Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton Reportedly Furious: Carole Middleton Using Royal Family For Her Business

Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are said to be furious upon learning that Carole Middleton is actually using her royal connections for her business, Party Pieces. Rumors are escalating that Kate is not happy with what her mother is doing most especially for using her name in her mom's catalogue.

As reported by Celeb Dirty Laundry, Carole has been using the royal family for her business' gain. The report further substantiated that she just wrote a catalogue and she mentioned Kate in it. So is the Duchess happy that her mother just mentioned her name in the catalogue? If examined, it's like she is simply using her royal connections to increase her business profits.

Carole Middleton started her business years after she met Kate's father. And when that business was established, it was doing well so far but Carole thinks that she has to do more effective promotion nowadays and involving the royal family is somewhat a pretty idea.

The Middleton matriarch mentioned all her children in her catalogue including Kate Middleton and how they played a very significant role in developing that business. Even when Kate was not yet married with Prince William, she has been helping her mom. She also claimed that Kate is still helping her these days by giving advice and opinions for the progress of the business.

With that alone, it looks like Carole has been getting something for being close to the royal family without forgetting that her daughter would be the wife of soon to be the King of England the moment Prince William will ascend to the throne as per royalcentral.co.uk.

Because of this, Queen Elizabeth is furious and is not really pleased that Carole has been using the royal family for her personal affairs and for publicity. The business, in fact has royal-themed paraphernalia but is Kate Middleton happy with this?

The Middleton family through Carole Middleton has been successful in the business but they only became a household name when Prince William married Kate Middleton. This is perhaps another reason why Carole will do everything just to stay in the headlines even if it takes for Queen Elizabeth to disagree.

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