Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce: 'Allied' Actor Not Using 'Damaging Tapes' Against Former Wife In Custody Battle Over Kids [VIDEO]


There have been reports that he had some damaging tapes that could completely ruin his wife's bid for custody of their six children, but even if Brad Pitt does have some sort of tape to use against Angelina Jolie, the actor will not be using it in court.

Gossip Cop has debunked rumors that Pitt was planning to use "damaging tapes," a rumors which first circulated in the National Enquirer, against Jolie as the two take the custody battle over Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne to court. However, sources close to Pitt told the website that not only do such tapes not even exist, he wouldn't use them anyway.

"The actor does not have 'damaging tapes' that could expose Jolie in court or sway the custody battle in his favor," a source told the website.

The original report claimed that Pitt had tapes which would expose a Jolie who went on "manic drug rages" and loved "kinky sex." A source then told the publication after they allegedly listened to the so-called tapes then said that if they went public, they would destroy Jolie's custody battle-and Pitt reportedly had 12 years worth of confessionals to use against her.

"If the audiotapes went public, it would prove extremely damaging for Angelina in her custody battle," the source said.

The report also claimed that the tapes would expose how Pitt used to run to his friend Ron Bard, a celebrity psychic who passed away in January, to complain about Jolie whenever she had "unhinged breakdowns" and "locked herself in a room for days on end."

"Bras said she was like two people! She would break things and say that she would harm herself. She had a very violent side," the source claimed. "Brad would often call Ron near tears complaining about her."

The source also claimed that Jolie hoped all her secrets would go to the grave with Bard, but Pitt had kept copies and she was afraid he would use them.

However, the report is not true, and notable comes not long after Pitt was cleared completely in an investigation against him to determine if he had been abusive to the couple's children.

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