Prince Charles Reportedly Frantic Over Latest Biography: Prince Philip Forces Son To Marry Princess Diana

Prince Charles is reportedly frantic over a new book that detailed his biography most especially in the part where Prince Philip, his father forced him to marry Princess Diana. It has been claimed that Charles did not like much of the biography's contents.

A new book has been released about the prince's biography which has been titled, "Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable Life" and was written by Sally Bedell Smith. The book alleges that Philip told his son that he had no choice but to marry Princess Diana as per Express UK.

It has been claimed by that Charles did not like it when it has been revealed in the biography his relationship with his father, Prince Philip. From the book, people became aware that the Prince of Wales has a difficult relationship with his father since then.

According to the book, Charles actually received a letter from his father and even Prince Philip's cousin can attest to it. Prince Charles received a rather threatening letter from his father after he and Dian travelled in the train together in 1980. Charles found the letter coercive and accusatory.

Prince Philip, according to Smith forced Charles to marry Diana whether he likes it or not. What happened the night Charles received the letter from his father was detailed in the book as well as the information that made him eventually propose to his soon-to-be wife, Diana.

Prince Philip was heard before calling his son "Romantic" while he is "pragmatist." The two are said to be living in a difficult relationship and the father even admitted that he and his son have different perspective and view of things.

It can be recalled that Prince Charles marriage to Princess Diana turned out to be a royal nightmare as per The Sun. Charles and Dian got a divorce in the year 1996 and one year after, Diana died because of a fatal car crash. And last 2005, Charles finally married his first love and alleged mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Queen Elizabeth is not that ready to abdicate the throne since she thinks Prince Charles is not that fit yet. Perhaps his difficult relationship with his father Prince Philip is also another factor.

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