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Pokémon Sun And Moon: Game Freak To Release New Pokemon Bank Update This Month But There's A Catch [VIDEO]

Pokémon Sun And Moon' will be receiving Pokemon Bank Update that is anticipated to arrive this January. The upgrade details are also specified.

By Maricris Jose, EnStars on Jan 07, 2017 10:45 AM EST
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Pokemon Toys
Game Freak will give away free Shiny Tapu Koko legendary Pokemon to "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players. (Photo : Tristan Fewings/Getty Images)

Game Freak's role-playing video game Pokemon Sun And Moon will reportedly receive a Pokemon Bank update this January. The said upgrade might bring enthusiasm and at the same time frustrations to the gamers.

According to iTech Post, Game Freak said that they are going to roll out a January update. it will bring Pokémon bank into Pokémon Sun and Moon that is presently obtainable only for Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon X and Y.

This basically means that upon upgrading the avid patrons will be running around along with the much-loved Pokémon from foregoing above-mentioned generations. But then, there is a catch.

The Pokémon Bank in Pokemon Sun and Moon would be somewhat altered as matched from the present Pokébanks. Once users transfer a Pokémon into Generation VII, they will no longer have the ability to transfer it back. Based on a posted infographic, the gamers can see that all Pokémon transported from Generation I, V and VI into Generation VII cannot go back.

Furthermore, Mobile & Apps reported that he forthcoming upgrade is anticipated to fundamentally affect the decision making of some trainers. This was because the Pokemon Sun And Moon only feature 16 out of 47 Mega Stones from Generation VI. It was also noted that all the Mega Stones can be attained from the Battle Tree

Nevertheless, it is also worth mentioning that players cannot transfer items via Pokebank. Meaning, they won't be able to transfer all their Mega Stones from Gen VI into Pokemon Sun And Moon. This was based on a video footage posted by YouTuber named Austin John.

This would be the first time that critters welcoming from Generation I will have the capability to move outside of Generation II. Moreover, it still remains to be seen how the team behind Pokemon Sun And Moon tweaks the Pokemon Bank to make room for the Pokemon transported from Generation I into the present one.

So that's some of the necessary thing gamers of Pokemon Sun And Moon will have to know about the upcoming upgrade. If you wanted to share your opinions about the coming update feel free to leave your comments.

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