Pokemon Sun And Moon Update: Global Mission 2 Failed; Game Freak Plans To Alter Future Targets [Video]


There are two interesting news about the Pokemon Sun and Moon. First is a few Pokemon that were slated to make an appearance in Pokemon Sun and Moon are nowhere found as yet.

However, some of these critters were originally on the list, and they failed to come up to the required standard. Other news says that Pokémon Sun and Moon players failed the game's first global event by a large margin.

A few legendary and new Pokemon were added to the mix. Some avid gamers, especially in the gaming community are bent on finding out why other Pokemon were never released despite their confirmation. In this context, some players on Reddit has posted a thread comprising a list of all Pokemon that deserved to be activated but the hype eventually fizzled out.

Furthermore, there are quite a few Alolan forms worth considering but till now; just a few of them have been spotted in the game, as noted by iTech Post. Nidoking and Arcanine (water type) are coveted Pokemon that deserved to make the cut, but they didn't:

However, the other news said that last month, Pokémon Sun and Moon players have failed the game's first global event by a large margin. According to a report by Nintendo Life, the second Global Mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon kicked off in December and tasked players with capturing or defeating 1 million monsters.

This was to be accomplished using the Island Scan functions that can only be used once every 24 hours. For this event, Nintendo handed out special QR codes which allowed the feature to be used twice per day.

That should have helped matters but as it turns out, in total only 661,839 Pokemon were captured. A consolation prize of 217 or 434 Festival Coins has been handed out to those who participated in the December event. The amount earned will depend on whether the player has their game registered with the Pokemon Global Link system or not.

Game Freak has revealed that at the time that it would alter future Global Missions targets due to those results. Stay tuned for the latest Pokemon Sun and Moon updates.

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