Kate Middleton Reportedly Upsets Queen Elizabeth Over Strange Behavior

Kate Middleton just showed strange behavior and Queen Elizabeth is reportedly upset about this when the Duchess visited the RAF Wittering near Peterborough in England. The report claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge acted strangely during her visit on Valentine's Day.

It was added in the report that Prince William's wife made different facial reactions when she took part in the activities. In fact, she even lifted her red blazer just to show off her athletic figure in front of many people.

According to, Kate actually participated in the team building activities and some jumping games as she joined the Air Cadet. Many people who were present that time have observed that Kate was not on her normal self as per The Sun.

Some also observed that Kate Middleton was more excited, engaged and was full of energy even if Prince William was not with her in that royal engagement. It can be recalled that in her previous royal engagements, she usually looks stiff, uncomfortable, and awkward while she was with the Duke of Cambridge.

In one of the activities, Kate has been caught doing funny faces. In fact, she was spotted standing with her feet apart while trying to lift her blazer as reported on Telegraph UK. After that, she placed her hands on her hips which gave the photographers the opportunity to take photos of her backside.

But knowing Kate Middleton, these are not the types of photos that she wants to be published the day after. Because of this, a lot of royal fans have observed that Kate Middleton has been acting differently lately.

With this, it looks like Queen Elizabeth is not pleased with the change in Kate's behavior and actions most especially that she does this while performing her royal duties. However, Buckingham Palace has not even released any statement about this.

Some also believed that the Duchess just embarrassed Queen Elizabeth with how she acted lately. It can be recalled that Kate urged children to speak up about their feelings when she helped to promote mental health awareness.

Kate Middleton might have upset Queen Elizabeth but she is just changing how she deals with her royal duties. Besides, she encountered a lot of snide remarks lately.

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