Tom Cruise’s secrets to be kept safe in billion dollar Scientology vault

"Mission Impossible" star Tom Cruise has donated millions to Scientology to help him survive Armageddon. 

According to Radar Online, Cruise has donated millions to Scientology to keep himself and his secrets safe in a billion-dollar bunker constructed by Scientology. The "Top Gun" star has $10 million to Scientology so thst he may be allowed to live with his deepest, darkest secret doomsday bunker located in New Mexico.

The church of Scientology claims to have cult-like religion's hidden underground bunkers that may keep secretes. 

What is Scientology? Scientology, a twenty-first-century religion embrace all aspects of life, certain key principles can be widely deployed to improve any condition. The main goal of Scientology is to achieve eternal life.

These indestructible underground vault that are will be future home for popular celebrities like Kirstie Alley and John Travolta, Mstars News reports.  The structure that is H-bomb proof" and "protected by three 5,000-pound stainless-steel airlocks" is located in the middle of a remote desert that is hundreds of miles from civilisation.

Does this kind of involvement in church fruitful for Tom? What is that religious cults related to Tom? Last year, Alex Gibney has made a documentary for HBO, an adaptation of Wright's book called "Going Clear, Scientology, Hollywood and The Prison of Belief". The short film revolves around the reassess Travolta and Cruise's involvement with the church.

The film highlights how many church members have allegedly been abused. Both Gibney and Wright have accused Cruise of turning his head to mistreatment in the church.

The film also claims that the church would disclose the celebrities' confessions to the tabloids if they ever tried to leave the church. So is this the reason why Cruise gives large donations to the church?

 Why does the church of Scientology not leaving Cruise? The document reveals that Cruise is important for them as he the church also went out of the way to break up Cruise and Nicole Kidman's marriage to bring him closer to church.

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