Lena Dunham Writes Powerful Prose On 'Fighting With And For' Immigrant Women

There is an interesting essay by writer-actress and outspoken feminist, Lena Dunham. She paid a tribute to International Women's Day by posting powerful prose on a Linked In platform. She wrote an essay related to a loved person considered to be "undocumented" yet a "personal hero."

Lena Dunham was clear that her "hero" did not let any fears halt her attendance to the Global Women's March. Yet, she felt as a US citizen that Lena herself got deeply embarrassed. She said that her social anxiety just made her wonder for a long time whether she should attend the women's march before she could halt her fears and then turn up for it.

Crediting female immigrants of being impactful on feminists, Lena Dunham explained that she will always be "emboldened" by immigrant women, who cannot steer them in the wrong direction, according to Entertainment. She rued that Lena Dunham feels that she had not conferred justice when compared to her great grandmother, who shared her name - Lena Simonoff. But even though she shared some physical features, as well as her inclination for "skilled hugging," she also admits that she did not share her grandmother's heroism.

Lena Dunham clarified that she is now trying to follow her grandmother's footsteps not only in the "little ways" by fighting the struggles of life but also in the bigger ways "by taking action against silent injustice." She is trying to confer "love, patience, compassion and takeout" upon all. Finally, she writes that it is important to promote multiple organizations that can help others so that International Women's Day can examine and fight with acts of courage great and small by immigrant women. Helping others, learning and connecting with other women before us is an important way of honoring Women's Day, she says. You can read her full text in LinkedIn here.

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