Joe Jonas, Mariah Carey: Did They Fight, Did They Not...


It was a disaster between Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey during New Year's Eve when Mariah Carey performed at Times Square. But she just did not agree to take her position next to Joe Jonas and his band as the ball dropped - and Joe still hasn't got over it, whisper rumors.

One 'eyewitness' put the Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey feud across plainly. He said that Mariah Carey did not stand next to Joe and his band. She just named them "f**king idiots." As she had been standing just some feet from them, they could overhear her easily.

Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey sure seemed to have a lot to say to the media - if not to each other. Some observers said that Joe does not show any eagerness to get involved with Mariah in any way nor does he want to share her events. If you extend an invitation to Joe for a red carpet party, the invitation cannot be for Mariah, explain the observers! Currently, there is a choice between calling Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey. It is not possible to invite both of them, according to Naughty Gossip.

However, on the other hand, the entire story of Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey was debunked by Gossip Cop, which dismissed it all as just a bit of fabricated nonsense. A rep for Carey set the record straight, calling the story 100 percent "not true." Both the performers did perform at New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve. This was the busiest night of the year, but they were not standing near each other as there were about one million in the Square who separated them. The National Enquirer daily, which carried the story, was only a "supermarket tabloid" and only "fabricated" one more "imaginary feud," said Gossip Cop.

In fact, the Joe Jonas and Mariah Carey feud seemed to get an interesting angle, when Jonas defended Carey. She got slammed for lip-syncing some of her performance during New Year's Eve. Jonas confirmed that Carey is still a legend, and "an iconic musician. And her legacy will live on past one bad performance."


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