'Incredibles 2' release date came earlier as expected due to 'accelerated production schedule'; set for June 2018 premiere


The family of superheroes forced to civilian relocation program is out again to save the universe against super-powered villains. Bob and Helen Parr may have faced lawsuits due to previous collateral damages caused by their crime-fighting activities, but their roles and skills are calling them from one mission to another. Together with their kids, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, the much-awaited sequel of this incredible movie is expected to be released earlier than was previously announced.

In a recent report by ComingSoon, Pixar has announced a change in the timetable of their movie releases, with "Incredibles 2" moving to June 2018 instead of its previous schedule of 2019 and sadly, the "Toy Story 4" movie went to a later date of 2019. It was a lucky move by the "Incredibles 2" production as it gained an "accelerated production schedule" that made all this possible. The challenge is truly on director and writer Brad Bird, as the expectation is high enough considering that his 'first' Oscar award is from its original movie.

In a similar article by SUPERHEROHYPE, Brad Bird explained how he will do the "Incredibles 2" stating that he had "a bunch of ideas" that he wanted to put in 'The Incredibles' "but they just didn't fit." It is already a common knowledge that Brad Bird also directed the original film. Although he didn't go on with the essential details of its plot, he implied a few of his ideas quoting his statement "There were little scenes and things that I was interested in." adding up, that he wanted to still "connect" with the first film which will "take a little more time."

So with a 'little' adjustment with the schedule of "Incredibles 2" can Brad Bird achieve another Oscar award for this movie? As it is, superhero theme-like movies already plague the Hollywood scene; the "Incredibles 2" will need "super powers" of its own to compete with viewer's interest. Director Brad Bird already is as ecstatic as the movie's fans and he said that one of his styles in making a movie is to "to break things up with something else." He added that although most of his fellow directors are into movie sequels he prefers to piece by piece a storyline and build a new story out of it. 

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