Selena Gomez and The Weeknd News: ‘Hands to Myself’ Singer Relieved She Avoided ‘Awkward’ Run-In with Bella Hadid in Paris?

Selena Gomez is beyond relieved she didn't encounter her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend face to face in Paris. That's understandable since no one really wants to run into their current boyfriend's ex. So, Gomez high-tailed it out of Paris before she could have an awkward encounter with Bella Hadid who also was in town for Fashion Week.

Gomez had been by The Weeknd's side in several cities during his European tour and totally didn't want to confront her boyfriend's former love. "Selena was dreading that she might have an awkward run-in with Bella in Paris. She is so relieved that she didn't cross paths with her, even though The Weeknd kept reassuring her that even if they did see Bella, it wouldn't be a problem," a source told Hollywood Life.

On the other hand, The Weeknd doesn't want to worry anymore about running into Bella and he'd rather break the ice once and for all. However, Gomez isn't ready for that yet.

There were rumors that Gomez was going to attend The Weeknd's performance at the H&M Fashion Show where he was performing and Hadid was one of the models. Not only was the "Kill em with Kindness" singer a no-show, she arrived on back home in right about the same time as the show was going down. She obvious would rather avoid Hadid altogether.

Gomez and The Weeknd were staying at a hotel in Paris just blocks away from where Hadid was holed up, so the chances that they might run into each other were high enough. People could see that there's still plenty of tension with Hadid and her ex when she walked in the H&M Show while he sang "Nothing Without You," as The Sun reported. The interesting thing was that unlike the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show where Hadid gave The Weeknd a sad glance as she walked past him, she just looked straight ahead with pure ice face while holding on to her sister's hand.

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