Selena Gomez's Mom Disapproves Of The Weeknd, Begs Daughter To Dump Him Or Her Life Will Be Ruined


Selena Gomez is currently dating rapper The Weeknd and her mom is not happy about it at all. In fact, she appeared to be doing her best to get her daughter away from her boyfriend who has been known as a druggie.

Mandy Teefey, Selena Gomez's mom, wants her daughter to wake up before it is too late. While Selena's love life seems to be heating up by the day, Mandy is worried that her daughter's life is going down the wrong way so she wants to stop her from ruining her life.

A source narrated that Teefey humbly pleads for Selena to straighten out her life before she reached the point of no return. The mom of the 24-year-old singer also warned her daughter that if she continues to engage in drinking, drugs and dating, she will have to suffer heavily later.

Reportedly, Teefey told Selena, "Ditch the drink, drugs, and dating, or you will have hell to pay!"

It is a known fact that Selena has been discharged from a rehab center not long ago. Mail Online reported that the singer entered the facility to treat her depression. She spent three months there and was already home in December.

There was also the belief that she has been treating her lupus that is why she has been in and out of a medical facility. However, reports stated that the singer was actually in the rehab to sort out her drug and alcohol addiction.

What concerns Teefey now is that Selena has gotten involved with The Weeknd and they are in a romantic relationship too. She does not approve of the rapper for her daughter because he has a long record of doing hard drugs.

With her new boyfriend, the source further said, "Selena's next spiral is going to be less concealed, and even harder to recover from. She'll get into harder drugs."

Now, despite her pleas, it was said that Selena is not listening to her mother and stayed firm with the decision to continue seeing her new boyfriend. In fact, Selena and The Weeknd recently went to Italy for a short holiday together. Those who seen them around Florence commented that pair looked so much in love, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Meanwhile, the "Same Old Love" singer has been revealed to have hired a life coach to manage her episodes of depression. The problem is that after she met The Weeknd, she started to hit the clubs again.

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