Keanu Reeves Weight Gain at Cannes Film Festival 2013; Actor Discusses His Role in New Film [VIDEO]


Keanu Reeves appeared at the Cannes Film Festival Sunday looking like he had gained a few pounds since his last movie release back in 2003.

The Something’s Gotta Give actor, 48, promoted his directorial debut of The Man Of Tai Chi wearing baggy jeans, and a grey V-neck T-shirt under a linen blazer. He also had stubble and shaggy hair, Us Weekly reported Monday. As he exited the yacht Odessa in the French Riviera, the actor looked bloated.

However, he looked more presentable the next day, sporting a black blazer over a navy T-shirt, looking clean-shaven.

In regards to aging, the actor told GQ in 2012, "My knees are well aware of it. Mortality is very different when you're 20 to when you're 50."

He added. "It creeps in here and there, doesn't it? You look out the f--king window and then you think about your eyes closing."

At the Cannes Film Festival Reeves described his love of kung fu movies, in relation to his leading role in his upcoming film. According to U.K.'s The Guardian, he said that he remembers watching Bruce Lee films as a young boy, and later developing the Matrix film with his trainer, Tiger Chen.

"Kung fu movies are beautiful," Reeves said, "exotic, wonderful, empowering."

"It's like play," he said of the martial art. "There's something childlike about it. They are fake fights – and that's fun."

He said that he bonded with his trainer during their daily eight-hour training sessions for The Matrix.

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