work with if she were in the Oval Office-such as several emails which indicated that she doesn't like to apologize when she does things wrong, something Trump could seize on. He will likely seize on the email where a Politico columnist asked John Podesta to fact-check an article to further his claims that the media is rigging the election in favor of Clinton.

About Julian Assange 

In addition to leaked emails being brought up, we should expect Trump to further allegations that Clinton was somehow behind the WikiLeaks founder's recent spate where his internet access was cut off, preventing him from releasing more documents on Monday. WikiLeaks claimed that his internet was severed briefly by a state party, and that it was cut off not long after he published Clinton's Goldman Sachs speeches. Ecuador, who's UK Embassy houses Assange and has the last four years as he tries to avoid charges he raped women while at a conference in Sweden, claimed responsibility for the restricted internet access, but claims that it was done by Clinton to prevent other things from coming out about her will help Trump's Narrative, and will likely be brought up.

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