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'Secrets and Lies' Canceled: ABC Confirms Show 'Less Likely' To Return After Dropped Season 2 Ratings [VIDEO]

It appears ABC may not have any intentions of bringing 'Secrets and Lies' back for a third season

By Lauren DuBois, EnStars on Jan 11, 2017 12:53 PM EST
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Secrets and Lies
It appears ABC may not have any intentions of bringing 'Secrets and Lies' back for a third season (Photo : ABC/Richard Cartwright)

Fans may genuinely never know what exactly happened to Detective Andrea Cornell in the final moments of Secrets and Lies' season 2 finale.

After the show posted lower ratings throughout its second season, the chances it will be back on ABC for a third are slim, something that has now been confirmed by Entertainment President Channing Dungey.

"I love Secrets and Lies, but I think it's probably less likely (for the show to come back)," she told Deadline at TCA. "The bummer for me is, I actually held it for the fall. When I stepped into this role and saw the creative, I actually thought it was really strong and I said, 'We should hold it til the fall and give it the best opportunity, I wish that it had been last year in the season. It was off the air for too long to have held its audience."

Dungey's statement also places the blame for the show's most likely inevitable fate on her decision to hold the show, a notable acknowledgement of the fact that the series was kept off the air for 16 months between the season one finale and season two premiere.

The show had garnered immense popularity during its first season run, which followed as Detective Cornell investigated the murder of a young boy named Tom, and targeted his father, Ben Crawford, as the main suspect. The season finale in May of 2015, which revealed that Ben's daughter Abby had killed Tom, and later revealed on the online companion series Cornell: Confidential that after Ben covered for her and went to prison he was killed, was the series' highest rated episode with 6.53 million viewers. The series premiere was second-highest rated with 6.06 million viewers.

Season 2, which delved into a new case featuring the murder of Kate Warner and focusing on her husband Eric as a prime suspect, started off at lower numbers with only 4.06 million viewers, and continued to see decreases through the December finale, which pulled in 3.42 million viewers.

The series has not yet been officially canceled.

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